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March 19th, 2019

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July 24, 2015



12/05/2018 10:48 PM 

The pinnacle of hierarchy


 The pinnacle of the hierarchy

  As to addressing up in this world, all you need is a damn good business card, clean minimal with a fancy address, a designers ornament to shield you as man possibly do, hiding my arse and my hard on, as yet could not to see my nipples, just my head and hands to face the deal and for whomever would fight to removed the upper two layers of my suit, any will imagine I have a thong up my arse as pretending to be discrete and mysterious they all wonder to any arse and the more you hide it to a certain move that is not much to the easy attention but well enough to the uneasy tension to guard it as if to enter the aura of my domain you need much courage to be faced, so yes I stand quite straight all the time unafraid of how much you can cup my breast. And as I direct my eyes over the average of the mortal eye, per say, if they can walk the walk aside, behind or fore, yes I do also wear the fine lingerie of a sadist, for you to show me that how you move your underwear, becouse its something unavoidable to whom ever surrounds me. Laughed infernally for those who wished to posses that ability, as soon I'd walk off everything turns back to normal uniform. Can any f*** your mind after another of your team, till your heart pumps to discover that everyone has an intelligent skin of their own, but I wont have more than your desire to believe you could manage the power of the rage. 

   Hate me becouse you are a married man, or you have a zealous girl friend who wants to posses you, or becouse you are too fat or too skinny, too rich to ever purchase me and can't becouse you know I say no, no, no. Or too poor to maintain my unwanted maintenance, hate me becouse you see me while you f*** your girl friend and she has enter the portal were I reap her clothe off if she wants to keep having you to by the order of a gaining a little time of divine rage, you will always modified the impossibility with any reason towards my cunt, being utterly f***ed by a woman of free will who gives a sh*t, and will never make you finish if you give in. "I f*** Gods, my darling, real Gods, with supremacist d*ckheads not a chicken head to overcoat my breast and neck with their sperm, agh, how acidic I like the lot, after 8 hours of trying to shoot it off, I know the secrets of making a God prevail their ejaculating impulsive an emotional drip, fear, no I don't want fear, I want their resistance against my hateful and competitive drive, a second to stop and hold it is enough to control your heading theme from spiting it!

So, yes today I'm hateful as f***, ready to show the world of mine in the upper world. 

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  Disgusted or not, I always get what I want, so okey, I'm in the upper world, going out for that for some is an ayahuasca trip and might say was a simple day, not too hot, not too cold, simply fresh, oh yeah! At first what it call my view to the rest of the panorama was this couple getting out of the car in the gas station and started getting a vibe over me as I sunk the gasoline in, imagine my body posture I have no time for details. 

  As he comes to me and walks kind of hypnotised and partially control for what words to say, states to my behalf to be a free man, then looking at her glaring her eyes at my so very sensitise heart, balance my head to see him more and in a submitted change of view towards her. "Tell me woman, you want to do witchcraft, this is the only Goddess your man and you have ever seeing appeared in your entire hypocrite life." Is not that there is compassion for human nature to draft you the channel, but I'm pretty clear and I always say. "I wont say it again, one time is enough." To avoid explanatory drama. She shouted standing up from the back of the car's door, who was open, "You can have him! Take him!" I was like, hello this people need severe S&M sex to discipline the thirst in their mouths, what's wrong with them? So I flipped my hands in the air like, what? 

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"Tell me hon? You want to suck d*ck? Suck him, suck him all you want him, I tell you that Id have you both before you give me him. So deal with it. I don't want him? He is a baby toy to have a fantasy with! and I'm the fantasy, he is the toy and you be the sucking p**sy of my Iron Hades Dildo of Charon." She was abstracted for a moment becouse she knew if to f*** or not, whatsoever yes or not, with or without this d*ck or the other, up her mouth, p**sy or arse. So, I turned to him, were he cups my hand to the gasoline gun, which was holding again and pressed stop to the machine staring at the drive of my car and said. 

  "Take me baby, I want it all." The girl was flipping out in colours and cooling her true colours, becouse she did like me and that was unacceptable, she wanted to have me as well, or be like me as I sensed their sexual attraction opening in a triangle angle of compressional tight perception and placing the tube of the dark oil back to its slot, said. 

   "Well, you will have to park your car and leave it all behind, as you might understand its not of mine be followed." This long straightened hairs to the weight of the gravity on the upper earth did not have them levitating as i'd best wish to feel for Goddess like, some how I was kind of human there as I leaned down flexing my legs inside the automobile, they were thinking something I could sense from my seat. "Hell, no, if we go, we better go now before killing each other on the drive back home to our always routine, we might have the chance of being millionaires and famous with a Goddess." And sensed from her. "So you don't want to marry me? Why do you have me for?" She runs after him, becouse after all, he was a d*ck. And pussies always scream for more, come on. You want to see my body sliding on your man and compete with me, let me watch you braking your comparisons over what the f*** is true love and what's not, or who is better to gain that and for what price or value are you putting your standards down for. 

