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July 23, 2017


12/06/2018 10:17 PM 

Favorite Christmas Things


1: The best part of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. I love to gather the kids and put up all our ornaments. Then stand by and watch how magical it all looks

2: My favorite movie to watch during the holidays is A Muppet Christmas carol. I have been watching it since I was very little and can recite the whole movie from front to back.

3: If anyone knows me , they know I am a fashion nut so wearing the year’s best Christmas attire is def one of my favorite things. Nothing like a giant cozy sweater and leggings to make you feel the spirit.


1: Every Christmas Eve I like to throw a amazing Christmas Party. I invite family and friends, we eat lots of food, and just enjoy one another’s company.

2: It is my annual tradition to volunteer at the children's hospital for Christmas. I dress as an elf, read stories to the kids, and pass out presents as well as candy canes.

3: I always take the kids around town to check out all the lights on people’s houses. They love the brightness and the uniqueness of how people decorate their homes for the holidays.


1: I love it when it snows. The way it looks when it sticks to the ground makes me feel like I am in a winter wonderland. I am like a big kid and you can always catch me out in the snow playing.

2: When the kids go to sleep at night, the hubby and I love to cuddle close and watch holiday movies. Its great to relax and have that alone time to love up on one another

3: We know its not Christmas unless holiday music is being played throughout the days. I always have at least 5 different playlists of holiday songs I rock out to during the holiday season.


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