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Styx SM of Hell

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November 21st, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 44
Country: Greece

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July 24, 2015



11/08/2018 08:09 PM 

An Unintelligible Rape from the Beyond.


    At the opening of event the entrance of Hell, rituals conversed before conjuring for apparitions, the exits are tinny and many of them smaller to reason, disguised by dissociative sculptures to attain your adoration in a full  eternity to the winds who succumb your desires to escape before the times and at the same time hold your energy till it over comes, the solid slippery rocks who never change but at your fall, the Pantheon of war and then at my horns, an appointment for this shallowness timing gets before too late.

   From ancient buildings to the lost treasuries of every King the Furies have accompanied me for the excommunication of being found, the mud across the shores out to every influential port lets me see how many different drives we get to have. At the filth of my bare feet, I feel the architecture of the towns to smell the essence for his haunt. Charging the cavalry of the Furies with hatefulness rasped their tightly strung nerves, whom as storms an acute sound broken the glass off walls for any legion to my spirit enter in body at the upper world. Vengeance, by a flip second, disturbed against the alignments taking flight as I corralled with my power them wavering screams, open your spirit to the broken Oath whom shall die, the heavy pall of smoking demons flowed to the uncaring earth, each finger excavated for an introverted catapult, each curvy horny pointy nail grasped through the times and space ready to plunged into the gaping wounds whom not heal by false promises.

  You walked in the city of Athena guarding the days of Glory, sticky with blood back in the underworld of my river's Nightmares, frozen our cunts his distraught mind. "Fly with me, my Dark Nymphs that I'm turned on as the Hell's Rage" Vagabonds of the occult whom submerge into their bodies rushed though bullets, stripping knifes, premeditated accidents with whom repeatedly singed thoughts of allegory, "Fly with me to the death's dance"

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   Were are you for me to clench? My skin radiated a form who shape shifted for its mobile, muscular yet flexible pausing at the door attempted a conciliatory smile for him to let me enter. Within the darkness my blazing eyes penetrated an extraordinary vision of demonic fury. "I can't wait, I can't, I'm coming for you" As suddenly made a jump lading atop in the paired moment of grabbing to his through above his sleep, my both thighs stroked to the sides of his pelvis at the passing blood flashing steel my fingers of iron accordingly to the predictions, plunged into a vulnerable state between dreams and nightmares. "Francis, you.... " Carnivorously my appetite winged out while swallowing the illusion of mortal's saliva in this landing reality to the earth of his living. "Agh.. Francis!"

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   There was no shame to attend a sailor to my river, desperately tired to the intrusion the savage Furies streamed back from the triangle of Hell, dazzled by the beauty in the sealed eyes of his eternal sleep at the hinge of his, turned abruptly towards the sealing marking an inner voice with indignation, I forgot what I'm doing in here? Will consider to take a brake for this appetite, flinched my face back with an instinctive action touching the body he cared most. It's quite difficult for a Dragon to maintain itself within such psychical structure, a man who is possibly still on a laid at my mercy of my p**sy, smirked wildly for the safety whom the furies granted me a secret power between my stygian legs.

