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August 14th, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 27
Country: United States

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September 08, 2017



08/09/2018 04:59 PM 


listed below are names and description's

++Scarlett Hamilton | Scarlett is the love of Nik's life and mother of his son, who's existence is still a mystery to him. Their bond is unconventional at best built ultimately on Nik's need for dominance and control... turning into something much more then either could have expected. She challenged his need for control... through her free-spirited and head strong nature. Always defying Nik's every wish just to get a rise out of him. She changed him in all of the ways one can change. Though their relationship put to an abrupt end when she suddenly decided to skip town... unbeknownst to him and her father to give birth to Nik's son, (insert name), before placing the child up for adoption. Nik left heartbroken, a look the world had never before seen grace his angelic face, wondering if he’d ever again see the brazen beauty in his life. [more to come as this develops]

++Major Lilywhite | Nik and Major originally bonded over their love for paranormal activity. Each taking part in a ghost adventure several years ago... when they were forced to participate as team-mates. They kept in touch discovering over time they had more in common with one anther outside their shared love for all that goes bump in the night. A need for control.. steaming from abuse suffered at the hands of their birth father's... and a shared fondness for the same woman. One through family ties the other through desire and need.

++Jaxin Delacroix | Nik met Jaxin after he frequented a club in which Jaxin worked and an altercation ensued. The altercation between Nik and a former employee who'd been let go for stealing trade secrets... that ultimately ended with Nik nursing a poorly placed right hook to the jaw as he failed to defend himself... attempting to keep the situation from escalating any further when Jaxin emerged from the crowd of gathered spectators, to through the antagonist from the building. [more to come as this develops

++Prudence Vanderbuilt | Nik met Prudence Vanderbuilt at one of her many wine tastings. Enamored by the atmosphere she'd been able to create within her small winery along with its incredible generated buzz in less then a month captured his interest. So much so that he'd looked into the prospect of helping her expand upon her enterprise... when she waltzed into his office one day... folder in hand with a stern and lengthy proposition for the youngest self-made Hollywood Billionaire since Steve Jobs.     

++Brianna Lilywhite | Nik met Brianna through her husband Major. Filling a brother from another mother role  in her life fairly quickly... especially after Major ended up in a coma after a case he'd been working went south and he was shot in the head. At first it was touch and go Brianna couldn't bring herself to leave Major's side - ultimately forcing Nik to step into a role he wasn't sure he'd be able to fulfill for her as she waited for Major to wake - family. When Major finally woke Nik found he'd be the one Brianna leaned on most... especially when she decided to leave the LAPD to do what she'd always dreamed of... Nik providing the financial front... helping build and guide her through the in's and out's of owning a company. 

++ Aubree Collins | Nikolai's first submissive and long time friend. Having met one early Los Angeles summer morning when he waltzed into her minuscule coffee shop, that at the time was staffed by a handful of trusted friends. Immediately smitten with her flawless Belle like deamenor and charming personality. Drawn to her like a mouth to the flame. With a driving need to possess her presence within his life. Becoming a quick invested in her quaint little coffee shop to gain access to her world... sweeping her off her feet... until one day things fell flat and the flame that once embodied their passionate relationship fizzled out.  

++ Benjamin Osborne | 


Former Submissive(s) [a minimum of 1 desired]
Former Dominance [slightly older woman who also happens to be Nik's First Time]
Adoptive Brother(s) [a minimum of 1 desired]
Adoptive Sister(s) [a minimum of 1 desired]
Business Partners [a minimum of 2 desired - former college room-mates]

More will be added soon.


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