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07/11/2018 04:27 PM 

Some Jokes ain't funny/Not all Jokes are funny Pt, 1

*Feminine form draped in torn, burnt blue and black clothing lied face down in the black void that was the room around her. The flicking light and warmth of scatter flames filled her senses as she drifted in and out of consciousness on the dirty floor. She tried her best focus on the sounds of people who seem to be moving in the distance as a way to hold her mind in the conscious and dull the pain. But all her mind wanted to think was the words 'Some Jokes Ain't Funny' that seem to be burning the nerves of her brain away. Her smeared painted lips made a smile on her messy painted white face laying cheek down on the filth covered floor. The once hazel eyes snapped open exposing an hint of green glow in the white sclera stared unblinking at the imaginary goofy cartoonish creature that hovered in front of them.*

“Not going to happen Penelope, I ain't loosing my grip now that I free of your neediness and besides isn't better this way? No more silly things like laws, logic, being daddy's pride and joy, look what that gotcha you dead by the mean old Bat and stupid Joker's hands. You played by the rules, tried to help your fellow man and what did it get you? ME! For years you buried me deep down, afraid to go outside the box. So go AWAY!” *Her body lurched up in a twisting, unnatural way as a dirty, clipped nails hand waved away at the imaginary goofy cartoonish creature. As her head followed her body up the flicking scatter flames around the darken dirty room gave way to an bright clean white tiled room full of people in orange jumpsuits seating in a circle around her. An older male doctor with an rescinding hairline wearing an worn brown suit under his lab coat steps forward holding an clipboard.*

“Penelope Young? It's good that you rejoin us in group therapy but do you have something you want to add.” *Her eyes darted around at the unemotional faces, stopping on her clean hand and the doctor just beyond with an frown. As it lowered she knew in the deepest part of her soul that no matter what this pitiful man said with all his notes that this wasn't the real world. The true reality was chaotic, burnt to an chard, full of hatred and death they had shown her the truth and it had broken the poor woman. No broken wasn't the right word more like freed her to who she really was and met to be. She eyed the older doctor with an childish grin to the moment the hand touched the lap of her orange jumpsuit, which under the brightly color fabric her pale leg muscles tensed. Her fingers pulled at fabric as the male doctor strolled closer taking notes, suddenly she moved, leaping with an elbow to his jaw as her pearl white teeth bit down on one of his ears. A spray of crimson shot into the face of one of people in orange jumpsuits seating in a circle. Both an painful scream and evil laughter broke the calm, as an alarm erupted to guards in heavy gear burst into the room to cheer of the others.*

“Some Jokes Ain't Funny doctor but that was close” *She laughs at the poor man holding the side of his face as she was dragged the arms from the room. Her feet left to steaks on the polish floor as she swallowed the ear, drips of blood running down her chin as her head turn to one of the guards.* “Do you he hear what I said? No? Well I guess ask him next time I have an snack.” *The guard just rolled her eyes to the other crossed as they forced Kill-Joy's down as she was drag. She counted ugly old green tiles and bottoms of the solid metal doors they passed, lifting her head up. With her head tilted to one side she cheerfully watch the usual suspects cast of characters in their cells she was dragged by. Ivy trimming her plants peacefully, Croc relaxing on his warn leather sofa watching TV, Riddler angrily doing an crossword puzzle, Mister Freeze tending to his wife's cryo chamber and finally Deadshot doing push-ups. She knew them all well from back when she was the doctor in change of treatments and an thing of feared authority of Arkham. But now she was at their level or lower and pitied like Joker and Harley Quinn.*

“You know what's funny about doctors?” *Kill-Joy yelled at them as she stuck out her tongue as the guards tossed her into an empty cell assigned to her. Landing on her bubble butt hard she groan in discomfort as she rubbed it and the heavy metal door slammed closed. Hopping to her feet she yanked off the ugly orange laceless issued shoes, thrown them to one side to the far wall. Bare footed she runs over to the high small bared window, taking a hold of the bars she lifted herself up. Pressing her face against the cold metal bars she could see the lights of the city over the bay. As her hands released the bar the clear wall became burnt and black as warmth of scatter flames filled her body. Her bare feet touched the dirty, ash covered floor, she spun around only to be met with and shadowy pointy ear figure with an twisted grin. Her hands reached out for its throat and face but grabbed only empty air, followed by disembody laughter..*

“I told you Doctor Young I wanted my Titan!, Its okay Doctor Young I'll stop his madness and protect you.” *She hissed at the voices, charging into the shadow with murderous intent but only to touch emptiness. Crashing the reinforced clear wall, leaving large bloody stain next to the metal door, Kill-Joy slid down the wall. Her eyes burned out from under the dark that her bloody red, blonde and blue hair that covered them, giving her wild, brutal appearance.* “Lies!” *She sat there for a few minutes rocking with her hands wrap around her ankles as the dark, dirty burnt room faded back to the bright, clean, white and green tiled room. The sound of pounding feet stopping, followed by the heavy sound of metal clicking open brought her hopping to her feet, where she happily bounced on her toes as several guards armed with batons stormed into the room. Their faces hidden behind mirror visors only may the deranged woman smirk under her bloody rat nest looking hair as she looked down at their boots tips against the dull green floor tiles. Those in the other nearby rooms paused what activities they where engaged in, to see what comes next with the thrill of upcoming movie premiere, as they seen it many times to hundreds of other Arkham guests over the years.*

*The blurry dark phantom figures beyond the reinforced clear wall swarm into an black mass,which sounds became thuds, terrified and painful screams that filled the surrounding wing. The woman's mouth let out an gleeful chuckling as her hands where used to cover her head from the first round of blows. Suddenly her chuckling stop as one of her hands stopping an baton by taking hold of a guard's wrist, with an fast flick the wrist snapped. Kill-Joy's head tilted with a grin at the crying guard as the dropped baton into her waiting free hand, twisting the wrist flipping the guard painfully into another.* “What to know something neato? Everyone's going to die painfully.” *Feeling an impact to the back of her head, she giggled as her body twisted with unnatural grace to the guard behind her why flip kicking another female guard's forehead, breaking her neck. Blowing a kiss at the guard she was eyeing behind her before shoving the baton into his mouth and down his throat until vomit and blood begun coughing up onto her. The one remain took off out of the cell into the hall, pass the single medical doctor with a needle on a tray, who had look of disbelieve on her face. The insane former doctor's head jerked around at the bodies, blood she was knee deep in, then with a happily clapped as she started skipping towards the open metal door that flickered to her between a rusted out mass and an normal gray steel color.*

“Oh is the fun time over now?” *She said out loud as she exited with stretch arms over her head and her bust jetted out as she lean back slightly. Bring down her arms with a bit of over swing past her waist, out of corner of her eye Kill-Joy noticed the doctor in the hall. Spinning on her heels she walking up to the scared female doctor with an blink at the needle on a tray. Staring at the thin shiny object then up at the doctor's face before reaching a hand out taking an hold if it as she leans towards the doctor, kissing the stun woman's lips why slipping the stun woman around and down the hall. Walking happily down the hall spinning the needle between her pale colored fingers, Kill-Joy hummed to herself. Stopping in mid step her mind wondered why she didn't kill that doctor that brought her the nice needle to play with. (Pt1)


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