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   Were was now? Still running inside with my porpoises, palmed away from his neck down his torso allowing the anonymity of the night to dissolve my senses pursuing to discover a hidden secret of the  Devil, that Best guarded him so well, an inner thrill grew for my search as between his bones down to his shy body rocked seating more comfortably swallowing his last breath to remain immobile but for his grown manhood to keep palpitating a certain oxygen, such a bitter humiliation to force a vital need I had long to manoeuvre directly, rubbing him down driven by the tip and around, hopefully he is still dreaming, I took one last look and touch, and well I couldn't stop this weirdly ascendance from an inferno whom fills the abyss which lights by a torch at hand, what a thick beautiful d*ck you have Francis paused in trance at the top of the narrow positioning a pervert hunger to a line. How many times have I told you that I like to watch, Francis? Hum, just watching, yeah.... Brushing angrily to the sides carelessly aware that another emotion had intruded a sensation that might tantalise my fear to succeed, looking intently down into the phallic shadow corners of his glimmering d*ck and balls, hum cupping his balls, hum, his d*ck too, what a d*ckhead to punch myself with, bathed by my p**sy river had no more desire than I would normally jerk off with uneasiness afflicted by the pain of reading the veins who strongly drew my inner lips, to have him, to not have him, restlessly shaken down my arse in a get go, to the pleasure of Aghh.... huff....grrrr..... Francis, Francis your blue eyes, momentarily masking the devastation a greedy a rattly rain washed away before the window. How can I ask you for permission, rapidly took him in again and again tasting nothing but a shivering juice at the very end of my seat, Francis, hum, ooOhhm, shh... swinged, kneeling up on my toes, sleep for me, as I rap my arse upwards and down, climbing every inch at the oblivion to remember again, racing to a rage whom inflamed my breast  and hungry p**sy curving my back back up my shoulders to his drive on automatic, up breathing out my neck, chin, cheering teeth, Oum Francis, baptise me into your river, hum, clasped an uncensored moaned to not wake him, while playing with my fingers in my cunt's penetration, inclined to perceive him better, your eyes, imagined his open eyes, slowly, cautiously because aware to a source who sent me, I believe is true, placed his hands on my upper legs, this tasted nearly as necrophilia, hum that much of a loneliness I'm drawn forwards, hum, agh,.... ouch, ... not really interest right now for the command who has send me here for, sucked him some more, what's more important for the Goddess of Rage across my walls his pole flung at home, how innocent and incredibly, stirred murmuring in his sleep a little more, just more movements. Snatch my hands away holding my breast as if were his, if you could touch me, ...agh, round me by this desire in the moonlight, his face looked soft could see my long hairs as a pendulum to a feel, for such a big man I want than this feverish contemplation to a flaming air of a cleared space to have him in, digested the nerve system of his core to my open gate who stretched to suck him some more,.. hum, noo but shall not, hum...oohHOHhoo crawling my hands by laps as a blind woman till his lips, if he was awake would he hate me? Laughed insanely for the grandiose power to moan again. Straining against his body with excessive demand, tightened, strangled to demolish his unbreakable iron by a masturbating rhythm. Francis, your eyes crushed my soft breast before his silken body, I feel so plunged deeply for your murders that I'm dying to exist, begging for you in a kiss of death, grasp my breath before his lips gently to serve him, but no, I can't kiss him, his roughness warned me of that psychotic state he bring spirit into me and I'm theirs to his deadly actions. I would scream so loudly as if I was alive right now, agh.. hummm, ohummn no Francis, you, are The Great Red Dragon, don't let them see the bleeding in your eyes.

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  No one likes to be raped, or being taken unwillingly in and out, call him names for the things I will do to his body with this bewildering misery to have him some more, hum, oh sh*t, I could do so many things to you, but fully awaken, no, no, penetrated myself with his d*ck again, energise as nymphomaniac, what an ugly word to my nature, it has become so controversial now I have to hide in the occult of his nightmares. I have to ask for your permitting word, for when do I question, lick his cheek till his ear, "Don't show them your eyes Francis, the end nears in them" For the intentions of the underworld I have being put on, poured a shower of transparent orgasm, drying it from with my other hand, Ohgh, I hate when so wet. Lie down to rest for my guilt stopped arrested quite sorry afterwards, seating on the side of his bed, held him in my arms beside my generous breast taking out from a sack I left before an Hade's iron net to mask his eyes from to have the unpenetrable truth be seen, while caressing his torso to everything he had been all night, treating him like my boy for this via aeterna covered his misunderstood sweet blue eyes for the exchange of a Dragon's flight into the air and vanished in 2 seconds and half. "In the flames of a reddish moon, out your bite I'll come." The Furies kissed his forehead for a goodnight, one after the other, for the past, present and future venting their wings a hell. 

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Styx SM of Hell


Thank you my Dynastic King, is better being done than said. The sex part.

Posted on Fri Nov 09, 2018, 01:04



Very Very Good. I enjoyed. every word.

Posted on Fri Nov 09, 2018, 00:54

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