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Arya’s Backstory


ARYA Katherine Westergaard was born to Prince Hans and Princess Anna of the Southern Isles, aside from the Prince’s parents knowing about their daughters birth she was hidden from the realms. This is due to Hans’ being a wanted man in the Kingdom of Arendelle. As you may notice, Arya being based in the frozen, ouat and the descendants verse the next part of her story varies, but after Elsa saves her sister and defeats Hans winning her kingdom back she imprisons Hans in a cell. However he somehow manages to swipe a single strand of hair from Anna before they lock him up. Being the sadistic man he is, having connections to the outside world, one of his lackeys obtains magic to clone Princess Anna. This is done through a deal Hans is offered to by Rumpelstiltskin, in which the deal states that Hans will receive magic and in return will give up his first born son. The clone is sent to rescue Hans from his prison cell and the two stowaway on a ship leaving the harbor. As soon as the two arrive back in Hans’ homeland, he is seized, arrested and labeled a traitor, but because he has proof of Anna, all is forgiven and his parents, King Henry and Queen Katherine pardon him and begin to plan his coronation to be the next King. All due to the fact that he can produce an heir while his twelve siblings most likely will not because they will never find a wife. 

Growing up in the southern isles wasn’t easy, especially because Arya wasn’t allowed to leave the castle. Much like her mother, she is forced to stay inside and the one friend she is allowed is a royal prince from a faraway land due to his father being her father’s closest friend. A boy who one day dreams of making Arya the happiest girl in all the Kingdoms. As the two grow older, they develop feelings for each other but Arya didn’t want to bring her best friend harm because she knows father will not approve of him. And she is the future heir to the throne while he is only a boy. He owns no lands, holds one title and is only rich because of his father. So instead of obeying her father, she chooses to defy him and sneaks around behind his back with her best friend. At their young and naive age, the most they ever do is kiss and the two kids are as happy as can be. Of course, life isn’t easy and everything always changes. First, on her thirteenth birthday she receives the worst gift a person can ever imagine; her father reveals the truth about her birth and her twin brother. On Arya’s seventeenth birthday, she discovers news that father intends for her to be a part of an arranged marriage. In her wildest fantasies, the princess is to marry her best friend but in the real world where she lives that isn’t how the story goes. Hans forces his daughter to accept his offer and gives away his child to the father of her best friend. This leaves the two teenagers heartbroken and Arya felt emotionless like a gaping hole swallowed her heart.

The night before her eighteenth birthday, she is prepared by her servants to be married in the morning. Arya is dead inside but forces a smile on her face. Once the ceremony is over, the tears never stop as she is taken to her husbands chambers where the newly weds consummate their marriage. Of course, her intoxicated king isn’t worried about how she feels. And lucky for the princess, her husband is too drunk to perform the proper way. Following this traumatic experience, she finds a way to comfort herself. Leaving her husbands bedroom, the ginger ends up in the room of her best friend and step son. As vulnerable as she is feeling, her best friend is angry and heartbroken but he comforts her anyways. The two end up being intimate with one another and this turns into an addiction for her. The son only desires for her to be happy on her wedding day even if he knows she isn’t happy and isn’t in love with his father. The next day, Arya moves away from her kingdom, the one prison cell she grew up in, and to the new kingdom where she will live with her king and his son. After they move back to the mysterious land, they hold a coronation for the new king and his queen. As the next few weeks pass, she is worried with how sick she has grown. And after she is seen by her nurse maid, they confirm and relay to the king that his queen is pregnant. However, what they don’t know is the queen isn’t carrying his heir. She is pregnant with his son’s child. Because if anyone finds out about the secret of her baby’s father, terrified the love of her life may be punished and hung for his crimes.

Nine months later, she gives birth to the next heir in line for the crown. Instead of being allowed to raise her child, she and her husband’s son are sent to Auradon Prep where they are forced to play nice and act as tranfer students from a foreign land. In the canonical story of Auradon, it’s a high school with only four years of education but in my AU version of Auradon, it’s a twelve year academy that starts at age ten and goes on till you are twenty-two years old. Around the Descendants 2 ending, Evie is gathering a list of names she feels will be good candidates and deserve a second chance. Hans’ is sure that his daughter and the son names end up on the list. Even though Hans is a villain and is supposed to be on the Isle, he isn’t affected by the rules in Audadon because his homeland of Southern Isles protects him. Arya is eighteen when the two first arrive at school, but the queen didn’t want to be learning with preppy hero kids. But Hans being Hans, he thought it will be a perfect disguise for her. Even though she is married with a child, she can still further her education and spread the word about her coronation. Cause Hans knows the more royals that learn about her, the better chance she will have to find an eligible candidate for her child. And even though she isn’t worried about her baby finding their soulmate, her father is cruel and she knows he will force it upon her and her child. While she is attending Auradon as Hans’ daughter, to most of the students she introduces herself as the child of Anna. Of course they know she is the offspring of a hero and a villain.

Finally, the last piece of vital information is she is born with the power to manipulate fire, while the curse in her family is that all blonde haired children will posses magical abilities she is the loophole. With her fiery red hair, Arya is able to control, generate and manipulate fire unlike her aunt who can control ice particles. Along with this gift, she is crazy strong, like superhuman strength. Of course, no one believes this is true about her but it is proven in many fanfics that Anna is super strong. Whoops, the final detail of her story is that her twin brother is alive and he is out there in the world. She thinks about him all the time but she doesn’t know where he is or if he is alive, the queen wants to find her twin. Sadly, she doesn’t know where to start or who she can even contact. The only detail she knows is about a man who goes by the name of the Dark One. Typical, she is clueless on how to summon him or what his real name is and wants to learn the identity of the man who her father made a deal with.


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