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Character Study: Solas
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-- Another Questionare: This time OOC --

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1. Does your character have siblings or .family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with?

Yes, but its more of a spiritual family than any actual blood relatives. He is closest with Mythal, whom he considers his “Mother,” in plenty of ways. But, yes, their ages are realistically somewhat of the same in actuality.

2. What is/was your character's relationship with their mother like?

Mythal? Complicated. She is his closest friend, his advisor, and in some ways an idol. Solas has a love for her that is so strong, it’s vengeance in her name has crossed both the heavens and earth through time and space.

3. What is/was your character's relationship with their father like?

Elgar’nan? Complicated. He was the first who Solas had ever looked up to, for a time. Solas fought for him as any soldier would until Elgar’nan had given his own titles as a King. In the act of loyalty, Solas ruled over lands in Elgar’nan’s name as a risen God until his own people cried out to have been free from him.

4. Does your character have recurring themes in their dreams?

It is rare. Solas explores the Land of Dreams and in those dreams, he searches for new scenes. New places and new stories. He searches for things he has yet to learn about from other cultures, other forms of magic and other great legends.

5. Does your character have recurring themes in their nightmares?

Again, this is rare. Its mostly explained in Answer 4; however, in the event of a nightmare, Solas is mostly in control and knows of himself being self-aware to what he is seeing/experiencing. Most of the time, such visions are spurred on by a demon that wants to possess him and in most cases, Solas would destroy the demon or attack until it has surrendered and moved on.

6. Does your character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing?

Depends on the situation at hand. Solas is not ashamed of his body for any reason, but he doesn’t flaunt his physic. When swimming or bathing in a lake, he will at often times strip to the bare minimums; because heavier armor would cause him to sink like a stone. In retrospect, no matter how strong his resistance to cold weather may be in particular, he will certainly bundle up to protect himself from snow and/or sleat.

7. Is your character bothered by the sight of blood? If so, in what way?


8. Does your character remember names or faces easier?

Its about the same for him. Solas has a vivid long term memory, and it helps to wander the Fade in recollection of older memories.

9. Is your character preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?

Solas is hardly at all preoccupied with any act of claiming of monetary gain or material possession. If he ever is, it is because he is attempting to acquire a bare minimal amount for specifically needed items. Solas has already lived his life as a King, a God, a Rebel/Savior to the Bound and Chained, and he has accepted the reduction his role has become. He has never essentially fought much against titles or riches placed upon him because both eventually are removed and gone.

10. Which does your character idealize most: happiness or success?

Success. Solas has a goal in his long life and he seeks to achieve it, no matter how much destruction and despair he causes to himself and others -- because he believes that in the end of its achievement, Happiness and Success can be measured as one and the same.

11. What was your character's favorite toy as a child?

Solas’s favorite toy, was hardly a toy at all. It was a magical orb (foci) that he stole from one of his spiritual brothers, June, and claimed it for himself. Solas fought plenty of long wars against June in order to have it, and Solas had no intentions of ever returning it. Such in-fighting from fickle Elven Gods, made the place of Elvhenan very War-Driven.

12. Is your character more likely to admire wisdom or ambition in others?

Solas admires wisdom because he wishes to learn.

13. If something tragic or negative happens to your character, do they believe they may have caused or deserved it, or are they quick to blame others?

It depends on the situation and his state of mind. For the most part, Solas seeks the truth of what usually happens and applies it accordingly. However, in terms of his history and to what fate has turned him into, Solas blames himself.

14. What does your character like in other people?

Solas likes innovative thinking and knowledge in other people. He enjoys seeing beneficial changes made from any downtrodden behaviors of a society. He also enjoys self-courage and determination from others; those who are willing to put the sword in their own hands and fight their own battles.

15. What does your character dislike in other people?

Things that Solas doesn’t like shown from other people are bigotry, slavery, cowardice, and ignorance.

16. How quick is your character to trust someone else?

Solas doesn’t trust anyone completely. He doesn’t even trust himself.

17. How quick is your character to suspect someone else? Does this change if they are close to that person?

This depends on the situation… (?) And of what exactly this question means. “...suspect someone else?” --In what? In battle? If its something like his suspicion of others being involved in a plan against him personally; its not likely unless he feels that it may be something obvious. He is rather paranoid, and because he is paranoid, Solas does have (or can easily acquire) others to spy for him -- or he would do the spying himself until his questions or paranoia is sated for that time.

