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11/07/2018 09:58 PM 

A Guide to Lady Deadpool.
Category: Blogging
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These aren't rules, just sh*t you should know before writing with me.

- I am a fangirl. You read that right folks, I'm one of THOSE! I'm not a rabid Marvel/DC/Comic fan. I recently started watching The Avengers, Thor, Dr. Strange, Spiderman, and DP within the last year. My knowledge stretches as far as what I've seen in the movies (and whether or not I was paying enough attention to detail). So it's safe to assume that DP...sorry, LDP is my first comic/Marvel character - ever.

- My profile picture is IRL me from a convention I went to this year. I'm pretty f***ing proud of it. So yes, I cosplay. Yes, I will probably post IRL Cosplay pics from time to time but don't worry...they'll be entertaining. You won't actually see ME because that sort of kills the magic.

- I chose to RP (Lady) DP because this is really the only character I feel like I can pull off effortlessly, you know...without having to kill my f***in' brain to "get into character."

- I hear Discord is a thing. I too, have Discord: Deadpoolgarita#7572

- Let's have fun. I do have my preferences when it comes to roleplaying, but I'll post those up in a separate blog/bulletin.

- No, you don't have to sign this. They're not rules. Just information you should know.


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