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October 14th, 2018

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October 07, 2018



10/11/2018 10:17 PM 

Current mood:  adored

Dizzy Jessica Dracula-Hook was born on June 17 2000. to Red Jessica and Dracula. She grew up at the Hotel In Transylvania. She is a vampire like her sister, Nephew and Dad but is a human like her brother, Mom and brother in law. She hasn't picked her Vampire name yet. So She asks her boyfriend Jay what he would nickname her when she is in her bat form. He said "Dee," She loves it and she is trying to understand her vampire life. 

Dizzy has been through more then any girl has been through she got pregnant at a young age and had her daughter Emily Hart Hook, her son Gill Dewayne Hook and her baby girl Ruby Luca Hook. Dizzy never felt bad about being a teen mom because her brothers Gil & Harry helped her take care of her kids. She is best friends with her sister Mavis.

Dizzy was scared to take her boyfriend of 5 years to the hotel because she was scared her family wouldn't be so welcoming. She is the niece of the Invisible man, Frankenstein and Wayne and Murray the mummy. She isn't a monster like her family or a Villain kid like her brother. She is just misunderstood. She is trying to figure out who she is met to be.

Dizzy feels like she is better off on the isle of the lost or at her dad's hotel in Transylvania. She is not new to how her dad runs his hotel she is a girl everyone is scared or that's how she feels about it. She is Harry Hook's sister which makes more people want nothing to do with her. And she has her close friends Like Milli (Morgona's daughter) Melody Triton (Ariel & Eric's daughter) and Delaney (Misty the good witch's daughter) and how she can she forget Gil (Son of Gaston and her brother's boyfriend)

Enjoy what I have so far for Dizzy.


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