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May 15th, 2019

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01/10/2019 09:58 PM 

Davina's Return Drabble

Davina Claire knew that her life was going to be forever changed the day she had been chosen to be a harvest girl. Being only fifteen at the time, it had been her proudest moment. Not to mention her controlling mother seemed to finally be proud of her. Everything had changed and taken a turn for the worst though. The witches betrayed her and the other girls. Sacrificing each of them by taking their lives. Their ritual however, had fallen apart when Marcel and his vampires intervened. That was the moment Davina and the witches as started to stand on opposite sides. Davina’s entire life had changed more than she ever realized.

These memories continued to play on repeat, they had continued to play over and over the entire plane ride into New Orleans. Her life had fallen apart. She had finally found peace with Kol. The two had been happy, for awhile. However, Kol’s temper and past habits began to stir up. Davina had tried to keep the darkness within him at bay. However, her love and dedication to him wasn’t enough to save him. So, Davina packed her things and flew back to the place she once called home. To the only people she could even try to call family.

Stepping through the airport, Davina let out a low sigh. Her boots making small echoing steps as people all around her rushed through the large airport. Davina paid it all no mind as she felt her magic spark like an inferno within her. Sure, she always had magic, however, when a New Orleans witch was in New Orleans, they were at their strongest. She could feel the magic flickering at her very fingertips, almost like a fire in a hearth.

Stepping out of the airport and into the cool air, Davina paused when she realized that things had gotten quiet around her. To quiet. Her blue eyes shifted up as the wind blew a few strands of her long dark brown hair across her face. Tucking her hair behind her ear she was surprised to see three witch spirits standing before her. Sabine Laurent, the former vessel of Celeste. Agnes, the elder witch from Davina’s own French Quarter Coven and Kara Nguyen, the witch that Hayley had killed for Davina. The same witch that had torn her soul to shreds.. Davina fought back a small laugh as she looked at the three dead witches.

“Davina Claire, so the traitor witch has returned to New Orleans?” Watching the three witches, Davina listened to Kara as she spoke. Shaking her head Davina held up her hands. “I came here because this is my home. Like it or not I am a New Orleans witch and I belong here”

Davina responded with a certain acidity in her tone. This time it was Agnes that responded to her “You may have been born here, you may have French Quarter Coven blood running through your veins, but you do not belong here. We will be watching every move you make Davina. Every spell we will know about before you even start chanting. Please Davina, give us a reason to retaliate” Davina felt both of her eyebrows raise. Shaking her head she spoke confidently “I’m not the witch I was when I left New Orleans. I’ve practiced magic all over the world and I will be damned if any of you scare me. Dissipati Peribunt!”  The spirits of the three witches suddenly vanished, disappearing into the evening sun. The former harvest witch let her lips turn up into a smile just before she stepped deeper into New Orleans. Ready to start a new life.


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