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12/06/2018 12:32 PM 

The Good Shepherd

The Good ShepherdSam Winchester/
To be displaced from home in such a way left him with a deep feeling of loss.  The fall still burned itself in his memory.  The pain of his wings being stripped from him forcibly had been inexorably etched into his brain.  His name had been forgotten by most angels, but he was still known by enough of his heavenly brothers and sisters.   Most humans and angels had no idea that he, Gadreel had been the angel who had been the ultimate failure.   It was his slip on duty allowing Lucifer to infiltrate the Garden.  For that, he’d spent the countless millennia in Heaven’s prison.

With the fall of heaven, it had even emptied Heaven’s prison.  Gadreel had found a willing vessel in a bartender who was a man of great humility and loss.   He was content to stay inside the Bartender until that day that prayer was uttered. In a moment of desperation, the voice of Dean Winchester had called out to any angel who was listening.  Fortunately for him, Gadreel was listening.  Sam Winchester was dying.  The desperation in the pleas of the older Winchester was something that the former guardian of Eden could not deny or turn his back toward.  He could actually get a chance to make up for past sins by helping the Winchesters of all people.  This could end up backfiring on him, but Gadreel had nothing to lose.   Getting Dean to trust him had not come without great effort and persuasion.   He’d used what grace he’d had left to make Sam flatline, but then Dean ended up opening the door that got Sam Winchester to let him inside.   

Gadreel told Dean that he was Ezekiel.  He knew that the Winchesters had their tie to Castiel, so Castiel knew Ezekiel.  All angels knew the kind and benevolent Ezekiel.  The angel had been a fervent warrior but had perished in the fall.   Only a handful of angels knew that Ezekiel was gone.  So it would be easy for him to pass himself off as another angel to allow Gadreel that chance to heal himself hidden in Sam Winchester’s body.  The angel remained silent just out of Sam’s conscious thought, so he could heal himself and Sam in the process.  Dean would call him out on occasion calling him “Zeke” to try and keep Sam from knowing what was going on at the moment.  Any time “Ezekiel” came to the forefront Sam was blacking out and not remembering the events that were transpiring around him.     Being inside of Sam Winchester left the angel with a bitter taste in his mouth most of the time.  He could tell the power that the younger Winchester possessed and why Lucifer had wanted him for a vessel.  Gadreel however didn’t want to be here any longer than he had to in all honesty.

He’d started taking to sneaking out of the bunker and heading into town for little jaunts around among the populace here and there.  The prophet Kevin Tran was usually working on his translations, so he was in no position to stop Gadreel in Sam Winchester’s meat suit.   He continued outside on this particular night.   There were many of his brothers and sisters wandering the earth now.  He wanted to be around them to see what they knew and how desperate they were to return home.

Gadreel found himself at a bar.  This was the same bar that his former vessel worked.  It was odd sitting there watching himself essentially move around completely oblivious to what was happening in the room.  The small form of another angel had moved in beside him.  He knew immediately who the older angel was.  He’d called him Gadreel and not Ezekiel.   He revealed his name to be Metatron.   Metatron, the scribe of God had given Gadreel an intoxicating proposition.   Could there actually be a way to return home?  Could he rise to the ranks of the forgiven and hold his head up high in heaven again?  He’d been Gadreel the butt of heaven’s jokes for countless years.   The outcast angel was in the body of the outcast of outcasts:  Sam Winchester.  Gadreel left the bar with his hands shoved into his pockets.  It wasn’t such a good thing that Sam Winchester was so tall.  He wanted to just blend in and hide among the people right now.  Metatron had given him much to think about and to consider.   He shoved his hands in his pockets and started walking down the sidewalk outside this bar.

So many thoughts were intruding into that brain of his.  He’d spent time in Heaven’s Prison staring at those walls replaying the failure in the Garden countless times.  Lucifer had tried him.  He’d been a sentry to protect the glory of the new creation along with the new beings that their Father had created.  One was what God had called a man, the other was called woman by the man who took her as his wife.   They were so innocent and God was so proud of them.  It was his job in the glory of heaven and with that flaming sword to protect them, yet Lucifer crept past him in the form of a serpent.   Every day replayed in his mind.  He’d relived his failure more times than he could count.

He kept his head down lost in thoughts as he continued his deliberate path.  Gadreel could finally have his moment of vindication.  He could rise to the place he should have been years ago.  All he had to do would be to follow Metatron.  One thing remained however.  He had to see more of his brothers and sisters on their own before finally making that decision to join Metatron.  There were so many around, he had his choice of where to start first.  They were all so hopeless and lost as they wandered this earth.  This was going to be all too easy.

Gentle Giant ~ Sam Winchester.


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