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Larissa experienced a wonderful Cinderella type childhood, for the

most part. There was the well-to-do family of hers, the family

mansion that she named her princess dream house, all the things that a

youthful girl might ever want, and she had. Larissa Grace was not

born in a regular ole hospital or home either, but in a catholic

church at the altar where she was blessed thrice – once by the pastor,

the pastor’s wife, and then the pastor the third round. Larissa was

Larissa met her uncle who had held her in the church house on the

exact same day of her birth. He was bold, considering she was a good

detector of bad character from birth, although there was something

about him that she couldn't detect.

As a young seed Larissa always

wished on the stars in sky to see and meet her uncle Milford one day,

as her mother, Ellen told her many times over that the stars were

lucky and made wishes come true. However, Larissa would have been

rather secure in her lifetime and rather still pure, if that simple

wish hadn’t sprouted to the light. Upon meeting her uncle she held no

recollection of him prior, given that she was too young to remember;

an infant.

Larissa’s uncle was a wicked man but it never showed, never.

He was an innocently, cold heart that existed on the Earth only to soon

be burned in the pits of hell, so Elle thought of him, after what he

did to her young body. You see Larissa was always trustworthy and

figured in her youth and in the naïve years of her life that if she
could be trusted,

why can’t everyone else? Everyone thought differently

and naiveté for some took a completely different route for others.

In other words, Larissa’s lack of judgment at the

sour age of twelve was a lot dissimilar from several other

twelve year old's, conceivably, at least of course in her

small town in Rhode Island. Larissa trusted her uncle

even when her mother did not and had even told the young

child to keep her distance several times, but as a stubborn

headed female at the time, she wouldn’t dare listen and

got herself into not only trouble but molestation by her uncle.

He would pick her up from school continuously and do God knows

what to the child about all throughout her life, from age twelve to fourteen,

a sour age for her as that was when he tortured her the most. She was no more,

the sweet and kindhearted Elle that she had once always been whose family

owned the most of the shops and business in the small town of Rhode Island,

and no in fact none of that mattered anymore after her Uncle Milford came

into her life. After him, after she lost one thing treasured the most
by some young girls;

her life was practically over, well cooked and crisped over until
there was barely

anymore of her left to see whole and well kept. Elle has never believed after

what happened to her that God really did protect her from birth. How could she

when she received such unacceptable treatment at a very young age, an age

that a child should not even be aware of such things, such ill things at that.

She questioned this God and ultimately, her faith in him.


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