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General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull

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November 15th, 2018

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08/09/2018 03:48 PM 

Cyber Hydra Conversion
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After losing my former daughter to a Shield agent, I decided it was time to rebuild up my Hydra Army, but give my new soldiers a body of a Cyberman and the unlimited strength of a serum, I had been working on for a long time.  It's time create and build my new 'Cyber Hydra' Army


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Dr Owen Harper


Owen then nodded his head and the both of them got the things ready, to take Harry to the medical bay.  Within 25mins, Harry was now in place and is now resting nicely.  Owen made sure that everything was hooked up and looked at the monitors closely, before looking at Harry

Owen:  There you go, Rak'nor.  *Smiles down at you*  When you wake up, you'll find yourself in here, resting and recovering.  You never know, one day, I could be your next successor and take over Hydra and continue on the legacy that you have formed together.  But that will be another day, we'll take about that.  Just rest well, brother

Owen smiled even bigger and gave him a gentle pat on his shoulder, as he then gave a look into his eyes and into his ears.  All good and then picking up his stethoscope and listening to his heart, breathing and his other vital organs.  All in good health with no problems.  He then place it around his neck and pulled the cover over him a bit, not knowing that Harlequin was watching

Harlequin:  Is he alright, doctor?  *Smiles at you*

Owen:  *Looks behind you and smiles*  His going to be okay, Harlequin.  We just had to remove the special probe that was in his brain and give his brain a few electrical shocks, to remove the phase code that was programmed deep into his mind.  He'll be back on his feet in several days.  Is there something I can help you with?

Harlequin: I thought if you have the time, I would like have my medical examination done.  The guys also want their exams done as well.  Ours is well long overdue and we haven''t had the chance to have done at all

Owen:  I'll be happy to do one on you now  *Smiles*  This way

They both then left Harry's room and headed to another room.  Owen got himself ready, while Harlequin knew what he had to do.  When he was in position and had a towel to cover the lower part of his body, Owen began his examination, checking eyes, ears, heart, breathing and his vital organs.  All came back good.  He check his blood pressure and it was good at time

"Okay, now.  I need to bring your legs up towards you and open then up as big as much as you can and need to remain really still"

Harlequin did just that and looked straight up at the ceiling light and continued to breath normal as well, while Owen was checking his private area.  There was a lot of pushing and pulling going on and Harlequin was feeling every bit of it, but it's part of procedure.  He felt what is a needle in there and felt a slight pinch, before having it removed.  40mins, it was done and Owen got his results back

"All good.  You are clear of any illnesses and any kind of cancers in there.  You are in perfectly healthy"  *Smiles at you*

Harlequin: Thank you, Doctor.  *Smiles back, as I finished getting my pants on*  I see that he will not be able to train our new soldiers.  I'll be happy to train them, but remain in here instead of out there

Posted on Mon Oct 29, 2018, 16:20

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull


Johann smiled at Owen, as he listened to what he had to say and smiled even bigger.  He also sensed that even though Harry was out still, he could feel him smiling from the inside and totally agrees with Owen as well

"I'm so glad that my legacy will be safe in the hands of my 2 sons.  You will both work together and have joint responsibilities.  You know that one day, he might end up having you as his next successor and becoming the future General of Hydra.  But that will be spoken between you both, when the time comes.  For now, he needs all the medical attention.  I'll help you to take him to the medical bay"

Posted on Mon Oct 29, 2018, 16:15

Dr Owen Harper


Owen smiled at him, as he walked up to him and placed his hand on his back and looked at him

"I'll be looking forward to when that times comes, but now isn't that time yet.  We still have much more things to do, father.  Ever since I've joined, I have been watching Rak'nor grow and become into this ultimate true soldier.  He takes pride in what he does and it's pride that I see when ever I do his medical exams.  I see it all the time in his eyes.  The other small part of him still continues to fight and try everything to bring the good side of him out, but with his faith and loyalty so strong to the cause, his will and determination is forever bound to the Hydra cause.  Nothing within him will change him back.  That side of him is dead and gone forever.  This is the side of him that has fully come out and he has fully embraced it and you have my word, with the continuous support from me, we will ensure that Hydra becomes master rulers of the world"

Posted on Mon Oct 29, 2018, 16:05

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull


Johann then nodded his head at Owen, as he agrees with him.  He then looked down at Harry and smiled at him, as he had his head patched and wrapped and looked so peaceful and just thought of how powerful he will be, when he is replaced by Harry, as the new highly ranked officer General of Hydra

"By the time Rak'nor is ready to take over from me, he will become the most powerful and dangerous General around.  He has never failed me once, never disobeyed an order and has always carried out every request, order and demanded with no question.  This is what a true ultimate soldier looks like.  His faith and loyalty is so strong that no one will ever be able to break it and that when he dies, he will be joining the greats in a better place and live in peace.  In fact, we will all be in the same better place, when our time ends and we will still be together"

He then gently uses a few of his fingers, to stroke his head and his face and smiled down at him

Posted on Mon Oct 29, 2018, 15:45

Dr Owen Harper


Owen then nodded his head to Johann, as the both of them can now get started on it.  Johann then made a entry hole into Harry's head and then the both of them got started.  Both of them were then watching the monitor extremely closely, as they both worked together.  9 hours later, the probe was then carefully removed him Harry's brain and after being given some special electrical shocks to his brain, to ensure that the phase code is removed from his mind, he was now recovering nicely

