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July 14th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 113
Country: United States

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July 10, 2018



07/10/2018 09:23 PM 

Princess Shuri (T'Chill-tf-out)

Name: Shuri

Aliases: Black Panther, Paw Prints, Princess Of Wakanda, Queen Of Wakanda, Aja-Adanna
Affiliations: Panther Cult, Wakandan School Of Alternative Studies, P.R.I.D.E, Avengers
Title(s): Princess/Queen 
Home: Wakanda 
Age: 16-18 
Height: 5'5 
Weight: 143lbs 
Gender: Female
Gender Expression: Bad ass
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Questioning 
Relationship Status: Single (Multi-LI) 
Occupation: Princess, Head of Science and Information Exchange, meme lord
Family: T'Chaka (Father), Ramonda (Mother), T'Challa (Half brother), Jakarra (half brother), Hunter (Adopted brother)
Powers/Abilities: Super genius, Shape shiftier, superhuman speed and strength. 
Weapons: Panther suit, Gauntlets, ring blades, spear
Non weaponized items: bead bracelets. 
Personality: Shuri is your typical genius teenager. A meme loving kid who is burdened with too much responsibility at an early age. She's extremely sarcastic and rather arrogant (which originally got her denied as the black panther). Family driven she would do anything for her country and more specifically for her brother T'Challa. 


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