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September 2nd, 2018

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August 07, 2018



08/10/2018 03:31 PM 

Letter to my baby #1

My darling baby girl, by now you would have heard what there is to know about your father and all of it negative from your grandfather. But I have decided to write this to you for when you are grown up enough to understand more about your father. Let me take you back to when I first met him. 
I first laid eyes on him at a party. It was after a fashion show in Paris. We laid eyes on each other from across the crowded room when there was a gap in the crowd. After that first time that our eyes met, I didn't see anything of him for a week until on day, my best friend set me up on a blind date with him. You see, he got my friend's number to ask her to set us up on a date. 
Not one much for dating, as my work was my number one priority, I was so nervous and at first refused to go. My friends literally dragged me to the restaurant where we were supposed to have our date. It wasn't until we were in the reception area of the restaurant where I saw him standing up to meet us with a cheeky crooked smile and a knowing look that I actually agreed to the date. 
I had always bad experiences with first dates, but surprisingly this one went well. He was a true gentleman all the way through. At the end of the date, we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. First though, he waited until after my cab pulled away from the curb before taking off himself. A couple of days later, he texted me to see if I can talk and once he spoke to me over the phone he asked me out on another date. After that we had five more dates before he asked to be my boyfriend.


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