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10/10/2018 12:01 PM 

Writer Appreciation Wednesday
Category: Blogging


Honestly? This dude is f***ing awesome. More than awesome, he's like.. the bees knees. His writing is superb and he brings so much emotion into his writings - whether it be angst, love, or comedy. You're always eager to read his replies. His portrayal of Tony Stark is god tier. You'll never need another Tony after you meet this guy, he's perfection. I'm so honored to know him. Not just to write with him, but just to talk and be friends. I haven't known him nearly as long as I wish I did, but even so, he's already made his way into my heart which is a hard thing to do. 

HONESTLY THO THIS WOMAN IS ONE COOL CAT. I'll be honest, she kinda intimidates me because she always finds a way to be in character and actually pull it off gracefully. She's such a fun person to interact with and even though we haven't spoken much, I admire her from afar. She's super friendly and inclusive. 

This dude.. this spidey. He's so damn quick to use hilarious quips, and his in-character interactions are god-like. I've never met another Spider-Man that's as fast reacting and perfectly in character than him. He is a master at sassing, and he's also a master at cheesy one-liners and crackpot. He's such a gem to be around and he's made me chuckle more times than I'll admit.

THIS MJ IS AWESOME. She loves to make inclusive edits with her friends and she's always active on status stream. She's not judgmental and even when I accidentally called her 'Uncle' (confused her w/ Kuzuri), she laughed it off and called me precious instead of making fun of me or getting angry. I've interacted with her a handful of times and she's a great person. 

genius. - 
OH MY GOD. THIS GIRL IS ABSOLUTELY 100% HILARIOUS. SUCH A MEME. She can definitely be in-character and do an amazing job at it, but she's also soooo fun to be around. I am shook. She's made me outright cry laughing multiple times. 

A SUPERB writer. She's amazing at adapting her character into crossing over with other universes, and reading her emotion she puts into her character is honestly such a treat. She's also a huge friendly nerd but don't tell her I said that. 

Kuzuri - 
The best drunk uncle that'll beat on you at 5am in the morning when you least expect it. His writing as the Wolverine is amazing - and that's saying something since I've only interacted with him in status streams. I don't know him too well but he deserves appreciation. >:3c

BEST GWEN 2K18. She's sooo sassy and is on-par with RADIOACTIVE, which is saying something. She's the only Gwen so far that I know to NOT hit on my Peter or view him as eyecandy - or just flatout become a number. She also isn't some damsel in distress version of Gwen, either. She's confident.

His writing in group roleplays is honestly SUCH A TREAT. I love love love reading his replies and he's a very good Steve writer. Can I also mention that he's a living meme? Because all he does is spam memes in people's comments to brighten people's days, and I gotta say.. I welcome that behavior wholeheartedly. It definitely puts a smile on my face and he's awesome.

HONESTLY SUCH AN AWESOME AND INCLUSIVE PERSON?? I love him lots ok, he's protected my Peter in status streams more times than I could count. Such a good adoptive dad ashgjkfd; LOVE HIM.

He deserves love too, I love his posts in my streams and while I've only spoken to him a few times, he's a very friendly guy. 

HOLY HELL THIS DUDE IS LIKE, MY FAVORITE STEVE. I love how he's basically my Peter's adoptive dad (ok my Peter has like 4 dads but thats besides the point) - he's honestly a GEM?? A PURE SOUL?? APPLE TO MY EYE. I LOVE HIS WRITING AND HIS COMMENTS ON MY STATUSES. He's so witty and caring.

Honestly, such a good twinnie. He's a good soul and he's going through some stuff right now, so give him support?? Love him?? you won't regret it!!

BEST DEAN I SWEAR. His writing in "IT rises" is honesty amazing? And he's super fun to interact with in statuses. I don't know him too well but I love how much thought and effort he puts into his writing. He deserved a feature.


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I'm honored!

Posted on Wed Oct 10, 2018, 21:18



Man I was the first Spider and only knew him like two days an am number three. Give it time.

Posted on Wed Oct 10, 2018, 18:14



good good

I was first.

Posted on Wed Oct 10, 2018, 12:41



Imma cry...God-like...master of sass and cheese one liners....Man mini-me you're too kind to me. For real. Truly an amazing person...I don't deserve that really.

Posted on Wed Oct 10, 2018, 12:35

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