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John Dutton (S&L)

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July 26th, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 63
Country: United States

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July 11, 2018



07/11/2018 01:49 PM 

Category: Guidelines
Current mood:  thoughtful

1. I'm not Kevin Costner so don't ask. 

2. No one liners - para - multipara or nuthin'. I've roleplayed a long time in other verses. First and foremost, my character will be true to how he is portrayed on the television show Yellowstone. Also, first and foremost-his is a cowboy. 
3. If you add me, send a message - let's talk about a storyline or I will delete. If I send a friend request then I will send something. 
4. Don't expect me to be on every second of every day or every day. We all have a life, unless you like 
sitting on your ass. 
5. If you've read this far - please write your favorite quote. If you've watched Yellowstone put a Yellowstone quote that's your favorite. 


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