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08/10/2018 06:37 PM 

Baby drabble.

Lauren couldn't help it a glowing bump, a child that was biologically hers and nick's again, but this time it wasn't it was Nick and Brian's and she was happy, happier than ever to do pregnancy again. "all I ever wanted was for Brian and Nick to be happy if that meant having their child i was more than happy to give this gift of love and life to them. they deserve to have a baby together no one should be denied that, adoption and surrogacy  all the same thing to me but i was just happy when they asked me to  do this, i didn't get back to them straight away before Odin arrived we had a miscarriage previously  i was a little hesitant" Lauren grinned  half way in the trimester she was radiant. glowing like each time she had been with the three of her children. A woman's body was wonderful what it could do in pregnancy  the opportunity to grow a little human for two people who deserved this more than anyone else in the world she knew, Brian was such a hands on natural father and Nick himself.

No, She wasn't angry, she felt like she was doing some good, if it meant making Brian and Nick a happy couple by giving them something they truly wanted. Rubbing her belly with the tiny feet that kicked  against her hand a smile upon her lips  turned into a grin "it's a beautiful thing to see this baby's dads at appointments how they kick when they're around it's kind of beautiful" she chuckled beautiful that Odin was taking note of her belly. "He doesn't realise he's about to be a big brother in the coming months he's noticing mom's belly is bigger and he comes and kisses it, but. honestly I cannot wait to see the four of them together in the hospital room." A teary eyed Lauren chuckled "i'm more emotional this time around, it gets me when i think about the four of them and the rest of the siblings with this baby" A big family between Nick and Brian was everything Nick and her wanted exactly when they met  not one of them wanted children until they met each other.

Her dark hair sat upon her shoulders  it was a good thing  again she was having this shoot done with both Brian and Nick  giving them something to cherish, being known as mom  she wasn't going to be phased if the new addition was going to call her mom.  She'd sat there  staring into the camera as Lori dooman snapped a photo  sitting in Brian and Nick's gender neutral nursery it took her back to the shoot to when previously pregnant  with Odin. Glancing up at Nick standing  there "don't even say it, I'm in love with seeing you two in love with the little bump who knows when you two are around" it was true  this baby knew when there dads were around. Every time she looked at hm  she waned him to fall despratley back in love  with her, this pregnancy made her feel like she was half okay with it half wanting him back.

George Michael's version of the Bonnie Raitt song played in the background She sung as she could "I can't make you love me, if you don't.." she hadn't found a song  that connected her on a deeper level about how she felt about Nick. "dance with me, just for old times sake" she whispered holding her hand out. Dancing  she rested her  head against Nick's cheek "Thank you.. for giving me this opportunity Just thank you" she whispered softly..


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