"Now that the probe is out of his brain father, I highly suggest that he rests for the next several days and that his off his feet and that I want him to be placed in my medical bay, so I can keep an close eye on him"

Posted on Sun Oct 28, 2018, 16:35

Harry Knight


"I'm ready, Owen"

With that, Harry saw Owen holding a oxygen mask up to his face, before turning the gas on and then waited.  Within a few moments, Harry was now out cold.  For the next 8 to 12 hours, Harry will not be feeling anything going on in his head

Posted on Sun Oct 28, 2018, 16:33

Dr Owen Harper


Owen guided Harry over to the operating table and watched as Harry removed his uniform shirts off.  Once he did, Johann placed them on the seat, as Owen then started to get Harry hooked up the medical equipment

He then helped Harry lay head down first and strapped and secured him down.  Owen watch as their father used a device to scan the probe's location.  Once he got a lock on it, Owen then started shave some his hair off, to get to the location.  Within moments, they were both ready.  Owen and Johann had face masks, goggles and doubled gloves on their hands.  Owen walked up to Harry, getting ready to knock him out

"Okay.  We're both ready, so when your ready, I'll gas you out and from there, you'll be out and we can get started on it.  You ready, Rak'nor?"

Posted on Sun Oct 28, 2018, 16:26

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull


Johann smiled at both of his sons, as he is so proud of them both.  He now knows that the both of them will make sure that Hydra remains the most powerful force in the world and he then placed each of his hands of one each of their shoulders

"My sons.  You are both the new leaders and the new generation that will make Hydra so powerful, that no one will ever bring you down and I'm proud to call you my sons"  *pats you both, before giving you both a hug*  It's time we get that probe out of your brain, Rak'nor

Posted on Sun Oct 28, 2018, 16:20

Harry Knight


Harry looked at him and smiled at him, as he listened to what he had to say.  he told him the truth about the probe that's in his brain and what he has been doing all this time, behind everyone's backs.  He wasn't angry at him, but he could tell that he wanted to make him a better soldier and a better person, but it was his faith and loyalty that has brought him to where he is right now.  He smiled even bigger, when he heard about his father's legacy

"Father.  You have my word, that when your gone one day, I will ensure that your legacy that you have created and made, will continue on and as long as I have support from Owen and our soldiers, including Harlequin and his men, it will continue for many more centuries.  You our word on that and I'm not angry that you placed a probe in my brain.  You were only trying to make me a better soldier and a better person and you have.  Our bonding has been so strong and powerful, that no one hasn't broken and will forever remain like that, even when your are gone, it will forever be strong.  I am proud to be your son, father.  And Owen is also proud to be your son, as well"

He then looked at Owen, who smiled proudly, before looking at Johann again

"We are family, the 3 of us.  Our bond and love for each other is strong and can never be broken, no matter what is thrown at us, we are still powerful together"

Posted on Sun Oct 28, 2018, 16:10

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull


Johann:  *Speaks quietly back*  Indeed it does.  Once we dismiss our new warriors, we'll head down to the hidden lab and we'll ask Owen to come and watch the procedure.  I'm surprised you now know what is in your brain.  I'll explain everything, once it's out and fully removed

Johann smiled back and gave Harry a few pats on his shoulder and looked at their new soldiers and raised one hand up to stop them from chanting.  The soldiers then stopped and stood to attention, as Johann stood up in front of him, just in front of his desk

"Soldiers.  It's time for you to charge up your new bodies.  Your new friends here will take you all to your new charging pods.  Once your fully charge, you won't have to charge again for another 6 weeks, but you will still need to rest.  Tomorrow, you will be put through your ultimate training process with Cyber Commander Rak'nor.  You will out of your charging pods and be ready to leave by 0800 hours"

Hybrid Cyber Soldiers:  Understood General Schmidt!

Johann looked at Harlequin's men and nodded his head to them, as to say take them to their new charging pods.  Johann walked up to his desk and pressed a button and called Owen to join him into his office.  By the time Owen arrived, the last of the new Hybrid Cyber Soldiers left, leaving the 3 of them on their own.  The door closed and locked, as Johann pressed a hidden button, for the 3 of them to go into the hidden lab

Johann:  Now that your blood is now linked to them Rak'nor, I can remove the special probe that's in your brain right now..  Remember when I offered you the chance to become my new Hydra Operative?  Well, when you accepted the offer, I brought you here.  As part of being my Operative, you would be going on some stop secret missions, that no normal soldier would dare to go on.  The probe that's in your brain right now, would call you to me, when I had a new mission for you and the special phase code would be activated and only you would be able to hear it and see it.  Once I told you, I gave you a code for the mission, you would go and carry it out and when you returned, you had a full memory scrub, so that you would forget the missions you've done and just acted as normal.  I would've asked our former unnamed soldier if they would be interested in the offer, but I know for a fact, that when they would become fully in charge, they would change everything and will not carry out my legacy that I have formed, but then you came along and I sensed something within you that you could be the one, who would carry on my legacy

Posted on Sun Oct 28, 2018, 15:44


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