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Nick Carter

In a world like this where some back down - I know we're gonna make it. In a time like this where love comes 'round - I know we're gonna take it. In a world like this where people fall apart. In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart.


Cause I’m a little bit of love, a little bit of hate. A little bit of me that you can’t break. You know that I will be forever rebel. Cause I’m a little bit of soul, a little bit of lust. A little piece of me that you can trust. Baby, I will be forever rebel.

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June 28, 2018


07/11/2018 01:02 PM 

The Blow Up | drabble.

Laur, Think about it. Really think about it?The blow up. It's The biggest fight yet between Lauren and Nick.

"My son isn't going anywhere with him." It wasn't jealously, it came from a place deep than that. How could Lauren think Nick would be ok with the idea of letting their two year son, Odin, go anywhere - let alone leave the state, with some man he'd never met. All he knew about the guy was he was the one screwing his ex-wife.

"I wasn't asking your permission, Nick. If you'd forgotten Odin is my son too." Lauren's words hit him like a ton of bricks. Sure, Odin was in fact her son. He still wasn't going to allow him to leave the state with her "boyfriend" without meeting him first. He felt he had a right to know who would be around his children.

Nick swallowed his breath, because he knew what he was about to say was a low blow. Honestly, he didn't give a rats ass though. "Yeah, you've done so well at being a mother lately. I almost forgot he was your son." Lauren's presences in their lives had dramatically decreased over the past several weeks, which he'd learnt from one of his eldest children was do to her "falling in love." Her time was now invested in this new man, who he still hadn't learned a proper name for. Her visits with Odin had decreased from four times a week to once or twice, if they were lucky. Even her phone calls checking in had declined.

"Are you f u c k ing kidding me, Nick. Do you think you're funny," Lauren couldn't believe him. That he would take a blow like that at her - to say she wasn't a good mother to their son. She was a wonderful mother to Nikole and Leslie -- Odin too. She wasn't the only one to blame. That she wasn't a large of a role in their son's life. It was Nick's fault also. They divorced. One of them had to take the role of full-time parent and the other as a part-time.

"I'm not trying to be funny, Laur. You missed two visits last week alone. You couldn't even call to explain why. Not that we didn't know, you were with him," he could feel his blood boiling under his skin. Their entire divorce had been civil. The two had agreed on custody, on Lauren's alimony settlement, on nearly everything. This had been their first major disagreement.

Lauren shook her head in disgust. "I have a life, Nick. I was out of town and I forgot to call. What are you jealous that I'm finally moving on from you, Nick Carter," she emphasized his name for dramatic effect with a slight eye roll. "Did you think I'd sit and wallow in our divorce for ever. I'd never find love again. I'd never move on from you."

"Now you got to be f u c k ing kidding me, Lauren," Nick's eyes rolled so far back, he could have swore they disappeared completely. There wasn't any jealously there. Was there? Maybe, there was a little. Of course, it hurt to see Lauren move on. He had loved her so much. There had been a point of time where she'd been his entire heart and she gave him the three most beautiful blessings.

It wasn't jealously though. He was happy for Lauren. She deserved to find someone that made her happy and loved her whole heartedly. It was anger for his two-year old son, who didn't understand why his mommy was missing their visits and time together. It was anger for Lauren thinking she could just come and go, as she pleased. That it was okay to just expose Odin to random guys, that she didn't even have the decency to introduce to Nick first.

"I could honestly care less who you are f u c k ing, Laur. What I care about is the welling being of my son. He's not going to go around random people, I've never met. You're not going to miss visits without at least the decency to call. He needs his mother and you've been letting him down."

Lauren stood still, her body froze in complete shock. Tears welled up in her eyes. "F u c k you, Nick. If you want to be like this, I don't want Odin around your boyfriend either. If my boyfriend can't be around our son neither can Brian."

"My fiance," he emphasized fiance, "has been a better parent than you have in recent weeks, but you want to use your mom-card and establish rules. Rules that forbid him from Brian. You don't get to make the rules, you left us. Remember?"

"You've said it yourself, Nick. If I hadn't filed those papers and moved out, you would have. Don't pretend this is all me. It's you too," her index finger was only inches from his face. "You. Don't you even pretend you were so invested or in love. You wasted no time before you were in bed with Brian."

Nick closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath of fresh air. He turned on the heels of his converse, causally walking away. He walked across the room counting to himself and back. He was trying to settle his temper. He was known to have a quick temper, but he understood his temper wasn't going to get him anywhere with Lauren.

"You're such a b i t c h, but I'm not going to fight with you Laur. I need to you to put yourself in my shoes. If you didn't know Brian previously or had never met him, how would you feel if I was taking Odin around him? Think about it. Really think about it."


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