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April 21st, 2019

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May 28, 2017


09/13/2018 02:15 PM 

Sample 1

“No!” The desperation of her cry was palpable in the night air, cutting through the darkness around them. His hands recoiled from their reach for her, the pain she exposed was far too deep to be kept at bay by his guilt-ridden touch. Heat welled up in her eyes and the warmth was almost soothing for a flicker of a second. “I loved you throughout everything…” Her proud, confident voice was breaking. “…and you don’t even care.” Those full naked pink lips trembling with the promise of unrequited agony. “You used me…” Silent tears trailed down as her voice shook with the nearly uncontainable torment of the truth. “…I trusted you and you burned everything down. Just like you did with the one that came before me…just like you’ll do with your new lover.” Mournful blue hues were filled to the brim with betrayal as the threat of tears was ever present. Their gaze fixated on the Judas before her as culpability weighed heavy on his frame, ebony hair falling over his eyes with the futile hope to hide his shame. 

“Emma, please…” His voice was meek compared to the commanding self-assured tone she had known until now. He stepped toward her with good intentions but the way her body instinctively flinched in retreat from him, made it obvious that he would offer no reconciliation for the metaphorical gaping wound he had caused. Blonde tresses danced effortlessly as she shook her head with an ensemble of more tears making their debut on her pale cheeks. Reflexively a hand reached toward the center of her chest, clutching at the fabric desperate to yield the metaphorical hemorrhaging that surged with each pained beat of her broken heart. She strangled a sob in her throat as her voice rose to unimaginable throes of pain. “Don’t! Don’t you dare spew your venomous charm…all those sweet words…I believed them…I trusted you!” Accusation rested heavily upon her trembling frame as another sob came forth. 

Blonde brows drew together in the confusion that his horrible discretions had brought to the surface. Her shoulders were hunched forth as if her body sought to shelter her very soul from him. Distressed gasps came from her parted lips that were stained with tears. Her chest heaved with violent convulsions as Emma slipped into hyperventilation, every atom of her being consumed with devastation. Concern was apparent as he disregarded her repulsion of him, offering a firm grip on her biceps. He hoped to be an anchor to keep her grounded amongst the storm that ransacked her curvaceous frame and for a moment he held a flicker of hope that it worked as she stilled herself in his grasp. The expression of horrified shock in her features was not a promising sign for the now extinguished flicker that beat beneath his breast. “Spare me…” Her voice was a hoarse, defeated ghost of its former self as she raised her vulnerable gaze to meet his. “…you waltz in, with your tempting lies…saying anything and everything to convince me of your love…and once the chase is over, you move on.” For how weak and feeble she appeared, he did expect such strength as Emma violently shook free of his touch. 

“I opened myself and shared with you my most vulnerable self because I believed you when you said you’d keep me safe.” Her shoulders were no longer attempting to shelter the figurative hole in her chest. They stood proudly pulled back as the silently weeping blonde stood tall. 

“This…this is my fault. It’s the second time you’ve betrayed me and my trust. In the back of my mind, I knew when you came back with your apologies…that it would end the same. I wanted so desperately to believe you had changed. And you so skillfully prayed upon insecurities to secure your side piece—well, at least until you found something more interesting. Just. Like. Last time. The only real difference between then and now, is you get bear witness to the consequences of your actions. You can stand there and preach about what a gentle and loving person you are, but I finally see you for what you are: manipulative, selfish and hollow.”

In true Emma fashion, she buried the emotional torment beneath the fires of anger. Everyone around her had always seen as the villain anyway. So what was in the harm in proving them right? A terrible smirk painted itself across those lips that had once been so tender and so adoring on his skin. His own lips parted to speak, but the sudden and unexpected force thrusting itself against his chest drew all the air from his lungs. Involuntarily he stumbled backwards from her psionic blast, dropping to his knees as he clenched a fist to his own chest. He was the one gasping for air as she towered over him, judgement presiding in her eyes as she wore her protective mask of fury. Gracefully she leaned toward him with both hands clasping his face between them. It was in this moment he remembered how he thought her akin to a goddess and the raw power he felt within her grip only confirmed his comparison. “I hope that she lays waste to your heart as you have done to mine.” The sweetness in her voice dripped with venom as she leaned in closer, her lips brushing against ear. “I will burn away every part of me that loves you.” The threat laced in a whisper made his eyes go wide with disbelief as she released him, backing away from the man she confessed to still love even after the sins he had committed against her.

Hesitantly he climbed to his feet, caution present in every action as he deliberated on wether to speak or just remove himself entirely from the situation. Every word she spoke held truth to it and there was nothing he could say to negate nor take away the emotional trauma of his actions. What words could he possibly say that would satisfy the victim of suffering caused by his selfish actions? The sense of shame and guilt made the heat in his blood rise, warmth radiating throughout his muscles. This heat…no, there was no possible way that it still existed. 

The Avengers had saw to that—they had driven it out of this universe and no one would have dreamed the notion to steal away a piece of such destructive force. Yet here it was: an ember of the Phoenix smoldering inside of the world’s most powerful telepath. “You are the reason I hate the color red. I’m not afraid of your demons anymore…though they should be afraid of me.” The confidence in her voice sent a chill down his spine as he felt the heat pulse off of her in waves that were gaining momentum. His eyes widened at the awful revelation before him at what she felt compelled to do in order to stop the pain; what he had driven her to. “Emma, stop! You don’t have to do this!” He gritted his teeth in distaste of the increasing temperature around them. If only she would be less dramatic and simply turn to diamond to shut off the eruption of emotions that had possessed her. He paused at the thought, mentally kicking himself as he had discarded the fact that she was a telepath for a mere second. Maybe she hadn’t been listening—maybe she didn’t hear his awful wish; but the horrified shame shone clearly in her eyes. She had heard him. The Phoenix was rising.

The waves of heat erupted into flame, consuming the gorgeous telepath in a twisted, living coffin of fire. Her silhouette visible as her shrieks of physical pain drowned out the world around him. She was burning and he couldn’t do anything but shield himself from the overwhelming inferno only a few feet away. And as suddenly as it had begun, so it ended. The flames dispersed as if they never had been, leaving only the scorched earth around her as evidence. Orange embers rose from the burnt earth, flickering like will-o-the-wisps dancing in an ethereal wind. Her frame was heaving, breath falling heavily as her body displayed signs of wear from the transformation. The last remaining tears streamed down her face as he felt his own heart shatter. This wasn’t what Emma truly wanted, but it was preferable to letting him tear her asunder further. 

Silence settled between them, freezing them in time before her breathing slowed and she straightened up. The life in her eyes was eerily vivid and a triumphant yet almost sinister smile spread across her lips. “You were right about one thing: you should’ve picked me.” The words stopped him dead in any attempt to de-escalate the situation and with cosmic force thriving within, she felt merciful enough to leave it at that. Emma turned her back on the man she loved with no real destination in mind, only whims of desire and flights of fancy. None of it really mattered anymore. Emma Frost had been The White Queen and that was all the world would ever see her as: a cruel antagonist unworthy of love or redemption. Least now she fit the part more accordingly. Would they come for her? The X-Men? The Avengers? It was of no concern who rose to challenge her. Man, god, monster…she’d greet them all with the chaotic fire that was life…that was death. The fire that took away the pain of love, the agony of betrayal and the torment of rejection. Anything was better than enduring another second of that, knowing it would go on. Her words were indifferent and almost alien as she heard them out loud “So let them come.” An omega level mutant had gone rogue and the world was at its knees for it. 


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