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10/10/2018 10:11 PM 

Christmas: What could go wrong?

It had the potential to go very wrong. That Christmas dinner could have ended in such disaster. As soon as she saw him it was like being punched in the gut. Not only was he a predator, the evidence was shown in the wary way he watched her and her Uncle enter the home where he sat much to comfortably in the corner of the couch that she normally called home. Then they had smiled, well more like showed teeth at each other and proceeded to ignore the other one in order to keep the peace for Kimber. Shea knew something was up when she somehow ended up across the table from Carver. At the same moment they looked at each other’s plate where they both had been attempting to hide the ridiculous amount of turkey she had given them under the potatoes and stuffing. That was the first time they actually smiled at each other, knowing the other one was willing to sacrifice to make Kimber happy.

There was a darkness to him, a throbbing pulse to it that intrigued her and it took everything to not say anything while the adults were there and Kimber’s more normal friends. So she put her normal face on and chatted with everyone who came into her vicinity and tried to help Kimber as much as possible. Dessert was easy since she and Griffin had brought a bunch of pies and chocolates. She grinned to herself as she watched people mutter in delight over them before disappearing into Kimber’s kitchen and getting breakfast ready for the next day, a French toast casserole that would create its own custard overnight and they would just have to stick it in the oven for a while in the morning.

“Hey Beastie”

Shea turned to Kimber and grinned, her friend had been in her element all night but Shea knew the more people around the harder it was on Kimber. A natural empath, Kimber was able to not only influence the emotions around her but could be effected by the emotions around her when they became unruly in others. The holidays always brought up a lot of emotions for people and for Kimber to open her home and let in all of her strays even while she dealt with her own holiday issues just reinforced to Shea how amazing her friend was.

“Hey Kitten, so I’m gonna crash here tonight, Griff said I could have a few days off. I just set up breakfast for us so you don’t have to do anything after you’ve done all this for everyone.” She reached out and ran a thumb over the other’s cheek. “Thanks by the way, it’s been great!”

“Oh good! I was gonna ask you to stay ….” Kimber lowered her voice since there were still people outside. “I want to try a threesome, but I need you there!”

Shea leaned back against the counter and crossed her arms while raising a brow at her friend. Kimber could see the stubborn look starting to settle across the brunette’s face but smiled winsomely at the other girl, “Seriously, I’ve always wanted one but I trust you, I need to know that emotionally it won’t get out of control, you know. Please.” Kimber sashayed closer moving her hips subtly against Shea’s with a pleading smile on her face.

The wolf shook her head negatively, it was hard to say no to Kimber, especially when the other girls reasoning made so much sense, however Shea was pretty sure it had more to do with her confession that she hadn’t been with a male since her rape.  Kimber was a fixer at heart and she knew the empathy meant the best by what she was doing. Shea slid her hands up the lithe waist of her best friend, running her finger nails over the other girls sensitive milky skin to stroke along her jaw. She rested her forehead against Kimber’s and sighed, “You know with a plea like that I can’t say no, Kimber. I would never leave you alone in a situation that might make you feel uncomfortable or get out of control for you.”

Kimber grinned at her, triumph making her jewel like blue eyes even more brilliant and Shea couldn’t help the rueful laugh as Kimber grabbed her hand and prepared to drag her back out to the others. Shea swatted her on the ass and muttered “Minx” underneath her breath but loud enough for Kimber to hear while shaking her head. Kimber grinned at her and a mischievous smile crossed Shea’s lips, “doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to pass the test” she said quietly and Kimber rolled her eyes. Shea was known to grab her cards and do a reading at a group table to scare off those of lesser intellect or of religious viewpoints. Though when she needed a quick glean she could read palms. It wouldn’t be the first time that she had kicked someone out of the apartment after reading their palm, weeks later Kimber inevitably learned something horrible about that person. Shea walked over to Carver “Hand” she said with no preamble.

Carver glanced over at Kimber the answer no written belligerently all over his face but Kimber just shook her head and rolled her eyes. “You might as well do it because she won’t let up until she does it. It’s not weird or anything, well it’s weird but it’s her.” Kimber said with a shrug. Carver glanced back and forth between the two girls and Shea grinned at him, her hand out and wiggled her fingers at him. With a long suffering sigh he placed his hand outstretched on his knee forcing the tawny haired girl to her knees if she wanted to look at his hand causing Kimber to giggle as Shea rolled her eyes and knelt down beside him. Her fingers delicately traced over his hand, a warm tingle moving through her fingers, an unexpected heat that made a warm blush come over her cheeks while she tested the bend of his fingers and the plumpness of the mounds that cover his hand. Her smile grew warmer and warmer as she studied him until a delightful laugh burst from her and she bent down to place a light kiss in the palm of his hand before curling his fingers around it.

