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August 15th, 2018

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August 09, 2018



08/09/2018 10:17 PM 

Guidelines || Rules

Roleplay Responding Lengths: Well detailed Paragraph & Multi  Paragraph, Though I will do Semi  Para as long as the rp keeps me interested, One Liners you ask? One line responses through comments or messages, Nope I will let One Liners slide through status streams but that's about it. I simply don't want One liner roleplays flooding my comments or messages, are we clear? Good.

Discussed Storylines: I'm fine with this though I ask that you don't leave all the brainstorming idea's to me and you just follow along not showing effort on your end. Those who simply who haven't watched any of the season's of Game Of Thrones on  HBO can kindly go to wikipedia or Google and read about what the show is about and Daenerys's background from the show if you are curious of what the show is about. I'm not going to spend hours explaining of what Game Of Thrones is about to you. Like i said curious about what the show is about read about in on  your own time.

I'm infact all caught up with Season's 1 - 7 of the show and ready for Season 8, I'm also reading the first book though i will be portraying her more from the show then the books.

Starters: I am infact selective of who i send starters out to for reasons of my own, if you would like a storyline with me please ofter to send the starter.

Replies: Please don't hound me or expect me to do quick 5-10 second replies back to you, I do have more then 1 page, I have other replies and storylines to tend to. If you are going to be all upset that i'm not talking to you more like everyone else then you can kindly remove yourself off my friends list. I will not tolerate or deal with short patient to no patient at all roleplayers. If you can't be patient then be gone.

Rp LI: Dany's Heart belongs to Queen Lioness | Cersei Lannister, Yes I made my Dany Bisexual, don't like it? too damn bad not my problem. Cersei is infact protective of me as I am of her both in and out of character for writtters are quite close.

Solid Long term Mains: Yes I will accept long term connections though like with starters i can be slightly selective with. When it comes to Queen  Lioness & Chesapeake Ripper I'm very protective of both of them as they are of me and have no problems with how protective i am, If someone hurts them then that person who hurt them will be dealing with me, I know they can handle it themselves though there is nothing wrong with having having eachother's back in a defending way. When it comes to other main connections yes i can be abit selective with for I've been hurt and betrayed in the past on other pages of mine of where i thought i could trust someone only to be proven wrong because they listened to someone who someone who doesn't like me and they take their side instead of listening to both sides of the story. So yeah I have my reasons of being as selective as I am, Not causing drama just simply pointing out the reason why I'm selective.

More Rules Soon

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Read and understood.

Posted on Fri Aug 10, 2018, 00:00

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