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11/08/2018 07:02 PM 

Is it because of your dad? ((drabble))

Spring, 2011 

“You okay, Shane?”


“You okay?”

The dreaded question. Shouldn't it be obvious to anyone that if they felt the need to ask, then they should already know the answer? If someone needed to be asked if they were okay, clearly, they were not. People asked him that question often enough, and yet, no one cared to look beyond his answer. With that, they would take him at his word. But nothing else.

Though, with his girlfriend, it was a question he tolerated. She didn't know any better.

“Yeah, I'm fine. Don't I look it?”

Sharon smiled and shook her head. “My friends think you're weird.”


“Because you don't talk much, I guess. Most sixteen-year-olds, even boys, can't even be tempted to stop talking.”

Most sixteen-year-olds didn't have a murderer for a father, but he had to accept that no one would ever understand that. “I just don't have a lot to say.”

“I don't mind.” She wrapped her arm around him, pulling him closer. “As long as you talk to me.”

That wouldn't be a problem. She was the only person he was left with. His family was reaching their breaking point with him and he was too moody these days for his friends. He was lucky that Sharon hadn't given up on him yet, though he was certain that would come with time. “You're the only person I like talking to these days.”

“Good, that means I can have you all to myself.”

Heaving a sigh, he laid there in the soft grass with his arm around her, looking up at the cloudy sky.

“Is it because of your dad?”

He furrowed his brow, grip around her slightly tightening. It was a habit to become tense whenever his father was mentioned. “What?”

“Are you quiet because of your dad?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“I've heard that cops run a tight ship.” She shrugged. “Kind of like people in the military.”

Did people in the military become serial killers too? “Sometimes I wish my dad was in the military,” he mumbled. “At least he'd be gone a lot.”

“Shane!” She laughed and punched his arm playfully. “That's not very nice!”

He shifted uncomfortably. “You don't know my dad.”

“I might if you would talk about him.”

It was a natural curiosity for people to ask about his father. Everyone did, his girlfriend, his family, strangers on the street – the man was good at pretending to be likable, Shane had to give him that. None of those people knew that every time they mentioned his father, it sent chills running down his spine. “My dad's strict. He's got a lot of rules that I don't like to follow. He can be a real a**hole sometimes.”

“Just like you, huh?”

Okay, he'd deserved that. His prickly attitude hadn't gone unnoticed, not that he'd thought it would. “God, I hope not.”

“It wouldn't be so bad if you turned out to be a cop.” Her fingers grazed his bare forearm in a gentle manner. “They get a lot of respect, you know. Your dad sure does.”

Moving over to his side, though facing her, he picked at the grass. “I don't need respect. I just want to be left alone most of the time.”

“Got it.” Sharon smiled and ruffled his hair. “No police academy in your future.”

Thank god she was so simple. He meant that in the best way. A person who was oblivious wouldn't think to ask questions or to look beyond anything he said. That was what he needed. While she may have been safe from his father's homophobic tendencies, that didn't mean that the man wouldn't change his mind about the preference of his victims. “Yeah, no military either.”

“Good. I couldn't stand you having to trim those curls.”


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