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Could the winter calm come twice? Because your heart seems so cold tonight. Thirst for substance somehow isn't right. It's killing me inside.

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November 10th, 2018

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September 08, 2017


08/09/2018 04:59 PM 


listed below are names and description's

++Scarlett Hamilton | Scarlett is Noah’s childhood friend and the love of his young life. Growing up just down the hall from one another. She quickly became his beacon of light during a time in his life that felt plagued by darkness. Over time the bond they shared began to blossom into something more then either of them could have.. [more to come as this develops]

++Major Lilywhite | Noah and Major originally bonded over their love for all things that go bump in the night. Originally meeting one another in New Haven, Connecticut where they each took part in a ghost hunting extravaganza that spanned several weeks. Forced to interact with one another as team-mates ultimately discovering they shared more then just a love for all things paranormal. After that they kept in touch emailing back and forth attempting to schedule another ghoulish hunt.. discovering they shared more in common with one another than just a love for the supernatural. They also shared a love for the same woman— Major’s cousin, Scarlett.
++Prudence Vanderbuilt | Noah met Prudence Vanderbuilt at one of her many wine tastings. Enamored by the atmosphere she'd been able to create within her small winery along with its incredible generated buzz in less then a month captured his interest. So much so that he'd looked into the prospect of helping her expand upon her enterprise... when she waltzed into his office one day... folder in hand with a stern and lengthy proposition for the youngest self-made Hollywood Billionaire since Steve Jobs.     

++Brianna Lilywhite | Noah  met Brianna through her husband Major. Filling a brother from another mother type of role in her life after Major’s unfortunate accident with the LAPD that left him in a coma for almost a year. As a result Noah became one of her greatest allies. There to help dust her off every time life knocked her on her ass, there to help her realize the beauty of her dreams and keep her looking forward... especially after Major finally woke from his coma. He even helped finance her dream to to build and own one of Hollywood’s hottest night clubs, Gorgeous Nightmare.

++ Aubree Collins | Noah's first real submissive girlfriend and long time friend. Having met one early Los Angeles summer morning when he waltzed into her minuscule coffee shop, that at the time was staffed by a handful of trusted friends. Immediately smitten with her flawless Belle like deamenor and charming personality. Drawn to her like a mouth to the flame. With a driving need to possess her presence within his life. Becoming a quick investor in her quaint little coffee shop to gain access to her world... sweeping her off her feet... until one day things fell flat and the flame that once embodied their passionate relationship fizzled out.  

++ Theodore Rhodes | 

++ Brooklyn James | Noah met Brooklyn one brisk morning... standing outside iBerry Technologies.


Noah’s First | Muse A is Noah’s first time. She’s a member of the Flynn’s inner circle and one of his mother’s dearest friend. She’s also the one who introduced Noah to the world of S&M. Providing him with a healthy alternative to physical violence by introducing and control.. two things his life had long since been missing.

Business Partners | Muse A and Muse B

More will be added soon.


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