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07/11/2018 05:39 PM 


You could say this was interesting perspective on Neena... Domino. That's her name. For one part of her life, she didn't want to end the night without a drink and cuddling her pup. Standing there in the white, blue, and black attire jumpsuit that she wore on her new missions everyday, she looked down towards her puppy Pip holding a glass of champagne. The guns sitting in her pouches under her arms and waist dangled in their compartments; not yet taken out and unarmed due to just getting into her apartment. The mission she had involving HYDRA was a rare one and she successfully killed the henchmen that ported in the area of New York with top secret equipment. Who would have thought to brainwash so many followers in order to set up camp in a city, knowing she'd be around to stop these situations?  

The year 2020 was a weird one for sure, so many new generations of mutants out heroing with the X-men organizations. The Organization grew into many parts of the world.. How could Xavier do it? Becoming tranced in her own thoughts, she looked upwards silently. 

Back on a mission that she first heard of  "RUNNING MAN"
Neena just became an Avenger with the good luck to save the world once again. Besides a crazy woman still on her case trying to hype her powers up or shut them, she was free during these days to do whatever she had to do in order to save the world. Criminal organizations were no match for her. Oh boy was she ready..

When she heard about the games going on through TV when she was on one of her missions involving a house, she stopped right by the television and chuckled at the show "Running Man" commercial. 

Back at her home after the flashback; 
Suddenly she was thrown off guard when someone unexpectedly glocked her in the back of her cranium. She was caught on a blind spot! She usually was on alert, but the Television was to blame for being so loud. Becoming unconscious, her form fell upon the ground face down, now unaware of what was to happen next.

Some mere hours later; Chants rose... It was all a blur and now she was-- Where the hell was she? She was caught for some unknown reason and these people were hurting her already aching head. They were chanting for other people.. Of course many didn't know her, but she worked with the Xmen for years and this was new to her. Wobbling slowly from the ground and upon her feet in the dark room, she soon heard the guards call out and grab her arms from each side. Her head hang down when lifted upon her feet. Looking from side to side deliriously, she noticed.. Her guns were still on her, but she was being escorted out where the crowd of noises grew and grew louder til she was well aware of what was going on now!

Looking around, the sun blew up into her line of sight, making her hesitate til she was steadily walking out into the lane's field. People all around looked towards her in question, til someone cheered "DOMINO!!!!" Hearing this made her scuff, knowing this was gonna be a set up untold. 

Hopefully she could find her way out of this; as this was no place for her being on a game show on television for millions of people to watch. She was just not the type of woman to handle this publicity; she was a f***ing mercenary.

"Damn it, I'm caught? What am I to these people? A pet gu--"
Looking around, she soon found many other mutant heroes and ... What was that silly raccoon standing near Thor and Loki? She never saw them before. This intrigued her to say the least.

Walking behind everyone, her pale features became emotionless as she tried to gather the thoughts of what to do.. Was she running away from something or what? What were they even suppose to do. She didn't get a damn contract to show up on someone's game.


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