18. How does your character behave around children?

Solas likes children. He likes playing with them and teaching them things, if they show a curious mind. However, this can be subtly the same things applied to his views on other people/species in general.

19. How does your character normally deal with confrontation?

He confronts it in the manner that best suits him. This can possibly take form in many different varieties, but he will strive for it to achieve the same desired results.

20. How quick or slow is your character to resort to physical violence in a confrontation?

Solas generally attempts to use a peaceful method in any confrontation unless it is either clear that there can be no fair resolution and/or he loses his temper. Over the years, his temper actually does slow down but his violence beyond that would generally be about the same.

21. What does your character find repulsive or disgusting?

Squandered achievements and ungratefulness.
For example: Solas fought in countless wars to free his people from slavery under false gods--even of slavery from under himself and of what his own people believed. He removed their face markings and in their fear of false gods in general, The People rejoiced over the public hanging of Mythal.

So, Solas rallied The Forgotten Ones to confront the Pantheon which resulted in his vengeance. It became an act that destroyed and reshaped his entire world. After he awoke from his long slumber, Solas came to discover that The People have either sold themselves back into slavery, sacrificed armies of themselves in acts of betrayal, and/or began to thin their own precious bloodlines by sleeping with other races.

In a sense, The People have welcomed a slow death in chains, which had been the very thing Solas has fought against for so very long. So, now he is indifferent and disgusted by his own people and everything else in the current Waking Realm.

22. In the face of criticism, is your character defensive, self-deprecating, or willing to improve?

It depends on the criticism; though most of the times, he is on the defensive.

23. Is your character more likely to keep trying a solution/method that didn't work the first time, or immediately move on to a different solution/method?

It depends on the situation and whether or not it is a long-term method or something that is short-term.

24. How does your character behave around people they like?

Solas tends to listen more to people that he likes, and he enjoys answering any questions they may have for him in return. He is genuinely calm, thoughtful, and appreciative of that person’s company.

25. How does your character behave around people they dislike?

If Solas is around someone that he clearly doesn’t like, his slow temper tends to show it through snarky remarks and strained sarcasm. He tries to have a tolerance for others because he feels he is in a world that is not his own anyway -- so his personal forethought is not rightfully entitled. However, if he is being attacked or if he finds that he clearly does not enjoy what he sees, Solas will retaliate accordingly.

26. Is your character more concerned with defending their honor or protecting their status?

By now, Solas would feel that defending one’s honor and protecting one’s status is essentially the same thing, and he has no time for doing either. He cares very little of what honor holds for him personally and cares even less of what others think of him.

27. Is your character more likely to remove a problem/threat or remove themselves from a problem/threat?

It depends on the situation. He tries not to involve himself into other people’s problems much; rather instead, he tries to give guidance and observes -- if he wants to help. However, if its a personal problem, he tends to attempt in handling it himself and in his own way.

28. Has your character ever had a parental figure who was not related to them?

Yes. Hence, the Spiritual Family that has been made long ago as a pact. Elgar’nan was his marked Father, High King, and Confidant. Mythal was his Mother, High Queen, and Idol. He has also had plenty of ‘Siblings’ who were not of blood relation but only claimed as family by Spiritual Belief. Some of which, were those he has even slept with but it was all done in mutual celebrations of one another, or to achieve his personal goals at the time.

29. Has your character ever had a dependent figure who was not related to them?

Such people/species come and go. Solas is a wanderer and not one to stay in one place even when guiding others.

30. How easy or difficult is it for your character to say "I love you?" Can they say it without meaning it?

The first admittance is always the most difficult for him. He is not able to say it without some meaning to some degree. Though after that, it can become easier for him to speak about. However, even with as much poetry he may give, he does have some intimacy issues that may never be resolved or time in itself just may never permit him to resolve it.

31. What does your character believe will happen to them after they die? Does this belief scare them?

Solas believes in rebirth, but not in a sense that memories are carried over into the next life. If he does die, everything that he knew would be lost forever. His race will never again reclaim the pride and greatness they once had, and His People will never be able to return. He will die as the last of His Kind, and while Solas has no fear in the act or art of dying in itself, he does however greatly fear in being the last of His Kind to die. This is because his death would potentially mark the ending of an Era that one day could have been reclaimed.


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