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September 19th, 2019

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July 24, 2015



12/13/2018 05:04 PM 

The Brain Forest at the Magic Gathering.


The Brain Forest
at the
Magic Gathering

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  That dirt's soil of compost of corpses after morph, fulminated paths under your feet, that cleaner the earth the cleaner it sands and rocks alone the less living bacteria and worms are as such composing entities without the commune two eyes of dueling polarities of awareness, jewels and dark oils to die for on enrich the spirit with too, but what was pulling him down? I will escort the source who is behind before him as the river revolved underneath the continents for those who seek it. 

  My body waved its shoulders as a pendulum stretching opposite to my pelvis who side my neck yet parallel to its very knees interloping a spacial movement, this refine hands upraised wide out cursing from my empty heart to the extend of it sides bringing my palm to palm together before my third eye and above taken by a dancing like of a serpentine instrument twisting devotion with the super natural the advocate to the dark magical forces along the occult arts pillars sheltering the invisible river.  

  Nothing is to see, the forest tightly held its creatures who balanced observant from branch to branch, opened paranoid eyes blinked as some other never ceased to close a 360* view,  unfamiliar noises could be catch by any false movement, hysterical will attack for anyone who attains to control the instinctive happenings in the rules of the Enchanted Forest at at it's silent valleys and hills, nothing is to be seen unless you drop the knowledge of attachment, "Isn't it strange Doctor? is it this you see? Unless you survive the journey to tale it, might say I will give it a body to emulated an alternative experience of those who wet their toes in the river, without entirely flowing" And yet among the crown of his head and the both sides of his front and back could detect for a vision he might survive for.

 "Will it be listen carefully after a thin string of light appears to remember the goal and victory to it all? When there is nothing seen for what you might return for? Record it to those if you must." Hammered with intrigue within his most profound desire for what is knowledge in here unless you are empty to let it flow through in an uncensored let go, how will you be able to recapitulate the essential transformation to return home or surpass the home you left?

  Without a question, a rhetorical banging sound kept waving as my black skin shimmered at the charming curves int he night and the strands of my long black hair silvered through all directions out  the center of a last breath's core, flesh of desired, consumed by power, flashed with purple flaming eyes who opened in a trance with a pinch of green fluorescent to the cannon's spectrum. 

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    My finer tips separated from each arrhythmically, glimmering magic spells by shaking vibrantly the unspeakably mantras of the spirit above the shadows of confusion and chaos, along the little trues of suppositions and suspicious in madness, across murder and every pain that stops the flow, bath him with an immortal aura as to all those who stand by him in this blissful VIA AEATERNA who tastes most as pure morphine, intoxicated to the non pure soul to protect him from those in advance their acts.

   "Such divine will grant you passage,... and oblivion to the pains of yesterday, as you experience well the addiction in the magical realm were one wants more only a few could here can convert into Gold from Rocks, you might honour first the Dark sources of the self who transcends through all entities, goodness is only a facade, a layer of Gold who gets overused by time." Singed while dancing half circles of the infinity number till rounded again, an inner shimmy alternately shaken from bellow my belly bottom out from the atmosphere, my eyes blanked out my body and mind, hated by the infernal joys of life, enraging the power of the travellers on this trip to fever till march.  

 The golden minerals had to be dig within the dirty soil, till sweat and fury as the highest transmitters they are to find the spells of enlightenment in both books, would it be a golden key, a golden code in a shield or in a marked rune? He knew too much and that might be an alternative for every sorcerer's escapism to the known, pausing the Styx will be there, kneeling down in adoration to the source behind, crawling silently into the depths, shouting with new breaths, watching without a tense, in my toes curl by body inside a ball of thick mist of shadows vanishing for you to bring up to earth a nobler eye to the keen spectator who in total wish gives to master without matter for that death leaves behind.  


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