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ACTIVITY: Just like in any group, activity is key. In order for a group to succeed members need to be active. Here in Empire City we will be having weekly activity check that will be called topics. Don’t worry, they will just be small tasks in order to help with character development. What else we need from members to keep the group active is posting in character statuses and we ask that you post at least three in character statuses a week as well as completing the weekly assignments. If you have not posted at least three statuses but have completed the assignment you will receive a warning from the owners. If you have not logged onto your account within five days then you will be deemed unactive and we will have no choice but to cut you from the group.

LITERACY: Literacy in this group is a must. We know sometimes we all make some mistakes but you should still know the difference between ‘there, their, they’re’. There are also sites available online to help with spell checking for your starters and replies. We are a multi-para group which means that anything less than 3 paragraphs for starters/replies (5-7 sentences in each paragraph) is unacceptable to us. If we see you sending anything less than 3 paragraphs, the first time you will receive a warning and after that if you still continue, we will have no choice but to remove you from the group.

STORYLINES & OWES: Here in Empire City our minimum limit for storylines is five. At all times you must have five active storylines within the group. Upon joining the group you will be given three weeks to reach out to members and get those storylines settled and begin writing with people. As for owes - we will give you a month from the date you put on the blog beside their name to get the starter/reply sent. We will be monitoring this closely so we will know who owes what and when. We understand that sometimes life can be a little hectic and it can be hard to get something out fast which is why we’re giving you the whole month to get it done. When you come to a month long owe we will issue a warning and if by the following week that owe is still sitting there you will be removed from the group, even if you have done the weekly assignment. The answer to question 3 on the audition form is Flamingo. We also ask that as soon as possible you set up an Owes list somewhere on either your profile or your blog that is easily accessible to us.

DRAMA: This is never acceptable in any group which means it will not be tolerated here either. Of course we are all for in character drama and always welcome it with open arms as it always helps for creating storylines but as far as out of character drama goes, it’s a big no no. We ask members to give us owners the same respect as we give you and as well give other members the respect you would want them to give you. No one likes or cares for the petty drama so leave it for in character.

CHARACTERS: Here at Empire City we are a create-your-own character group. We will have some members that would like wanted roles filled but other than that there will be no premade characters. You can make your character as dark and messed up or as nice as pumpkin pie, wherever your muse takes you! If you’re looking to joining the group and have some ideas but unsure which would suit the group best or just need some help in figuring out some things shoot us a message and we’ll be more than glad to help you out! We will be allowing for character changes but as for now you will only be allowed to change once a month which means face claim, occupation, borough etc so please make sure you’re fully happy with your character. Upon joining you will not be allowed put in for any changes for two weeks and then after that once a month. We all know how much of a nightmare it can be with people constantly changing their faces and storylines so this is why we’ve limited it to once a month.

LAYOUT & BIOGRAPHY: Layouts and biographies will be expected to be done by your first week mark in the group. We know not everyone is a coding genius so we just ask that you have a neat layout with all working links, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as you have working links and have a biography by your due date. Biographies should be at least three paragraphs with 5-7 sentences in each paragraph. Don’t worry though, upon being accepted to the group you will be given a message from the members page with exact dates when everything is due.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is not required in this group but it is always easier to have it for some IC fun and setting up connections. We will have a social media blog set up for our members so if you would like for it to be on the blog put it in with your audition form! Please sign the rules with a gif from How I Met Your Mother to let us know that you’ve read and understand these rules.


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