  So, the private driver took off and they were so exited as insecure, the young lad held leaned his arms above my upper leg and she was kind of fine after a few miles, they wanted to talk so I was kind of manipulative enraging each of their body parts and senses, and directed them to 

  "Just listen to the music" 

  Won't describe that's so easy for you to do in your own, white people, you can't dance you have to be lead, "Sorry, I'm so sorry." Left them on the highway quite naked, aside a forest so they can feel my favourite sensual item, the sound of precision, the earth is solid as a rock and you can instrument your ear and position to its maximum penetration, "Listen I said, any false move from the music and you are out of rhythm. I have to go to the hair salon, I nearly forgot!" 

  So banged the door back to mine speeding like a bullet, if there is nothing I'm more psychopath for than for the very adrenaline that time space, can bring is for the very speed it does, it brings that grandioseness of ultimate freedom to an unstoppable savage waging war who victors its destiny, and will say this very fast as an accident stoped another mobile in their way in to their intend to cross mine. "Die in my car if you must, you can't cross over, I have Charon driving honey, so they unconsciously dropped their coins to not get lost before the paramedics arrived." Getting into travel is so easy as unwanted, the Ghost now mockingly motioned another form of translating from a keen extra sensorial talk out from the body, well, "What a change of live? Are we dead?" I crossed my long legs, stretching the upper one angling from above, showing the the little skin of my delicate tendon before the high heals, swinged once, then slower and then seemingly less as a pendulum soothing to a pause while accommodating my purse to the side, blinked an eye to to the retro visor of  Charon asking him to please carry on. "

   "Please love, you wont wan't me to have me disgusted, won't you?" He is so surveillant when he holds the handle, there is no man like a man who likes to drive as far away as possible from woman, while having her in the back seat. So he pushed the gears, he had a one of a dimensional view to move forward, huff..."You said? Oh, yess dears, you are pretty dead." So the spirits too evolved in their transition and moved on to the purgatory in a waiting realm of my heart. "Your kind is incompatible to the frequency of my business, bye!" 

  So, yes had fan my self with the last Italian magazine of Vogue and to the pleasure of peace watched him taking me through the highway, hum. Let's be honest, he doesn't like my ordinary looks, he likes the diva, a diva he could just take to the make up artist and hair salon for I'm as horrid as any woman could be in the morning so he left me there to pick me up again as he has his own business, that's a man, a real man who makes his woman laugh.  Oh, yes. Being him is so funny, look how serious he is. He is so, so serious.  

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  So, he took me for dinner on my request to recover my appetite, was loosing my dark essence and getting kind of pale and flat in this upper world, he knew I need it material so he could take some meat from my bones. How exquisite to be up in the elevator next to him, so tall and strong, enjoying the skylight of the capital, glimmered tinny lights like saying back to the night "We are alive, we pay our electric bills." 

     Im going to tell you something becouse when we seat in the restaurant of the pick of this tower, is like, you can tell who has modals in the table and there is nothing more I hate than people pretending to have modals, you can tell how relax they are without thinking out to eat. Even a person who has never joint the very high class of the skylights and political corridors of this world can simply enjoy and accept the goodness of human craft to its best, without regret and offence to what it really is, so f*** off if you can't eat well and enjoy a dinner. As we set in the reserved table, and we looked at the menu, oh, yess had studied that menu becouse is very difficult for me to choose when is all appealing, wanted all but I like the table to have one by one. Charon picked an absolutions and then he picked for me, what a greedy bastard doesn't he know what he likes first. Being said, a simple choice and that's it. It's a please. So raising my finger candidly with a nod the waitress came to the service. "Can you tell those people in the corner to relax, it's really annoying me. They can eat with their hands if they want but tell them they have to leave the resource if they don't feel the class they are among." And nearly blinked an eye to give him the threatening idea of death if did not, becouse that is how the servitude works under fears of being fired if not pleasing their clients. Tip always make them a fair evaluation to their works. And if you don't have much money, go always to the same restaurant to make it your field. 

      Looked at Charon now that could feel his greedy annal mind more relax and told him. "Is all bullsh*t, it has been a decade that I don't go to a fine restaurant every other week end, I prefer to cook so is more theatrical and the party stays at home, but my mother the Goddess of the Night and my ex-husband Pallas lost it all ther goods betting on my sister Lilith then the other betting in Kali, the serpent dancers, they really thought the investment was in making a man watching her body for no aims to be more valuable, in revenge to male kind after my dad Tartarus? Bah! What a foul to not trust in the fortune of the free spirits of mine. It was then that I meet you and you Oath to Hades to be my ferry man, when this lake not many friends had. Stop looking at me like that, I know you hate this music, is only used so it helps to build up a rage dynamic who is repressed as a tomb in this upper world." 

