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October 16th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 24
Country: United States

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October 04, 2018


10/11/2018 01:57 PM 

Victoria's Backstory

maneater: a woman who will seduce a man and gobble up his money in gifts. 

Victoria Garcia was the name on everyone’s lips: Men wanted to sleep and be with her while the woman envied her. The men wanted to sleep with Victoria because of her looks, she was the epitome of sexy. Woman envied her because of her looks. They knew that when Victoria was in the picture, the other girls had no luck because Victoria surely used her looks to get what she wanted from the men and they’ll be eating at the palm of her hands. Just like that. 

 Not everything was the picture-perfect life for Victoria Garcia. She didn’t always have the men chasing after. In fact, she was the one who envied girls like her. She was what we call today, “the ugly duckling”. She never had the guts to talk to any guy that had passed her way. She was always shy when she was around other guys. She was invisible to them. Her style then wasn’t the same as now, she had braces, her hair was always in knots and out of places, she wore glasses and always wore the same pair of momma jeans, her breasts were basically mosquito bites, all at the age of 18. Ironically enough though, her dream was to become that girl who had the guy eating at the palm of her hand. She wanted for other girls to be jealous of her and not the other way around. 

 When Victoria turned 21, she no longer had acne, she got rid of her braces, she no longer needed the glasses and she got two new things - her breasts. She felt like getting her breasts larger finally was going to lure in the men.

Fast forward to the present, Victoria now lured in men with her looks and used them. she was what they called a "maneater." She seduced the men to get only what she wanted - money. Victoria wasn't the type to date, she didn't believe in 'love' all because of the her high school crush, who left her for someone who was much more prettier than she was. With this new lifestyle of hers, Victoria seemed to be happy and was enjoying herself everyday. Plus, the men all loved her. They loved Victoria García.

Disclaimer: Since this does contain mature content and sexual scenes, I will only RP with those who are 21 and over. No minors. No exceptions. If your face claim that you're using looks young and is young, I will NOT RP with you. You'll get blocked so don't even bother to message me or contact me. 


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