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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 35
Country: United States

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12/06/2018 01:13 PM 

Sam W Bio

Name Samuel Xavier winchester

nickname: Sammy, Moose, Giant, Sasquatch

DOB: May 2nd 1983

Age: 35

Birthplace: Lawrence, kansas

Current location: Lebanon kansas

Places he been to: Hell (2x), Purgatory, Limbo, Heaven

sexuality: Bisexual

eye color- hazel

Height: 6'5"

hair color- shaggy  brown hair

species: human

occupation- hunter, member of team free will. Former pre-law student.

College: Stanford 

abilities: Precognition, Psychokinesis ( used to)Super strength.Telekinesis. Demon Smiting. Exorcism. 

Scars/tattoo: Anti possession tattoo on chest. scar on palm of his hand. Scar on his back from when he got stabbed. Scar from when he got shot. Many more scars that tell a story.

Mental Illness: Sam suffers from PTSD due to his time in lucifer cage. Also due to the hunter lifestyle. He takes medicine to help. Nearly committed suicide on few occasions but his brother saved him. Suffered hallucinations and sleep deprivation. Hyperarousal is a primary symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Being overly sensitive to sounds is one of the symptoms.

Faith: he used to pray a lot to God as a kid. Lost faith after realizing that chuck was not going help them with the Lucifer issue. His faith is a bit wavering at times even if he did meet the guy.

Fear: Lucifer and clowns

Dislikes: not being able save everyone. Not being able protect the ones he love.

Likes: spending time with love ones.


Enjoys watching movies and shows if he has time.

Reading when he has time




Going on adventures.






Mentally strong evidenced in being able overpower possession by Lucifer. 

Self sacrificing himself for the greater good

Tries to see the good in every one



Skills: good at researching. Good hunter and fighter. Trained in firearms and melee weapons. 

lock picking, computer hacking, and car jacking

Current relationship: Single

Past Relationships: 

Jessica Moore {Deceased}

Rudy/ Ruby{deceased-male/female}

Madison {Deceased due to becoming a werewolf}

Sarah blake {short fling deceased to being associated with him)


 John Winchester (father-deceased/alive}

 Mary Winchester (mother-alive}

Dean Winchester {alive}

Jack Kline (adopted brother)

Bobby Singer( parental figure {alive or deceased)

charlie Bradbury ( Adopted sister- Best friend- deceased)

Ashley Elizabeth Sloan (childhood best friend- Alive)

Bobby (Golden retriever)

AdamMiligan (half sibling {deceased/alive}

Cain (ancestor) 

Abel (ancestor) 

Henry Winchester (paternal grandfather deceased)

Millie Winchester (paternal grandmother deceased) 

Samuel Campbell (maternal grandfather deceased)

Deanna Campbell (maternal grandmother deceased)

Christian Campbell (third cousin deceased)

Gwen Campbell (third cousin deceased)

Mark Campbell (distant cousin deceased)

Friends/ allies:

Chuck (God)

Jack Kline

Amy pond (old school friend deceased)

Kevin Tran  (prophet of the lord)

Jo harvelle (deceased)

Ellen harvelle (deceased)


Pastor Murphy (deceased)

Benny (vampire dean met in purgatory dead)

Eileen leahy {Deceased}

Sheriff jody Mills

Claire novak

Alex mills

Garth Fitzgerald

Missouri (deceased)


Crowley ( allies at the end)


Meg ( Allies at the very end)

Rowena (allies)

British men of letters (dead now)


Sam Xavier Winchester was born in Lawrence kansas on May 2, 1983 to parents mary and john winchester. Brother to older sibling Dean and Half brother to Adam milligan. When sam was only 6 months old demon Azazel infected him with his blood then killed their mother resulting in their father raising him and dean as hunters. Eventually sam had enough of the hunter life and escaped to stanford study become a lawyer. He had a two year relationship with a girl name Jessica Moore and they were engaged to be married.

During his teenage years sam began hear voices calling out to him and seeing visions. It would take until the age of 22 to find out the truth about those visions. He ended up meeting few other people like him who were infected by Azazel blood at an abadoned ghost town. Where they had to fight to the death in order help the demon open the gates of hell. In the end sam was killed by jake when the ex soldier stabbed him to death. Which caused a chain of events to kick in to affect.

