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Salazar Brothers

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August 13th, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 26
Country: United States

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August 09, 2018



08/09/2018 03:36 PM 

Benjamin Salazar

Benjamin lived a happy and carefree life together with his 2 year older sister. This all changed when his mother and father divorced and his mother remarried a abusive jackass that would always hit Benjamin when he was drunk however. He would rather have himself getting beat up then his sister however despite the fact it sometimes looked like he hated his sister. One day when Benjamin was about 14 years old his mother got pregnant of twins which was the happiest time in his mother's life and he was happy for her despite the fact she pretty much never helped him when his step-father would beat him up. He never held it against her because he adored his mother despite everything. Once the twins were born his mother got really busy though and Benjamin's sister did not like it whatsoever and ran away. Shortly after his step-father got killed leaving his mother devastated which landed her into a depression. Which is when he took care of the twins despite the fact how young he was. This ofcourse had a down side making Benjamin somewhat of a jackass and a party animal if he wasn't taking care of his brothers. When he was about 19 however he got sick and tired of always being the one his mother relied on and told her to get her act together and take care of her sons. Which was just the thing she needed and she started becoming more active in the twins life again. Benjamin because he took care of his two brothers had a strong and deep connection with both his younger twin brothers. So when he went to college when he was 20 he called them almost every day asking them how they are. Benjamin wanted to be a surgeon and for about 6 years or so he would put all his effort into it while still trying to talk to his brothers everyday. But they kept a horrible secret from him a secret he found out about when he came back home because his sister who he hadn't heard of in years had died 2 years prior but they just found her body. His mother has yet again been lacking in the mother department the house was filthy the boys pretty much grew up themselves and Benjamin got really mad at his mother telling her he was going to take them away from her. His mother cried and pleaded not to take her sons and that she would take care of them again. But Benjamin did not believe any of it and called the police not thinking about his brother's getting separated while going into foster care because Benjamin did not have a house and lived at the college dorm. He thought about it later though and felt really guilty knowing that his brother's couldn't really live without eachother and so he promised them he would get a house and bring them home. This never actually happened however because before he could find a house the zombie apocalypse started. The first thing Benjamin did afterwards was finding out where his brothers were. When he found them he made sure they were save and later joint Aurora. He is 33. 


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