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11/07/2018 11:14 PM 

Picking up the pieces

Picking Up the PiecesSam/
Sam Winchester never forgot the day he first laid eyes on Jack Kline.  The newborn nephilim was hiding in the dark in the nursery of the little house that Castiel had rented under the name of his vessel James Novak.   The sight of those golden eyes glowing in the dark at him was something that bore a hole into the memory of the hunter in the room.  Sam had been there for Jack in those early days doing all he could to help Jack until they’d gotten separated and Jack was in the Apocalypse world with Sam’s own mother Mary Winchester.

A small team had just gone to retrieve Castiel from a handful of demons who had wanted to barter for his release.   This would be King of Hell thought he’d get Sam’s support to take over the throne.  Little did he realize that Sam wasn’t about to play hardball.  Jack was a part of the team that had gone with Sam to bring back Castiel.  Returning back home to the bunker with Castiel had been a long quiet ride.  Once they got back, Sam noticed that Jack was somewhat sullen and withdrawn.   

Bobby took Sam aside and spoke to him.  “Look, I’m glad we got Cas back and all Sam, but we have bigger problems.”   The older hunter who was the image of the man who was a father figure to Sam and Dean still haunted the younger of the Winchester Brothers.  He choked down those old feelings when talking to the Bobby Singer from the Apocalypse world.  “I don’t know Jack as well as you do, but I did get to know the kid when he was over there with my people.   He’s a good kid Sam.  He just needs direction.  I’m doing what I can from the boxing lessons, but you need to spend some more time with him.   He needs you.”

Sam nodded.   He had to become a role model to a group of people that were immigrants from a world that was laying in chaos.   This world that Sam and Jack came from was a paradise compared to the world that Bobby, Charlie and the others left behind.  He patted Bobby on the shoulder.  “Thanks man.  I’ll go talk to him.”   Sam knew he needed to talk to Jack for some time.   He had been adjusting well, or so Sam had thought.  If Bobby was seeing something, maybe Jack was hiding something from Sam.  It was also possible that Sam just couldn’t see it for himself because he’d been so lost without Dean.

Sam turned away from Bobby and started down the hall to look for Jack.  He was on speed dial for all the hunters out of the bunker now.   He had just taken a few steps away from Bobby when his phone rang.  He rose the phone to his ear.  “Hello?”  The voice on the other end was a girl named Lilly that had been a part of the Apocalypse world contingent.   He’d sent Lilly out with an older man named Patrick to go on what Sam assumed was a milk run in Sioux Falls.  With Jody nearby, Sam also felt confident that the two would have help quickly if they needed it.  “Slow down Lilly…”    He could barely make out what she was saying.  He cupped his free ear so he could hear what she was saying.  The bunker was so busy these days, he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not.   “You and Patrick will be fine.  You’ve got all the salt and iron in the truck, right?  Good.   Jody Mills is nearby.  I gave you her number right?  Just tell her I sent you.  You’ll be fine.  I promise.  Alright Lilly.    I’ll talk to you both later.”   Sam tapped the screen to cease the connection on the call.   Each level of the men, women and young people was battle hardened by the time fighting the Apocalypse.  Refining their skills in this world had been the point of being here.  They were going to learn more how to fight so they could eventually go back home and rebuild their world.

Sam rounded the corner entering yet another hallway.  He started to worry that he’d spent too much time with these new to this world that he’d neglected Jack.   Jack was thrust into a new world himself as a human.  That was why Sam had asked Bobby to help Jack learn how to box.  It was hard to remember sometimes that Jack was technically barely a year old.   Jack needed guidance.  That was what Sam was here to give him. Jack was a smart kid.  Sam decided that he would likely show him more about the lore and what books were helpful in most instances.  Bobby, Sam’s Bobby, had had an extensive collection of lore himself that Sam had gone to the Salvage Yard to bring to the Bunker shortly after Dean and he moved into the Bunker in the first place.   Sam’s specialty was the lore.  Dean had been the muscle.  Together they made the perfect team, no matter how much Sam had wanted to deny it especially in the beginning.   He was supposed to be out of hunting when he went to Stanford.  He couldn’t stay out of hunting even after all that he’d been through in all these years.  After finding out about his legacy from the Winchesters and the Campbells, Same realized why he couldn’t.   Hunting was in his blood.

He was standing in the library at this particular moment.  He pulled out one of his Bobby’s favorite books to rely on during many of his own hunts.  Lilly and Patrick were on that case in Sioux Falls.   Putting Jack on it to look into the lore would be a good first step, or so Sam thought.   Now that Jack was human,  Sam had to approach things differently with him.   He just hoped that Jack was up for it after what had happened with the rescue of Castiel.

Sam exited the library and headed in the direction of Jack’s room.  There was no guarantee that the nephilim was there.  He just thought it was a great place to at least start to look for him.   Honestly Sam needed this desperately.  He had a feeling that Bobby realized it as well.  No matter what universe Bobby Singer was from, he could read Sam like a book.   If he was helping Jack, then Sam wouldn’t go crazy with worry about where Dean was and what chaos Michael could be causing in his brother’s body.   The pent up tension in the body of the taller male rushed forward with a heaving sigh from his lungs.  Sam needed this and he acknowledged it.  He silently hoped Jack would feel the same way.

Gentle Giant ~ Sam Winchester.


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