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CherryBlossom Weasley

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March 20th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 113
Country: Austria

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June 19, 2016



12/06/2018 12:03 PM 

An Honest Weasley

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  So it was as I had to get out of the class it was like, oh no, don't make go out there into the playground, not would it have been an expectation becouse some day it will happen, time was the fit bestowed upon a little story, the finances of my family are very limited so I knew from an early age that I will have to find my way and trust, mused as little as possible and looked about him, the richest kid in the class, you can tell about the way he smirks down to himself, could hear it without him showing it. When an usual concourse moves around him, there was something about the single curve at the end of his eye, he could see without pointing his direction from the end of a 180 degree angle, a pride perhaps for how attractive and cool at the same enchanting fusion, but why? Would it be the refine clean lines of his face who makes him so sharp, he must produce a certain excitement along the crowd as they are compelled. 

  And there at the other side of the field as I followed my view to a flying raven following my imagination in an open grey sky without clouds, fading away from summer it flaps its black wings down and around into a branch of a dry tree who stands in the first line of the forest before the school yard, and there is she again, was the smilingly BlackMagic that trapped me an hour ago in the class, wordless, as well. "I want to be happy, am I really happy? It's interesting how happy I could be if I present myself to them, but maybe inside a class we could interact or accidentally or from a third magical element, Is not of mine to intrude but study the situation, it wont be cool standing alone, I know, I know, just wait." 

The idea was so acceptable that I could not find a better idea than the absence of no idea, so, my brothers and sisters joked and went along, discriminating children who had an accent and pushing them away, I don't want to be like them, lI will never be like them, if being a red hair or a Gryffindor or a Slytherin is better to push another? So It was not funny to be as some others in the Gryffindor team mocked other groups, like conservative parties. I wonder now why my father and mother kept to them selfs away this jungle. 

Briefly as some companionship will do enough for me and scanned them all, one by one, made my way to my room, to find out which whom of the girls I had to share, I still had a little time to find out by their utensils, the way they decorated their bodies and their bed, its so easy to tell who is who, so as I walked up and found the light through the window, checked it to see it will be warm in winter and it was solid, slide it up to feel the breeze in my face, the United Kingdom has an ancient magic were ever you go, it still like home.

"Be nice to everyone CherryBloosom." My mother kissed me goodbye as if I wouldn't be nice, she always had that guarding eye over me, there was a crime around one of our ancestors, they hided it well and made them run away from populist gossips finding a land of their own, but the curse repeated every 3 or 4 generations. "Why was my mother so afraid of me. Why?" Yes, I did things as a Cherry Blossom would explode in spring, but for the perfume that exists during two weeks, what is the problem if everyone maddens, I like when people explode after reaching their highest potential as flowers, is that a perversion? To control it, I didn't put to flames the Shire, the adults never told me that story but I remember well that a mature man played with me and thought me tricks, maybe in our alone time he felt the purity of love in a childlike manner and brilliant he was as a God when I steered up at him, but when people was around it was like non of that ever happened. I was gaslighted, he had no boundaries to make believe how special everyone woman was, in a friendly manner becouse as a child, what would one know? Of what is what? It was one of his female followers who burned it and another who claimed to own him, I was innocent. But, my mother knew how attractive my vision was, for what happened around me was never for the good of the mediocre collective. 


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