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“During the exorcism he – it – showed me something. I saw the demon. Or, at least the form it was choosing to take. A form meant to shake my faith and my foundation. But, worse…worse was the vision of Ed’s death.”

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Clairvoyant Protector

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February 23rd, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 92
Country: United States

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August 08, 2018


12/27/2018 10:18 PM 

30 Day Prompts

1. Nose kiss(es)

2. Reunion hug

3. Spooning for warmth

4. Walking hand-in-hand

5. Late night talks

6. Getting caught while making out

7. Surprise(s)

8. Can’t keep hands off each other (in public)

9. (Unnecessary) spoiling

10. Bear hug

11. Fingers in the other’s hair

12. Movie night

13. Hand holding for comfort

14. Forehead kiss(es)

15. Shared looks from across the room

16. Pet names

17. Early morning cuddling

18. Admiring each other

19. Laughing together

20. One (or both) is injured

28. (Bad) flirting

21. Kiss in the rain

22. Blushing

23. Hot and heavy

24. Shoulder kiss(es)

25. Getting dressed up

26. Dancing

27. Falling asleep together

29. Protecting the/each other

30. Date night

  1. A first kiss
  2. Arranged Marriage AU.
  3. “Yeah uh…yeah no. That sounds awful.” 
  4. “My hero!”
  5. “You’re not my kids! Go home already.” 
  6. “I Know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat.”
  7. “Before sunrise, they are your children/child.”
  8. “You’re cold.”
  9. “Don’t waist your time on me, love. I’m a lost cause.” 
  10. “Let’s go for a swim!” 
  11. “Just hold my hand.”
  12. “We’re not hiding! We’re better than that!” 
  13. Character A is a single parent and Character B decides they are going to help, whether A likes it our not.
  14. “Call it, heads or tails?”  
  15.  “Come dance with me!”
  16.    “You’re more important than sleep.”
  17. “A kiss for good luck?” 
  18. They mixed up our reservations and now we only have one room with one bed. 
  19. “Oh just digging myself a nice grave, you?” 
  20. “The most fun I’ve had this week was watching paint dry.” 
  21. “When’s the last time you slept?” 
  22. “We’re going to have the cutest baby ever!” 
  23. “You’re sad.” he said.
  24. “I’m Always sad.” She said. “Sometimes I Just forget.” 
  25. Moving in together 
  26. “The one time we have a normal conversation and you have to ruin it!” 
  27. “For Science!” 
  28. “Is that my shirt?” 
  29. “I know it’s been ten years and I have a lot to explain, but if I could just sleep here for a few hours… 
  30. Extremely elaborate proposal story

1.) Dreams/Nightmares

2.) Love Letters

3.) Favorite Place

4.) Party Game

5.) Joking Around

6.) Giving Gifts

7.) Future Together

8.) Pets

9.) Reunited

10.) Dancing

11.) Sharing food

12.) Amusement Park

13.) Affectionate

14.) Sick day

15.) Water

16.) Firsts

17.) Cooking/Baking

18.) Injury

19.) Shopping

20.) Stargazing

21.) Music

22.) Watching Movies/TV

23.) Fantasy

24.) Morning Routines

25.) Road Trip

26.) Nature

27.) Working Out

28.) Studying

29.) Chores

30.) Marriage


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