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11/08/2018 04:01 PM 

Angel Savoy - The end
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Yanking her from the bed, the frail girl hit the floor with a thud. Her entire body hurt at this point. She had been beaten, both mentally and physically. Anyone with a heart would have already ended her, but this man had nothing inside of him that could be called humanity. 

"Get the f*** up you bitch," his voice snarled with hate. 

His hand grabbing the back of her hair, fingers knotting the dull locks into his fist. Dragging her through the house, her nails digging into the fine hardwood of the floor, leaving streaks of her pain ingrained into the wood. 

"Please don't hurt me. I have a child. My child needs a mother," crying out, all Angel had was her daughter. She knew the child was with her father, but Lola needed her mommy. "Please for the f***ing love of god, I don't wanna die!"

Angel was placed in a chair at the kitchen table while the man turned his back, grabbing food from the fridge. All Angel could see was the knife on the counter. The blade picking up the light that poured in through the window. If she could only get the knife, she could end this right now. Her body frail, she could barely lift her hand to wrap around a bottle of water he placed in front of her. 

"Drink it. I'm not f***ing ready for you to die yet. Drink the f***ing water."

Shaking, her hands wrapped around the bottle as she brought it to her lips. A sip of water felt as though she was drinking razor blades. Every inch of her body begged to be cared for, but that wouldn't happen. Not today, and not with this man. He was pure evil. 

"I can't drink any more," the bottle being placed on the table, it teetered back and forth, but she was careful not to spill. She didn't need to set him off, though this was her own home. He had invaded her, not the other way around. 

"Stupid bitch," his hand snatching the bottle, her held it over the top of her head, dumping the contents till the bottle was empty. Angel never said a word. Never flinched, nor did she react. She was defeated. 

"Are ya dead in there," his hand slapping her head with a deafening thud. Another slap and her body hit the floor, but not before she reached out, grabbing the knife off the counter. 

"HAHAHA did you think you would use that?" his body lurching forward, not realizing that every ounce of effort had been saved for this moment. Pushing the blade against his stomach, Angel pierced the flesh, not stopping till the only this that remained was the handle. 

"No, I knew I would use it," pulling back, she once again forced the knife into his abdomen, this time puncturing his liver. His body collapsing on hers, the relief of his death finally hitting her. With her eyes closed, she could hear them. Their voices. 

"Mommy, come here. Look what we found. Mommy, wake up. Don't leave us alone."

"When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you"


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