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General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull

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August 14th, 2018

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08/09/2018 03:48 PM 

Cyber Hydra Conversion
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After losing my former daughter to a Shield agent, I decided it was time to rebuild up my Hydra Army, but give my new soldiers a body of a Cyberman and the unlimited strength of a serum, I had been working on for a long time.  It's time create and build my new 'Cyber Hydra' Army


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Cyber Razu (Hydra's Pure Nightmare)


Razu:  Yes sir

He then smiled, as he then grabbed him off the ground and pushed him to the labs, where the Cyber Converter is.  Once they arrived, Razu was surprised to see Harry was there, wanting to watch his conversion, instead of resting and recovering as ordered by Schmidt.  But Harry wanted to watch this, as he wanted the these memories removed from him for good

Harry decided to give Razu a hand and help pinned Worthington back into the converter, as Razu removed his restraints from his wrists, but Worthington still wanted to get through to Harry and connect to him

Worthington:  Harry, I know your in there somewhere.  Please, don't do this.  You have my word if you join me, I will make sure that I will promote you and give you the recognition that you deserve, just please don't do this

Razu watched him trying to talk to Harry, but Harry's mind was well long  and is now under the control of Schmidt and Hydra.  He wan't going to listen to anyone, other then Razu and Johann

Razu:  Trying to convince him of your lies, will not work.  His one of us for life and his proud of being part of Hydra.  Rak'nor, hold him steady, while I lock him in

Posted on Tue Aug 14, 2018, 16:08

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull


Worthington looked up, as he saw what could be the leader of the group.  He saw him walked up to him and started checking him and inspecting him, before looking at both of his Commanders

Johann:  You both have done extremely well.  Rak'nor.  I'm proud of you.  You have carried out your first mission, even though you brought this man back to me, you have still done well.  It's time for you to rest and recover

Razu and Johann smiled at Harry and watched him head out of the office for a good nights rest.  Johann noticed that Harry might have placed a gag on him and looked at Razu to remove it

"Now.  I'm going to let Commander Razu here to remove the gag from your mouth.  You are not to yell or scream.  You do, it will go back on.  We clear on that?"

Worthington:  *looks at you and nodded*

Johann:  Good.  Razu, remove it  *watches remove the gag from your mouth, but not your restraints*

Worthington:  So your the one who has brainwashed Harry Knight to be a blood thirsty murder?

Johann:  Let's just say, he was already broken when we brought him in here and was going to refuse my offer, but decided to accept it and now, his a proud loyal and faithful Hydra warrior  *Smiles at you*  Thanks to all of the training you have given him, his now become much more stronger and powerful

Worthington:  And a brainwashed murderer.  You have stripped his entire life and given him a false life to believe in.  When he finds out what you have done to him, he will turn on you

Johann:  But who was the one who made him weak and never gave him the recognition he truly deserves?  If you are a leader of the force and you see how hard he has worked, then he would've been rewarded and been promoted.  But with some help from my Commander here, he is now a Second Cyber Hydra Commander.  The ran he wished he had that would allow him to lead a team of his own.  Thanks to my offer he accepted, he is what he is right now and is more happier

Worthington:  What did you do to him exactly?

Johann: His body and mind was cleansed of all the emotions he carried within him, including any memories that he wants to forget and be given a new life.  Take Commander Razu for an example.  He has 2 sides to exhibit.  His normal form and his Cyber form.  In this form, he was very little or limited emotions that he shows, but has no regrets.  When he is in his Cyber form, he has no emotions, no feelings, no regrets and that was has become of Rak'nor, or 'Harry Knight' as you would call him

Worthington:  And that is what you have done to him?  You removed everything from him and turned him into your new puppet?  If your planning on turning me into those 2, you can forget about it

Johann:  Well, I'm afraid, rather you want to or not, you are perfect to come back to a Soldier and serve our cause.  You try to resist, you will die.  Razu, him processed now

Posted on Tue Aug 14, 2018, 08:43

Cyber Razu (Hydra's Pure Nightmare)


"I have a way of ensuring that.  But first, we need to take out guest to General Schmidt, let him inspect him first, before deciding his fate.  You have done well on your first mission, Rak'nor.  Be proud"  

Razu gave him a smile a few pats, as the door of the plane is closed and locked and within moments, is in the air again.  14 hours later, they returned back to their Hydra base.  The 3 soldiers needed to rest and recharge, leaving only Razu and Harry up.  When they arrived back, the made sure that Worthington was on his knees, as both Razu and Harry gave Johann the Hydra salute

"General.  We have brought you the subject"

Posted on Mon Aug 13, 2018, 08:01

Harry Knight


"I've already informed him that we are heading back and that we have a subject coming back with us.  I already sensed that he knows who we are bringing back with us and that he would love to have a long chat with him.  And yes, I have covered his eyes.  He will not see the location at all.  You and the others have destroyed the barracks and left our mark there?  I'm glad that is gone and even though I have remembered that place, it would be best for me to never remember it and live back on that again"

Posted on Mon Aug 13, 2018, 07:58

Cyber Razu (Hydra's Pure Nightmare)


Razu and the 3 soldiers decided that it would be best to burn the entire Army barracks and turn it into ashes.  They found a way of blowing up the buildings, but leaving the dead CO's and soldiers out into the open and away from the buildings, but also leaving their new Cyber Hydra mark behind

Once they watched the buildings being blown up, they got back into the van, cloaked it and drove off, before powering the shield and heading back to the plane, where Harry and their test subject was waiting.  When they arrived back, the soldiers took their positions, with Harry already in the pilot seat, ready to take off.  Razu got on board and noticed their subject's eyes have been covered, before taking his seat next to Harry

"I see that you have covered our subject's eyes?  Have you contacted General Schmidt?"

