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August 11th, 2018

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August 10, 2018



08/10/2018 06:13 PM 

What im pretty much into x

what im pretty much into x

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jealousy/romance/drama 1. She asks her best friend to the prom but he tells her hes already going with someone else, halfway through the prom he begins to feel bad. 
2. Falls in love with her best friends fiance and cofesses her love to him at his stag do. 
3. Ex girlfriend comes back to town and bumps into her ex at a house party and tries to tell him she still has feelings for him but finds out from him his with someone else. 
4. Collage lovers reunite at a club with their partners. 
5. Ex boyfriend begs her to take him back after catching him in bed with her best friend and gets jealous when he sees her hanging around with another guy. 
6. Falls pregnant with friends boyfriend. 
7. Has an affair with a teacher whos married. 
8. Because jealous when she sees her boyfriend talking to another girl.
9. Dates her exs best friend


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