If to swear by the Gods in Olympus this man doesn't talk and he is company. As the dishes was presented as a painting, giggled as a little brat as he seats humbly accepting the craft of others to him, savouring how his palate would taste the same dish he selected as a kiss from the distance, each element had a porpoise so we talk about the dish in detail and cheered surrounded by the beauty of the architecture, he is so beautiful to look at, sweet like fine medicine. So slowly dying when I look at him, if to stop existing to just see him I obey the rhythm of fork and watch carefully how he sips, you know the refine class can psychoanalyse you just by the manners you decode in the table. Is a secret among the high class who is passed from generation, to generation as for those who enter, and is human, it's slow. I recommend to always eat a filthy fat nasty burger before going to a fine restaurant so you don't eat with a fast desperate hunger, without sensing the hours and hours and processing of the elaborated food. Anyone can do that, everyone does once in a while. This is why I lost my appetite, becouse there was nothing to celebrate. And he drove my appetite back.

    Latter on to a concert of classical epic music of some of a favourite worldwide's soundtrack, an orchestra with digital music, nourishing the sound of silence, he walks like a lion slowly, as having many lioness around when showing one, people thought how rich he must be to have me dress for him, and he stands out openly once out. 

    Next day waking up wherever it was. "To be honest Charon, I'm a little board of the same, could you take me to the Museum?" So we went there and remembered all the people who died in the past and well. "I know, was the best King France could ever have and the ever last. Now, they resent all the kings of Europe those resented french bastards without a King and Queen, ah" Charon was not really into Royal gossips, but he listened as if he was in a traffic jam with no other choice, another moment of those knowing what I would say without paying much interest. "And, look at them claiming to be liberals at the mist of an ecological revolution, come on how does Trump shake hands for oil and electricity? Without investing in new platforms of values with technology? At least our Kings relate to their colonies and all their allies, something Trump is puppet from, trying to walk his way from the Queen, he is good to make countries love their own more and help stop immigration." Charon breathed heavily abstracted by the each masterpiece in the halls, how a life time was crafted in one single page for ever, and as he admired the layers and strokes he showed me how much I've mist my point. "Styx, is all history, now one gives a damn thing. Unless they want a station, why do you think I'm so rich? Becouse I drive them to that station, look at how much attention you give me just so I drive you here and there and all else? Do you think the world needs this paintings or Royalties? Who cares? This portraits make people believe they are special, the collection is ambitious and overpriced" Forged his hands with greediness, as if having a plan. 

  Charon is not really a spoken man, when it comes to me, resilient, he nodded forgetting, all he wants is to silence me under my river, coz I'm as talkative as hateful, so he proposed to me to rehearsal for a speech in TED, lets remember he is the God of Greed and will reserve everything he must for his drive and his souls, if to quiet me down with the reservoir of my ambition to recycle every possible thought, emotion and material with a natural return to the earth he will push me as far as possible so I keep talking, away as possible till I do it. Could listen to his body talking as well as we walked in the Museum, and he said hugging by the backside of my shoulders and holding my tight to him while staring to a painting of a general in a horse. "It might be a futuristic idea" In his small talk. 

   So I asked him again to drive me to the supermarket and in the car told him, he was paused as one of those man who lets their woman talk and do as they wish in order to not establish a mutual conversation and kept talking my head off. "Rio has no idea of this world, our son, he  must be ridding his motorcycle wishing to be as you or like me, to integrate who he wants to be, taking the girls or boys out in their own bikes so we look at him with pride for what he got, our child, is being with us for so long now, a grown man now with his own abilities, if he survived Hades look, Charon, seriously tell me, I'm tired of all this! He is as lost as a boomerang in the air to return home, he is going no were. Is not the food but some nourishment to get out stronger again, he needs you Charon, he needs your deep voice, is not guidance but he will copy so much of you as a driver and as me as his gasoline. Wish him competition, with some girl or boy or both, you need connections in the upper world as much my river has in Hades, the upper world is costly payed and you know that. Come on don't look away, I  know you have a secret bank account, just please, Charon, you must give him a credit, all thats of mine in this plain must be to do some supermarket shopping, I can serve him all the directions and connections but if you don't give him credit he will regret your distance to him, give him a definite choice and only direction, with credit, he will pay it back. He hardly talks about your rejections, why are you so greedy, oh, Charon, come on Charon, will you? Hum?" Rubbed his upper leg so his vessels tensed less while he drove me to the supermarket, I loved how he hated me being so manipulative, becouse there is so much need for him to do what I can't and he only could if he would, perhaps. "Please, Charon, please I beg you, don't leave him like that as if he a grown up, he still needs another decade of growth."