Posted on Mon Aug 13, 2018, 07:52

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull


"Very well and good job, Commander Rak'nor.  I'm looking forward to seeing our new subject, when you, Razu and our 3 soldiers return.  Safe travels back"

Johann turned the radio off and sat back into his chair, knowing that his new Commander was done well on his first mission and might have decided to bring one of his former CO's back to base.  It would be nice to chat to his former CO, before deciding his fate

Posted on Mon Aug 13, 2018, 07:48

Harry Knight


"Yes Commander"

Harry found some restraints and then placed it on his wrists, before grabbing him and took him to the plane.  Once they got in, Harry found a spot to place Worthington and secured him in and also placed a gag into his mouth, just in case he tried to speak to them

He then got onto the radio and established a full connection to their Hydra base and to Schmidt.  He managed to change his appearance back to normal, just in front of Worthington

"Hydra Base, this is Commander Rak'nor.  We're making our way back to the base and we have a new subject.  All of the CO's and soldiers in the barracks have been deleted" 

Posted on Mon Aug 13, 2018, 02:02

Cyber Razu (Hydra's Pure Nightmare)


Razu:  You will come with us, Worthington.  I believe that once our CO has checked you out, he might make a soldier out of you

Worthington:  And if I refuse?

Razu:  Look around you.  That is what you will be, if you decide not to come and Rak'nor here will delete you

Ben looked at his fellow officers who lay dead around him, with laser burns at their heads, just from Harry and the others killing them.  Ben had no choice and looked at Harry and then Razu

Worthington:  Fine, I'll come

Razu:  Good choice  *Smiles, before looking at Rak'nor*  Secure him and get him into the plane and then inform General Schmidt that we are bringing a new subject

Posted on Mon Aug 13, 2018, 01:43

Harry Knight


Harry smiled even bigger and watched Razu take his place, as Harry walked towards the CO's and started walking around them, as the 3 Cyber Soldier's are still holding their positions, with their lasers out, should anyone try to make a run for it

Harry:  You know that this is the first time, I've come back here, since calling these barracks home?  I was so looking forward to pushing my carrier to new paths and maybe one day, be in charge.  But all of that was taken away from me, with the amount of sacrifices I've made to put my life on the line and was looking forward to being in charge of a team of my own.  But when I watched everyone getting promoted, I felt angry and didn't get enough recognition that I truly deserved.  Well, I'm here to ensure that you all get punish for what you have done to me

Worthington:  Knight?  Listen to me, son.  You are a great soldier and had the up most respect from everyone, including me.  I had put your name down for a promotion and you were going to be the next group in line to be promoted within 6 months

Harry:  *looks at you*  Don't lie to me.  It wasn't going to be 6 months, wasn't it?  It was going to be in 2 years?

Worthington:  *Sighs* It was 

Harry:  I never had the up most respect from everyone, cause everyone looked at me, as I was like a weakling to you all.  Well, I'm here to show you that I'm not weak and that I'm stronger then you think.  Thanks to some help from my new CO, he has blessed me and has given me a second chance to be the soldier I've always to be and be in Command of a team that was taken away from me

He then took a few steps back and used his powers to change his appearance.  Within seconds, he showed off his Cyberman form, except he had a full black bar across his head and then removed his helmet

Worthington:  What the heck?  You look like them?

Harry:  Except, I am a Cyber Hydra Commander and my name is Rak'nor.  My CO has given me a second chance of life and has turned me into the Soldier I've wanted.  I have zero feelings, zero regrets, zero sex and zero gender and we are all equally the same.  *stomps around you*  You are all weak and will be deleted

Worthington:  Knight!  Don't you dare do this!

But Harry wasn't going to listen and brought out his lasers and started firing at the CO's.  Within moments, everyone is now dead.  Razu smiled as Harry was erasing his past by killing everyone, however, Razu had an idea with Worthington, since was spared.  Ben opened his eyes and looked up and saw that Harry still had his laser still pointed at him 

Posted on Sun Aug 12, 2018, 17:31

Cyber Razu (Hydra's Pure Nightmare)


Razu nodded his head and agreed.  Harry then drove up towards the gates, with Razu taking the guards out quietly and then activated the shield.  Their van was now cloaked and Harry found a good spot to park the van, before giving out orders to the soldiers.  Once they understood, the 3 of them all then headed out and went out on a killing spree.  3 hours later, all of the soldiers were killed and all of the CO's were gathered together

Simon then got in contact with both of his Commanders and informed them that the CO's are secured and gave them the location where they are right now

"The CO's are gathered together.  It's time to make our presents felt.  Let's move"  

Razu and Harry then got out of the van and headed towards where their Cyber soldiers are right now.  Within 10mins, they arrived and some of the CO's that saw Harry and didn't know if he was working for this guy and these metal men or not.  One of Harry's old CO's looked at Harry and saw this smile across his face, like he might be up to something

Worthington:  Knight? Harry Knight?  Is that really you?  Knight, tell me that you haven't got anything to do with the killing of the soldiers in the barracks here?

Razu:  Oh you know him?  You must be one of his old CO's?  Sargent Ben Worthington?  *Smiles*  "I've red about you and a few others that once Commanded him.  Not giving him the recognition he deserves, after everything he has done for you.  You know what?  I would love to kill you myself, but since he still feels hurt, I'll let him do it.  *looks at you*  Their all yours, Rak'nor.  Have some fun

Posted on Sun Aug 12, 2018, 17:14


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