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In the tide-less night, I won't leave you here to drown alone. Come on, take my hand. We'll sink into the sand alone and deep beneath.

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When the sun came up over the water and the sailor was all I could see, I found the sea in your hair. We're floating there. I'm safe, I'm safe when you're with me. Come on, take my hand. We'll sink into the sand alone, alone and deep beneath.

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December 17th, 2018

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November 05, 2017


12/05/2018 09:23 PM 

Christmas Time is Here.

1. Santa hats are her thing, Ever since she was a kid, Santa would always leave a hat for her to wear on Christmas morning. It was nice because Aubree always wore her hair down and anything else on her would look silly. 

2. Growing up, Aubrees parents was the one house that always was decorated. They would spend the entire weekend together putting the decorations out. The neighborhood and neighbors all loved it; to the point they would all go out with hot chocolate just to do an annual lighting of the house. 

3. As Aubree was a teenager and seeing Christmas movies it was something that she always saw on the tv with couples skating. That and kissing under mistletoe, and with that it would be a guilty pleasure that she watches Hallmark Channel. With that she might actually get drunk while doing this as well. 

4. Disney World or Land  is just gorgeous, and Lin has told her a few times that he is going to take her there on a date one day. Christmas time there is just so breathe taking. 

5. A family is something that has always been the key to the holidays. The past 6 years, it has been herself alone in her apartment with a small tree and wine. Brie came into her life and the last 4 years she has spent with Brie trying to make good of her situation. The one thing that she hopes is that one day her family will be there for her, and it will be like a small nightmare. 

6. Christmas tree shopping is a must. No fake trees are allowed, and Aubree is not her going to change her mind on that. 

7. The Grinch was her favorite movie growing up, and to this day is something that she has to watch ever year. There is just something about the Grinch and Cindy Lou that makes her heart warm and fuzzy. Then again, Aubree was always that little girl that was against the grain as well. 

8. Aubree can not really cook that well, but when it comes to Christmas she knows a few things. One is making chocolate chip cookies, and the second is how to make Santa hats with strawberries and whipped cream. 

9.  Hot Chocolate.... need i say more??? It's her favorite. 


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