She looked back at Kimber “I’m in.” Shea stood up with easy grace and grinned at both of them for a moment before turning and walking over to where her Uncle stood with a couple of other people. The two looked at each and Kimber shrugged again with an easy smile as she looked after the wolf who now stood beside her Uncle, her arm woven through his. “You’ll get used to her …. She’s unique. She doesn’t normally like people though so you must have passed some kind of test. Don’t ask me what the hell kind though.”

Later that night after all the normies had left Kimber and Carver were sprawled across the couch while Shea sat on the ground in front of the couch rolling a series of joints, not much paying attention to the other two. She was humming quietly to herself when she realized the murmured conversation behind her had petered off and the distinctive sound of lips moving together was coming from behind her head. The soft sound of Kimber’s moan spiked through her, causing a blend of heat mixed with jealously to course through her. Her jaw involuntarily clenched and a shiver ran through her as the smell of arousal from both of them began to perfume the room calling to the beast that moved underneath her skin. Her hands shook for a moment and she took a deep breath to calm her nerves and finished rolling the last of the joints. She sparked up the last one and turned herself around to watch for a moment.

The wolf took a deep breath taking the smoke deep into her lungs and letting the smoke sit there for a moment before slowly blowing it out and letting the potent herb soak through and ease into her blood stream. They were beautiful, each in their own way, and it was terrifying for a moment that she had seen this moment years ago. She had been six the first time her mother had read her cards but it had stayed with her. The explanation that in the cards she was the moon or the empress made sense but no matter how her mother pulled the cards or shuffled the deck she pulled three cards all linked together in Shea’s future. Her mother’s tinkling laugh had filled the room when as she told her daughter that one day she would break the traditions of her people, that part of her pack would be creatures who weren’t entirely human but they weren’t wolves. The sun, and the death card, those cards had haunted every reading she had ever tried to do of her own future. She had been perplexed when the day of the festival she had simply pulled the sun card and later that day she had met Kimber and had known. This morning she had pulled the death card. As she watched the two on the couch she knew that they were her future, this had been ordained by something other, and together they would be limitless.

She tilted her head and watched them through the haze of smoke that slowly seeped out of her mouth. “Are you going to share that?” came the male growl and Shea smirked “Are you?” the flare of jealousy had faded and left behind acceptance and love. At least for now, she knew sometimes she was going to get irritated, probably with both of them at one point or another just as they would with her but that’s what love was, not in spite of someone’s flaws but for all their aspects. Shea knew that she loved Kimber they had been close for months and already she couldn’t imagine her life without the dark haired siren. This man …. He wasn’t entirely a man, she still didn’t know what he was but he smelled faintly of death and while she didn’t love him now but she knew she would one day in the future.

He smirked back at her, “Trade?”

She snorted and grinned, “Gladly” and switched him spots so she could lay on the couch with the vixen who had so captivated her. Kimber was everything a person should be, her aura practically glowed. She wasn’t perfect but she was a good soul and tried to do her best for those who came across her path. She was funny, witty, and sexy as hell and mesmerized both the woman and the wolf that moved behind Shea’s pale blue eyes.  The wolf woman claimed her lover’s lips with her own, her tongue stroking gently across lush lips and into the warmth of the other woman’s mouth. Soon she was lost in the moment even when strange hands stroked along her skin and divested both women slowly of clothing. It was strange to share her but exciting to watch the one she loved lose her mind slowly as the pleasure was focused on her enjoyment.

Shea’s round ass bounced in the area as she feasted between her lady love’s legs. A contented humming sound coming from her every time the dark haired beauty moaned, groaned or swore. The hands that stroked over her back made her arch into their touch, nails dragging across sensitive skin causing her to shiver. She should have been more aware but it was startling when his hands grasped her hips and he pushed inside. Memories coursed through her and a hiss broke through her mouth. The movement happened so fast it was hard to see but suddenly she was on top of him shivering and hunched over as the wolf tried to raise to the forefront. Her nails dug into the sides of his ribs, scoring him with bleeding rents as a low growl issued from lips pulled back from suddenly pronounced canines. Kimber immediately moved to stroke her hair, blasting her with a wave of calming energy until the shudders stopped rippling through her and the change stopped before it had truly begun. She leaned down licking across the wounds she caused in silent apology.

Her lips tentatively brushed his before the kiss deepened, Shea and Carver’s first kiss filled with the taste of Kimber’s golden nectar and blood. The wolf sat up and leaned over to kiss Kimber, her lips clinging to both of them. “I’m sorry” she whispered. “Do you want to stop?” she asked softly, her voice a roughened growl after the almost change. The two looked at each and then at her and shook their head no, their voices in unison “F*** no!” Shea snorted faintly at the two of them and gestured at Kimber. “Climb on his face then and let’s see how much we can piss off your neighbours then?” Kimber laughed and happily obliged as the threesome began to sync together.


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