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innocence lies.

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January 22nd, 2019

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09/12/2018 06:20 PM 

awakening. [drabble 01]

innocence lies.
here you go create another fable

The first thing that she became aware of was the sound of machinery beeping quietly near her head, somewhere on her left side. The next thing was the sound of someone humming, very softly, then the sensation of tugging as the nurse readjusted the blanket and sheet. Chapped lips parched, a light groan escaping the previously silent shell. The nurse jumped into action, checking vitals and calling for her fellow nurses and the doctor. There was a flurry of movement as she slowly opened her eyes, staring up at the strange faces that surrounded her. Words that her brain couldn’t quite make out were called out above her as she struggled to sit up, slowly sinking back down into the pillow as she discovered herself too weak to do so.

”Miss Roberts, Jill, please just relax.” The nurse was careful, her gentle hand carefully moving to rest on her shoulder. She seemed wary of her, almost as if frightened that she would strike out for some reason.

The brunette was confused, the emotion clearly written on her pale features as she glanced around. She saw nothing beyond the wall of bodies around her and nothing but unrecognizable faces above her. Her heart rate picked up as panicked settled in and now she struggled to sit up again, dark eyes wide and frantic.

”Jill, Jill, just -” The doctor spoke this time, his deep voice soft and seemingly surrounding her. She ignored him, trying to pull out from beneath the touch of the nurse.

”Where is she? Where is she? Is she okay? She wasn’t killed, was she?” Tears were filling her eyes as she stared up at him imploring, fear and disuse making her voice sound rough and shaky. Her thin frame shook as she curled in slightly on herself, still occasionally glancing around the room in a desperate search.

It was the nurse that spoke this time, seemingly emboldened by the young woman’s fear and lack of anger. ”Who are you asking about, Jill? Sidney, your cousin?”

The question only served to make her even more confused, eyebrows knitting as her gaze shifted from the doctor to the nurse. ”Why would I ask about Sidney? I’m talking about my mom! Is she okay? She-she didn’t….she wasn’t….? I-in the car crash?” Her bottom lip was quivering now, the tears spilling over onto her flushed cheeks. Horror and realization dawned upon those surrounding her all at once. The confusion, the desperate searching, the fear, it all amounted to one thing: Jill didn’t remember.


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