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Joel Kettleburn

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November 20th, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 40
Country: United States

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June 12, 2013



08/09/2018 01:56 PM 

T-Bird and the Dragon

Joel had decided that since Thor had been so gracious by escorting him to Asgard for the summer solstice, he'd return the favor on a smaller scale by taking him for a drive up the California coast. Screeching up to the curb in a classic that served to remind the God of the nickname the dragon had given him, he honked to garner his attention from the little crowd of admirers that had gathered around the tall, well built and quite handsome male. Patting the passenger's seat, he called out to him with a charming grin on his lips, "Climb on in, big guy! Let's go for a ride!"
Once his company had joined him he pulled away with the spin of rubber to road and set out for the very scenic and winding Hwy 101. With the top down, wind blowing in their hair and music blaring, he steered the car along with expert ease. It hugged the roadway perfectly and responded to even the lightest touch. He glanced over now and then to see Thor smiling and rocking along to the sounds. With his own heart flying, he reached over with his free hand and tugged the other's digits into his own, fingers entwined, singing the song that was playing with a huge grin.
Finally after almost half a day of driving, he pulled off the road onto a rarely used scenic overlook near the town of Crescent City. Shifting the car into park, facing out at the glory of the ocean and forested peaks, he sat back and turned everything off so they could just sit and admire the view and the sounds of the ocean crashing against the rocks below. A little while later he turned to him and with all honesty spoke, "I'm beginning to treasure your company." Simply stated, but deeply felt.



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Thor - Gott des Donners


There had only been a handful of times when the Asgardian God had traveled on Earth in their tiny Midgardian vessels and did not enjoy their typical slowness and wondered how the people here did not get frustrated in their travels. In addition, this realm had something called traffic that Thor never enjoyed but the road trip sounded like a wonderfully ordinary thing to do and be with someone that he really enjoyed being around. 

He arrived at the designated place a bit early and had assumed the attire of a normal earth being. This was obviously not disguise enough though as several people soon surrounded him, asking questions about the cosmos and who he was dating and so on. Several got something called selfies and Thor willingly smiled for their pictures until a beauty of a car came pulling up and behind the wheel, a face he had grown to crave seeing. Giidy with excitement now, he made his apologies to the others and quickly made his exit towards the car with a large grin on his countenance. 

"A T-bird? How apropos." He grinned with a wink this time and jumped in, settling in and noticed almost instantly how much more room that he had over previous vessels here. "This is quite a beauty." He touched Joel's arm, clarifying. "That was in reference to the vehicle this time. My thoughts on my wonderful company shall come later." He winked again, feeling and noting how lighthearted he was, almost whimsical and playful. He had not felt quite like this since his youth. 

As they took off, the wind blew over the top of the car and Thor put his hands up in the air, enjoying how it felt. There was a very liberating experience in all of this that he was going to soak up and treasure. Music blared out and Thor rather liked many of the songs that were playing, although he was surprised most of them were under five minutes in length. Songs where he was from never fell that short. Still, he found a liking to rock music and found himself moving to the various sounds made. At one point, Joel had taken his hand and they each laced their fingers, happy to feel connected. He watched Joel singing the lyrics of the song as it made. His heart beamed and he grew more excited. "That's you that sings this song?" Thor thought he was hearing him sing along with his own song. When he said, 'here I am, rock you like a hurricane' Thor mumbled to himself.  "You already do." His eyes panned over Joel's body and back up as his head flooded with very intense ideas. He let his mind drift to those very ideas and how things could happen. He was getting more clear on how two men could be and was growing more eager to learn and explore. 

After a long while, Joel had chosen to pull off the main road and to a tranquil space they could just sit and relax. With the music gone and the engine's hum squelched, they sat a moment in silence. Joel's words caused the God to turn and look. He had no words right now and was letting those sink in. He stared a long moment before reaching across to cup the side of his cheek. He leaned and stopped to open his seatbelt and then quickly leaned in again. He brought their lips together, kissing him in a way he felt he had yet to kiss him before. It was not hungry, though filled with hungry need, not savage, though filled with a raging force inside. It was tender and loving and spoke words Thor could not find right now. Joel had captured a part of him that filled an ache inside that he was not even aware he had. Just being with him, no matter where it was made the realms stop and brought a peace to his life he had not known he could return to. It was like having his youth back. This man, this being was like a breath of long awaited fresh air and Thor was going to breathe deeply. 

As the kiss subsided and he rested their heads together, he sought out some words. "My company is yours, whenever you wish it to be. I too am finding it to be my most favorite of times. This day has been glorious. Shall we find a way to not let it end? If we travel in the direction of the time meridian, we could conceivably stay locked just here." He chuckled. "I know. It doesn't work quite that way."

Posted on Tue Aug 21, 2018, 19:21

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