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Midnight (Pitch)

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November 11th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 22
Country: United States

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November 08, 2018



11/08/2018 12:01 PM 

Obsidian Odessa

Name: Obsidian 52-0

Human Name: Odessa England
Age: A few weeks old
Age Appearance: Early twenties
Nick Names: Sid
D.O.B: Unknown
D.O.D: Unknown
Species: Alien Gem 
Gem placement: on her forehead 
Gem: Obsidian shaped in a 13th century shield
Gender: Female inclined 
Weapon: Obsidian star war hammer 
-Healing factor may not be infinite so when her physical body sustains too much damage she will retreat into her gem to heal. Still she is much more durable compared to most gems and is ready to fight at any moment. 
-She can pull a war hammer out of her gem and that is what she uses for battle most of the time. 
-Though her body is made of light it has a physical formation that she needs to obey.
-Shape shifting is a possibility but she seldom uses it.
-She can fuse with other gems 
-Super strength, speed and agility. 
-Her special ability out of the gems is she can handle extreme heat like Bismuth, but she produces it or controls lava from Volcanoes or anything producing the substance. 
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 
Relationship Status: Single (Multi-LI)


To summarize Obsidian's society there are four diamonds and all lower ranked gems are calcified under one of the four diamonds. This particular Obsidian was classified under White Diamond before Pink Diamonds treachery against her own kind. The revolution was barley even part of her own backstory, in fact it was White diamond who changed her entire  world with a simple stomp of her fist. Being a part of one of the last colonies before the Tantrum she was on the brink of her kind going extinct. White Diamonds world was being shattered in pieces with every emotion she held, so when her diamond --The most well known of all servants to diamonds-- gave her an imperfect Obsidian cut number 52-0 she lost it. This tantrum broke the world apart as she knew it. The inperfections were too much for the diamond and so she set out to make obsidian's extinct. As the Diamonds "Tantrum" Progressed the world she had colonized began to shatter, her home world began to shatter. 

The other diamonds tried to calm her down, Yellow, Blue both trying to keep her rational while the fairly new Pink Diamond hid in her own space covering her ears. White Diamonds pearl was too busy doing her best with the other diamonds to keep an eye on Obsidian so she did what she had to; Run. Obsidian's, Amethysts, Garnet's every other gem was not as powerful or pure as the diamonds and to see one so angry could shake anyone and anything to their very core. Last thing Obsidian remembered hearing was White Diamond in her soothing yet angry voice shouting "I'LL TEAR THIS WHOLE PLACE APART TO GET WHAT'S PERFECT!" 

So that is what she did. The planet crumbled as White Diamond tore it to shreds, tore all her subjects down that weren't absolutely perfect. Luckily, or possibly unluckily for Obsidian she survived when the planet exploded and forced her forward into the abyss that was space. It left her drifting for some time, out in the middle of nowhere until she found herself crashing into the side of a ship. What the hell was this? There was a bunch of shouting, her waving and then she met... these Galaxy Guardians? And I suppose that's where the real story begins.   


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