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CherryBlossom Weasley

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March 20th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 113
Country: Austria

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June 19, 2016



12/06/2018 12:01 PM 

a little introduction

  What I decided to do was to let all the possibilities of the attention seeking in gaining the class, they are gorgeously articulate, and know each other for many years. To the situation as I seat on my desk the first day of school, from this situation distinguished myself being manipulated by some students who were Ignoring me and also from others who smiled, those were the not so popular.

 As I placed my books and notepads from my bag, I was really new, nothing like in the Shire were I grew up and we played around everyday. It was kind of noisy, if I have to keep up with the preferences and how people team up, there must be a formula. Being nasty with a superior hierarchy becouse they are better in whatsoever they apply into doing so, family values and family support, the attraction of making everyone laugh, to separate those bellow you to uprise your self atop and drive them like sheep, is not of mine to follow at any means. It was a determinant choice to deal with the tension that was shifting in the current state of my first day, after all the playground has that play, play, play have fun to play and why not.

 So, it will take time, remember, it will take time to show off what it takes to lead, to stop that stupidity, some of the professors will see me as a wolf dress with sheep coat, but there is nothing they can do as I can only show my Weasley curls and reddish checks smiling without them letting me catch ungraded, responding will continue, becouse I love building things and I think in pictures as romance does to an alternative to what possibly be nominated, it might be very contemptuous for my reputation, but I like to be with people like me, who think. 

  And this is another thing while needing the love of my family, there is a desire to learn, study and win my position in the world, not the school, what ever the cost like the Slytherin, no that is not a good unswear either. Secrets will come to me and I wont seat next to the patriarchal role of power as a smart girl with the Lions, or give my heart as the Hufflepuff Ignoring the laws, if there is something that intrigues me more, is the that rules something I would condense as important, linguistic or a tight argument to imagine as a whole and to stay with those who can understand with the heart, yet be prepare to be for whom do you want to become, a good friend or an intellectual friend who has choices of their own that makes sense to me, but to be popular, no. I like my best friends and private space. 

 I'm for quality friends who turnout all the noise like a junky, don't bother me, if you have a mistake I will never forgive you and will repeat your mistake till you rectify with the laws of what is truly an influence to be trusted again.  So, setting the books apart, picking the one of the class. Thought, I'm not going to be the head librarian, becouse I'm going to be really funny if you want to get through the winter, also in our lessons trying to amuse each other to relax from our sarcasms, I guess is a working class thing, but I will move around the ranks till I become an Aura, something my Wesley family is not very compelling about, it as they will wish me to be with them in the Shire, is quite impressing, you wont want to mess with my family if you are their little girl, they have this love affair that will want you be there till the last day of your live as lovely they are.

Brothers and sisters? Too many, I want to grow up.  

In the emotional field, I like those who posses a high intellect in disregard their sex or social class. 

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CherryBlossom Weasley

Posted on Thu Dec 06, 2018, 00:03

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