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“During the exorcism he – it – showed me something. I saw the demon. Or, at least the form it was choosing to take. A form meant to shake my faith and my foundation. But, worse…worse was the vision of Ed’s death.”

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Clairvoyant Protector

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June 27th, 2019

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August 08, 2018


01/10/2019 02:20 PM 

30 Day Prompts Day 9 - Heartbeat

Placing the needle on the record she had just dropped onto the turntable, Lorraine smiled as the velvety voice of Elvis Presley rang out across their living room. She didn’t say a word as she held out her hand toward her husband, waiting for him to accept before leading him to the center of the room and relaxing as he placed his arms around her, following her in a dance.

She had almost lost him. The thought kept circling around and around in her head no matter what she did to try to erase it. Probably because it had tumbled through her mind every day for the past several years. Ever since she had first had the vision of just that thrust upon her, she had tried to cope with it, to come up with some way to thwart it. But, her fears were overwhelming and she knew that it was a premonition and not just some random vision meant to terrify her into compliance, into stopping her fight against the evils of this world and the next.

She had kept that premonition from him for such a long time. Unwilling, or unable to voice it aloud because, though she relived it every day, maybe speaking it would make it more real, would cement the fact that it would happen. It had nearly broken her the first time she had seen it. The exorcism was a failure from the start, but she had been left with not only the knowledge that they had lost the person they were trying to save but that she could lose one of the people who meant the most in the world to her.

The next time she had seen the entity, it was more than just a single vision. It was persistent and it showed itself to more than just her. Judy saw it in their home, Ed saw it in his dreams and she saw it herself several times. Persistence translated to something bigger in her mind and she somehow knew that what she had been shown was going to happen soon if she didn’t do something about it. And she had tried.

She had wanted Ed to back off of their usual way of doing things. Concentrate on lectures and maybe validating peoples’ claims of hauntings and other things they required help for, but letting someone else actually deal with the entities that caused these cases to be brought to their attention. He had agreed, but she should have known that he couldn’t stick to that. Not when someone needed real help. Not when children were involved. She had hated it, been terrified even as they continued to investigate their last case, but she also understood because she would have done the same thing, no matter how much danger it put her in.

Ed had been convinced that she was shown these things in order to prevent them. Why else would she be given the warning? And, even if that didn’t happen…helping others was what they did. He couldn’t sit idly by while people asked for that help because of something that might or might not happen.

But, it almost did happen and the sight of the tree outside the house splintered into what looked like a very familiar giant stake, one she had seen before, had been enough to make her blood run colder than it already had been. Soaked to the bone by the rain falling down in sheets around them, Ed had entered the house alone to save the child. Despite her pleas for him to wait, he had gone on without her and he had almost lost his life in doing so.

Flashing lightning, pouring rain, shattered windows and the entity that had been tormenting her for years led to a terrifying climax and she shuddered to think about what would have happened if she hadn’t found her own way inside, if she hadn’t been there at the perfect moment…

But, she had been and both Ed and the girl were now safe. And that was what was most important. What had happened, not what could have. Still, it wasn’t something she could just easily forget. Lifting a hand, she gently stroked his face where it had been burned in his rescue process. It hurt to see him injured, but she knew that would heal. They would both heal and move on from this because they were still together.

Still not a word was spoken as they swayed to the music, her hand drifting down to his chest, reveling in the feel of his heartbeat beneath. The heart that was so open and caring and so very, very stubborn. The heart that was willing to do whatever it took to help others, to keep them safe. The heart that meant more to her than her own. The heart that she loved more than just about anything in the world.

Smiling, she grasped his free hand in hers and lifted it to place it over her heart, echoing where hers now rested on his, merely smiling a little more as he finally spoke,  asking what she was doing. “Letting you feel my heartbeat. It echoes yours.”
I listen to his hearbeat because it plays my favorite song.


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