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CherryBlossom Weasley

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March 20th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 113
Country: Austria

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June 19, 2016



12/06/2018 12:06 PM 

Guide me if I could find you

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  And then it came the excitement moment,
when I received her letter, among the bustling kids
at school who only want to play by their rules. 

   Seating down in the table of the Ravenclaw, it
seem by now I was the only child representing the 
House, that Owl flew in with such a governmental
wing that I knew it was her letter as if it was 
nothing going on, placed a boring face as if it was 
my family and smiled to my own as if there was 
the average post card to a child, when I opened 
the envelope. So well guarded that I touched its
stamp and before reading it, pocketed inside waiting
for a special moment, splitting my state of mind
with the environment. If secrets will guide me to
sustain the dream were its only for me, I'd know
the way to treasure away from the resources I
have for is her I'm inspired as my Icon for me.

So, as the classes ended and shake hands with
everyone with a private spell, more than a hand
shake. Went out from the school in the sun set,
seating under the Willow Tree, its shade fostered
me to embrace every detail was inside her paper,
to be like her, to dream with the primary existence
that I can travel the world and unlock mysteries.

 So, did smile and was free from the children's
knowledge to my own, smile and imagined w
what words would she say and I was so happy,
it made me feel special. So, I closed my eyes 
with a natural asset palming the letter and could
feel that she is diligent, and a perfectionist,
and among all her wills she has only one without
chancing her word of honour, a good friend to
have around and ally, a perfectionist and if not,
would say she has forgiveness, my shoulders
expanded to read the letter that came from the 
very Ministry of Magic, in a personal lever to her
name. Then, I watched my own, I'm still so little
and each year seems like four, but still, how static 
to never move, seating here by them pliant branches
near the lake. Purple, narrowing down the night,
I must open it now! For I can't wait. 

So, as slow it took me to get there had devour her
letter and the design of her writing hand, wishing
to learn every detail and as childish I was, run
through the fields inside the school, into the
library to write her back.

Tuesday, 4 December  

     Beloved Daphne Greengrass,

    Right now, I'm so thankful for your
  letter, that I'd wish you to have with this
  childish words. I will study
  and find the necessarily magic to be a
  better Wizard to meet you. The School
  seems to have their own problems so
  far from the global existence of the
  Wizardly World, there are families 
  who own people, professors and 
   the Death Eaters move
  strings to have students following in.

     It's mine to say that my family wishes me
  happiness above all things, to simply
  find goodness and they avoided dark,
  which I'm prone to find in heart without 
  comparing myself to others
  or fearing with blockages of the mind,
  I have plenty of brothers and sisters
  who will become popular but I don't
  see any of them working in the Ministry of          Magic. I'm different with high intuition,
  But I split it from the reality to protect me,
  there is  a secret might say,
  If you are... well... I don't know... 
  but I'm yet too 
  young to speak in codes. 

    The Ministry of Magic
  came today, someone within Hogwarts
  is accusing Dumbledore of his connections.

    Don't ask me way, If there is something I
  have from my mother, is knowing it all
  from first sight. And the ambition is such,
  that he is willing to kill everyone who
  discovers him, and makes a collective
  power for the community and not his.

    The dangers must have risen from 
  Grindelwald who is before him, 
  its not of mine to be a spy but I
  was in the class of the Mirror when
  Albus entered and becouse it was late
  today, I had to hide in the closet.

    Getting to know things I don't wish,
  is another of those mysteries I must see
  this for I ask you, what shall I do, and
  how, were, I know the pathways and if
  you guide me to find the way of telling you          becouse it's known around this halls
  to not have mention his name.

  And yes, as you said I wont be inside
  the box... it opens the mind to imagine
  what happens behind the school.

  Your admirer,

  ~CherryBlossom Weasley~

  ~What is a magic secret without its private meaning.~                                                  _____________________________________________________________


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