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Salazar Brothers

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August 13th, 2018

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August 09, 2018



08/09/2018 03:37 PM 

Noah Salazar

Noah is the older twin who was born to Jessica and Kevin. His brother Jonah was born about 20 minutes later. At first they were taking care of by their mother and sometimes their father. But after their father died their mother went into a depression and so it was Benjamin who took care of them after that. Because of that they have a strong bond. They however never met their sister who left when they were only about a month old. After Benjamin then confronted his mother about 5 years later telling her to take care of Noah and Jonah she finally started to be a mother again. When Noah was about 8 though their mother once again lacked in the mother department and Noah and Jonah kind of took care of themselves. They collectively decided to not tell Benjamin about any of it because Benjamin had already done alot for them and they didn't want him to give up on his dream. 3 years later however Benjamin found out because Benjamin came back because they had found their sister's body. After that Benjamin called the police separating both Noah and Jonah and landing them in foster care. Noah could not even be angry at his brother for doing it but didn't like it that much either because all his life the only thing that was really constant was his twin brother. 1 day before the outbreak happened in Washington Noah actually sneaked out of his foster family's home to go and visit Jonah. Not knowing anything was wrong yet until the next day when he got attacked by a zombie. After this Noah made sure to keep both himself and Jonah save and kept hidden until Benjamin finally found them and they were reunited once again. Benjamin then protected them in any way he could. Sheltered them from everything that was going on. And ofcourse there were a few close calls but Benjamin always came through in the end. They later met Aurora who was protecting a girl. Both Benjamin and Aurora became their protectors and they never actually had to get their hands dirty. All they did was take care of Rachel. Made sure their was enough food or water but they never had to be afraid for their safety. Knowing they were protected. It wasn't like Noah didn't want to help. Benjamin just didn't want him to help. Didn't want him to have any weapons in his hands and in the end Noah accepted that there was no use in arguing with his brother. 


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