Sam and his brother grew up with Ashley sloan. their father and her parents were good friends. the boys would be able confide in and protect her. sam would come out in his teen years to Ashley that he Bisexual. he didn't feel judged by her or bobby. They were there for her when her sister danni was killed.

sam and his brother grew up with an abusive father whenever john got drunk. on the anniversary of their mother death it would be worse. their father would come home really drunk and begin saying horrible things to sam or his brother.  

One night, Dean comes to Sam's apartment seeking his help after their father figure bobby goes missing. Although reluctant at first, Sam eventually accompanies dean. After defeating and discovering a trail to lead them to bobby. Sam returns to Stanford where he witnesses Jessica death exactly the same way their mother was killed. This incites him to go with Dean to find their father and bobby so to kill the demon in order to avenge the deaths of their mother and his fiancee. later on turned out that an old friend named Brady was the one who killed her.

After leaving stanford with dean and rejoining the life he wanted no part of. The siblings went through a lot of things together. suffering lots of deaths from close people they cared about, their own deaths and resurrections. Many trials and tribulations that tested their trust about each other.

Sam had a short relationship or fling with a demon named rudy/ruby (male or female at certain points) because she/he was helping him find a way get dean out of hell. Also sam was learning how use his gifts to remove demons out of people. He was desperate to save his brother that he was blinded by what was really going on. In the end he ended up releasing lucifer from his cage because he trusted Demon over his own brother. Thus caused a trust issue between them.

 Sam ended up finding out he the true vessel of lucifer while on his own. At first he was in denial and tried to prevent it. Eventually he had to let the devil use his body so send him back to the cage. He spent a year (180) in the cage until he was rescued by Chuck, but the damage was already done. ( changed this to chuck saving him.). sam spent few months without his soul which made him emotionless.

Sam spent a short time in a psychiatric ward due to trauma he suffered in the cage at the hands of Lucifer. Those memories will always be with him. Sam was found injured, bruised and memory loss in stull cemetery by the caretaker. He spent a month in the hospital healing up then went back on the road with his brother and uncle bobby. Few months later sam had a mental breakdown that resulted in being hospitalized at a psychiatric hospital close to a year. Eventually he was deemed fine enough to leave and with his brother help slowly got better physically not mentally.

Sam has been possessed many times. First time by meg which resulted in a hunter turning up dead and nearly killing Bobby and Jo harvelle. Which also resulted in the brothers getting the anti possession tattoo on their chest. 2nd time Sam got possessed was by Lucifer. He managed to gain control long enough to fall into the pit with Michael. 3rd time by Gadreel when he ended up in a coma due to doing trials in order close up hell for good.

When Bobby died due to d*ck Roman. Sam went through a short trial of depression and blaming himself for the death of his father figure. Bobby was always there for him and treated him like a father should which john sadly lacked. He couldn't talk to dean about how he was feeling since he not a fan of emotional conversations or talking about feelings. Plus dean was going through his own issues at that time.

When dean ended up in purgatory. Sam hunted down Crowley so get answers. He also rescued Kevin and they tried their best to find dean and cas. During that time Sam was a mess resulting in hitting a dog and leaving it at a vet hospital. He tried summoning crossroad demons, getting in contact with any hunter who could help and looking up information about what might have happened to his brother.

( I didn't like the season where they explained why Sam didn't look for dean. Too ooc for my taste)

Sam owns a black Dodge Charger for when going on hunts with out dean. It parked in the bunker  garage.

Sam is a hunter as well as a men of Letters, along with  Dean. Sam is usually kind, empathetic, intelligent and independent. Sam is very mentally strong, evidenced in being able overpower possession by Lucifer. It has been argued that he is the smarter or more intelligent of the Winchester siblings, although Sam himself would disagree. Over time, Sam has resigned himself to the hunting lifestyle and has repeatedly sacrificed himself for the greater good, highlighting his selfless nature. He tends to carry the burden of the life and suffers from PTSD.

*Major Events are the same except for some slight changes. Minor events happened or did not happen*

Alternate timeline:

Sam releases Lucifer then ends up on the run due to hunters coming after him. He killed two hunters when they tried get him drink demon blood. He destroyed every one of his alias cards and anything that can trace him. He would hitchhike or steal cars so not to leave a trace. He would be haunted at night by nightmares of Lucifer calling out to him. 

Sam never said yes to the devil hence the reason Lucifer trying track him down. Sam lost contact with his brother due to what happened. Eventually the brothers reunite when dean comes across a hurt and delirious Sam. They managed to find a way get rid of Lucifer


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