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11/08/2018 08:14 PM 

Guidelines, Rules? I'm not sure what these are.
Category: Guidelines
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Yeah, sorry guys. I have to put this up but don't worry, they won't be super long-winded like some super villain's speech on how they're gonna destroy the universe (THANOS).

Writing Style: All of it. I can go from a one-line wonder to writing an impressive two-paragraph essay about nothing that relates to whatever we're writing about. Seriously though, I write as much as necessary. I average between a para to multi-para. Novellas are a stretch since that just takes a LOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT of effort. Quality over Quantity my dudes.

Lady Deadpool: From my understanding, it's literally just a genderbend. It's just more of a shock value because DP now has tits. You can still expect foul language, inappropriate jokes, violence, alcohol and everything in between - oh, and yes...breaking the 4th wall, often.

Drama: Only in RP. Outside of it, don't be a d*ck. There's no reason for it.

Relationships/Sex: I'm not against LDP getting into a relationship or having a Tinder hookup but let's get something crystalf!ckingclear; unless I'm in a group RP (which will never happen), none of my storylines will ever crossover into another person's. All of my stories are separate, just like RL and RP. If you can't differentiate the difference, you need to take off the nerd glasses and go outside. See what real life looks like. Unlock an achievement. 

Activity: I will sign online a few times a day, sometimes I'll forget to all together. I don't live on this site and I don't expect you to either. Most of us are adults with families and jobs and sh*t, so I get it. HOWEVER, don't just add me and sit on my list and not talk to me, esp after I've sent you a greeting or reply. It's rude and you're taking up valuable space. Space that could be occupied by at least thirteen different Aquamen (the Jason Mamoa ones) or more Steve Rogers. 


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