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07/10/2018 10:22 PM 


Disclaimer: These will most likely be the same as everyone else's rules that are out there. When you're a serious writer they don't seem to change, but if you don't sign them I will assume that you don't really want to RP with me and you just collected me. 

MESSAGES: Usually I keep everything in messages, I don't like to put RP or OC conversation in  Comments since it gets lost so easily at times; but if you request it to be that way I will oblige. I'm not a stickler just know my preference and it'll most likely go smoothly. 

LENGTH: Now I know everyone has a different length preference but it's still important. I've noticed a trend starting where people count like 3 sentences as a paragraph and call themselves a Novella writer. That's not novella in my book.  If you're going to roleplay with me I expect 5+ sentences in a paragraph at a two paragraph minimum. Then again I'm not heartless and I do appreciate "Quality over Quantity". Still just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved. If you have writers block I don't mind waiting. 

TIME: I am willing to wait a hell of a long time for a reply. As long as you're active in status or something like that, if you'll check in on lil' ol' me so I know you're active take all the time in the world you need. You're a writer not a reply machine. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Now obviously forming a relationship is something people like to do, this really pertains to the romantic ones. If you want one with Shuri TELL ME BEFORE HAND. This will change my writing towards you a bit so we can form that bond and see if it works. That being said I will tell you how I feel about the ship and if I'm up for it or not. If you can't handle multi-LI or the fact that Shuri will have boyfriends and girlfriends then feel free to just be a friend. That being said if you don't specify what kind of relationship you want then I will assume friendship off the bat. 

REAL LIFE: Now obviously if I have you on my list you're not a robot, your character might be but things usually come up in real life that cause us to not be on all the time. Please understand that I usually don't log out and may not ACTUALLY be on so don't pester me. I will get to you in order of replies, and hell something may have come up in my real life, just like things come up in yours. I'm job hunting, moving out and trying to balance a healthy life so my time here is sometimes the last thing on my mind. 

SMUT: I do it, most of us do. I won't do it without plot. Simple right? Yeah! Shuri is also SIXTEEN TO EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. (Unless requested otherwise). Rape, and way older men and women are not a thing that will happen with her. Still if you want to include smut later in our stories, with obvious talk about it it's fine. 

MATURE THEMES: Yeah I usually take darker routs in my stories no matter how light a character my Meme Princess can be. I like to explore her character, even though I have only seen her in the movies I try to search comics. This makes her a little AU as I may not include everything. I will accept Gore, Horror, Foul Language (Unlike Cap), sex, anything as long as it works with my character. You will obviously get different interactions depending. 

REWARD: Well you've made it this far! Comment with your favorite meme down bellow and message me if you want to get something going. 

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ѕтorм god


Would post an amazing gif but it's being a jerk. My apologies. 

Posted on Wed Jul 11, 2018, 02:09

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