   So he left me, Charon hated my entangled wants and would do anything to stop in any other station, it was not of his to near our son, why? Only Jesus and God know. Charon will drive you for money, even if you are his child push you to the mortals so he remembers then how to enter his heaven and to gain their path on their own. Motherly what's of ours but to deal them both. So he gave me a few golden coins of his and as the God of Greed he is,  he did have his affinity to crave his greed for. "Thank you, hon!" And he left me without saying a word, I trust him, even if it doesn't work, I always trust my husband.

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    This is fun, there is nothing a Goddess of Hated loves more than going to the supermarket, just to compare how good I'm despite the high class restaurant, its a delight to constantly compare ingredients, textures, the matureness in the vegetables, how crunchy or spicy, comparing, comparing brands, comparing tags, comparing places. It was a never ending shopping list, frequenting the always chosen places, this place for this, that for that, talking to strangers and my best friends in the supermarket. 

   The always tight and suppress their smile when they see me in the back of the line from their classier, and they compete to have me first, you could count the seconds and items they deliver and sometimes they do it very slow, knowing the next customer has more groceries, just to have a little talk with me. Some times, I stop in the line pretending I'm looking for a brand on the isle and let some customer take my place, becouse I also like an specific cashier, and he is the Chinese man, I like the thin Irish too, but I can't help when it comes for choices. So calculative when it comes to the cashier, sometimes I go to the back of the line and ask an old lady and ask her to follow me and walk her along "Yes I'm going to get you first, they are are wonderful people" And they all nod and smile knowing how yes, yes, yes, they all are, one after the other and its all a directed theatre. So, the Chinese man told me how his work is better than mine, and he told me how he got a brain cancer becouse of doing a Yoga position with all his body on top his head. He had surgery, and is younger than me. He told me how he came to this country having no language and how happy he was after he encountered death, like a little chubby buddha. That's why I like him while the Irish young lad is more f***able of the timid virgin kind who makes you feel as a pervert when you talk to them, he tells me how he prefers to work in a supermarket, but he never tells me why, I really try to convince him to tell me why, every time he is stacking the merchandise is like, yes, here I'm again. Oh, and how I love becouse he has OCD and he hates how the boss from India, doesn't place it orderly as he does. Going to the supermarket of my choice is like being in a south American soap opera. Then it's the guard, a black on his 40's from Africa, he stands there as a gentleman and pretends to not look crazy while talking with me for a long time. He loves to stop the British Ladies with the machine who detects stollen groceries, maybe he doesn't purposely but I swear it only stops the British Ladies, and he really acts as a British gentleman, he is so in love with them in those seconds to save them from the alarm.

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   So, he does laughs and tells me that the tomatoes are better if they come from Spain or Mexico, becouse now they are taste like plastic, not juicy, so I'm like. "What kind of tomatoes you have in Africa, Sinagal, you said?" So, he tells me his story, and then I go shopping to the Afghanistan kind of supermarket, this make it as 2.000 years ago, with products of today and gives me Romanian cigarettes for half the price, I like to invest my money in all his vegetables, becouse when I forget my credit card he always tells me to pay another day. And the young Jamaicans who hustle him for prices, think we have a love affair becouse we always team up so they back off and immediately they think about sex, we always look back at the Jamaicans like, pay your thing and grow up. Well, he also lets me use his restroom and it looks like inside a village in the middle east.

   Then as I move to another places, there is place who has the vitamins I like with the only sun dried tomatoes, that's it, I changed my bread supplier from them when I found my Polish Store who has a german bread for just a fresher price, that's it there. And garlic becouse now you have to walk another mile to get organic garlic who tastes like garlic, this neighbourhood is so difficult, so after all, beloveds, what could one do? Ask Charon. "This can't go on, I need another place their stories are old and I don't know, I like it too, but... there is a place that I want to go, would you take me?" Don't believe me, he is not my driver, but he takes me to places, Charon exists in your mind and you can note down your shopping list, and number it by priorities, and make your preferences and places to form a new resume or life, or decorative style, or body type, to get your greed tight for that drive you want, you will have to calculate becouse he has no unswears for you, you will say were, Charon represents my best friend, the best ally you can have in your mind and actions, in your work and pathways to be a better person, to purchase a better career. You must talk with the Charon who hates to listen at you, but will say a significant unswear, and he will stop you there were you wan't. He is not a person, he is not your boss or the people who work with you. Charon gives you a choice in the The pinnacle of the hierarchy in your shopping list, in the dish to pick in the menu, at the painting who will make him talk.

   So, It feels better now, after the ride of the ferryman, Styx and the spirits in this world are truly nothing without paying him an honour.


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