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10/10/2018 11:31 PM 

Understanding Baathael

First, let me be clear, the piece on my page is to be interpreted as if spoken to you by Baathael. And if you were allowed to write your own story, you may try to fudge some facts to make yourself seem greater than you actually are. This is no different in Baathael's case. With that in mind, let us dive in...

Baathael has visited many realms and while there are those who believe him to be a god, others see him as a demon, nefarious to his core. And while some tend to sort him as either good or evil, the vast majority of his followers and constituents see Baathael as just a traveler, a wanderer of knowledge, dispensing pain ad readily as prophecy. Unfortunately, none of these descriptions match Baathael's true visage. First and foremost, the "Azure Wolf" was a name given to him by his own mouth. The wolf is actually more like a fox, but is known as a Kreek, a mash between a fox and a hyena that takes a bipedal form. Ancient creatures as they are, Kreeks were believed to have been spawned from an earlier age, when the multiverse was still young and while Kreeks hold far less sway over the universes, it is said their power rivaled that of the Overwatchers (the beings thought to have formed the multiverse). But as the multiverse expanded, the Kreeks' power dwindled, no longer able to access the compounded energy of the smaller, younger universe. In order to secure more power, Kreeks began trying to sway mortal life to their own will. However, mortals tend to hold onto their lives more than immortals and the Kreeks were systematically snuffed out until they all but disappeared...

This is the history that has been told by Baathael, and shouldn't be taken as literal. Any part of this story could be false, a half truth or an outright lie...

But at some point, what is believed to be the last of the Kreek emerged from hiding. Baathael claims to have laid dormant for over 200,000 years, but it is impossible to know for sure if the years he refers to are the same as Earthly days. Either way, Baathael returned to what he claims was to "reignite" the arcane arts, but this is a dubious claim. His deception runs deep, take from the fox what you can, just make sure it doesn't take your hand...


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