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In the tide-less night, I won't leave you here to drown alone. Come on, take my hand. We'll sink into the sand alone and deep beneath.

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When the sun came up over the water and the sailor was all I could see, I found the sea in your hair. We're floating there. I'm safe, I'm safe when you're with me. Come on, take my hand. We'll sink into the sand alone, alone and deep beneath.

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February 22nd, 2019

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Age: 31
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November 05, 2017


10/10/2018 12:39 PM 

20 odd and ends.

1.Love is the one thing that Aubree still to this day will say she does not believe in. Lin is teaching her that there is more to love than just what people see. Aubree is starting to see with Lin that being with him is so much more than the sex or the late night booty calls that she has always been used to. Its the late nights of sitting up in bed just talking to him or the spontaneous days where they just go out to the beach to relax. There might not be anything physically going on, but actually there is so much more than that happening. 

2. Being that her parents were in her life and wanting to know everything about her, Aubree never told them that she was actually Bi-Sexal. They assumed that Aubree just was into men, but in reality Aubree growing up was more into playing doctor with females. 

3. Even though Aubree runs a coffee shop, she truly hates the damn stuff. You will never see her drinking the stuff, and more than likely in her coffee cup at work is either tea or pop. The pop is dark so that it actually looks like coffee if you glance at it. 

4. Being an old child, Aubree has always wanted a sibling. So she is always a bit taken back when she meets someone that does have a sibling. That connection she never really had seeing that she was an only child. 

5. Her biggest demon is that she gets jealous very easily. She is protective of her “family”and will not let anyone just walk over her or them. With being an only child, Aubree got to pick her family and who she wanted near her vulnerable heart. 

6. In high school, Aubree during her senior year was attracted to her high school history teacher. Though he was oder, that did not stop her from wanting what he had. They did end up sleeping together on numerous occasions to the point they were actually a couple. They would spend time together at his house, and in town 5 over so that no one would know who they were. The affair did end once her father found out that she was pregnant, and he wanted to know who the father was. 

7. Aubree has always had a huge crush on her best friends girlfriend now wife. Brianna. 

8. The tattoo that she has on her wrist that states joy is in memory of the happiness she had when she found out that she was pregnant. She never wants to forget that her joy was taken away from her because her parents did not want to have a bastard in the family; nor would they accept their 17 year old becoming a mother at a young age. They were the ones that signed for the abortion, and not having the joy in their lives. 

9.The one thing she can get behind is a good night inside her four walls she calls home. Aubree loves watching tv, and the one thing she turns to in a dark tired night is Doctor Who. She is secretly a little bit of a nerd on the inside, but she hides it with the make up and coffee smell she normally has following her. 

10. Aubree is not much of a social butterfly. She keeps to herself, unless you put yourself out there for her. 

11. Aubree dreams of one day being a mother, and getting to finally prove to herself that she was born to be a mother. 

12. In her past, Aubree has been a submissive and knows how to please sexually. Not one of her proudest moments, but its who she is. 

13. Aubree sleeps in the nude; butt ass naked. 

14. Aubree is afraid that people will judge her for her past, and getting involved with her teacher. A few people have found out a in the years, and a few men have tried to actually play it out with her. Like she likes that “fetish”; when really its not a fetish at all. 

15. When nervous, Aubree will smoke a cigarette or two. Though she does not smoke when asked. Also when she is drinking its just a little tick that she has. 

16. Aubree is playful and flirts with everyone. Its who she is, but it does not mean she wants to spread her legs for that person. Man or woman does not matter she flirts with everyone. 

17. She has best friends, not just one. She has her few thats he trust but anyone can earn her trust. 

18. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves the lights, and the smells that come with the holiday. 

19. Her parents are very much in her life, and is always wondering what she is doing. Not because they are helicopter parents. but because Aubree was involved with an older man before and she was pregnant at a young age. She is rebellious, and her father especially is afraid she will go down that road again. Aubree tends to like bad boys. 

20. One thing that Aubree loves to do is dance, and its not just any type of dancing. When she is home alone, or with one of Lin’s dogs baby-sitting Aubree will dance in her house in her underwear. Its just something that calms her mind. 


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