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Lothiriel of Dol Amroth~ {FOS}

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06/22/2018 08:06 PM 

Pelennor Fields


Théoden Ednew had the makings of a great king for in his youth, he proved valiant in battle, and he possessed both wisdom and a gentle heart away from war. 


Yet by 3014, Saruman had begun to invade the King's mind, using spells and his servant, Gríma Wormtongue to bewitch Théoden. As the king slipped into indifference, Saruman began to probe the borders of Rohan with his armies. 


He had taken into his service orcs, and Uruk-hai, and would eventually recruit the hillmen of Dunland to again assail their neighbors in Rohan. 


Théodred, son of Théoden, along with his cousin Éomer, took charge of the Mark and its defenses against the growing threat of Isengard. Saruman, through Gríma, constantly forestalled Théodred and the other Marshalls of the Mark, and, by the bewitchment of Théoden, thwarted Rohan's attempts to muster great force of arms in opposition.


 He even blinded the king to Gandalf's warnings that Rohan was in peril upon his return from Orthanc, and Gandalf was forced to take Shadowfax and ride to Rivendell in hopes of meeting up with Frodo. As the Fellowship took the One Ring east from Rivendell, Saruman's forces increased their attack upon Rohan, in addition to his intensified hunt for the Ring.


 Aragorn and his companions chanced to meet up with Éomer and his eored upon the plains of Rohan near Fangorn, and there revealed himself to be the heir of Isildur, and asked news and aid from Éomer. 


The Rohirrim were returning from battle with a legion of Uruk-hai that had captured Merry and Pippin, and Éomer gave what tidings he could of his doings and the condition of Rohan to Aragorn. Lending the companions a pair of horses, Éomer then led his men to continue their task of gathering the East-mark's herdfolk to safety. 


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Lothiriel of Dol Amroth~ {FOS}


     Meeting at Meduseld



‘”Now my guests, come!  ‘come and take such refreshment as haste allows!”

After lifting a cup, they passed back into the great house.  Already they heard below them in the town the heralds crying and the war-horns blowing……at the king’s board sat Eomer’ and the other guests who had been made awares of the need in Gondor!


Lothiriel looked about recognizing some who were from the fellowship; Aragorn, Legolas, and Merry from the Shire.  She saw concern on the faces of those in the Rohhirim; mostly of Lady Eowyn and her brother, Eomer.

Yet, others had been called as well.  Galadriel had sounded the alarm, sending Tintalle, the very Spirit of Rivendell.  There had already been council in Rivendell , for the wickedness and evil which blew in the winds over Gondor, was perilous.  


There were many who came.  Ther were warriors of integrity and honor and Lothiriel was grateful.  The great room at Meduseld was full of men and women in earnest; the Dunedain Ranger, Hanasian, and other riders of the southern lands.   Even from the mountains they came.  Richard Minden of another place and time was anxious to offer his service. 


Quietly, taking her seat on a bench facing the dais and the leveled steps that led to His throne, Lothiriel smiled to Merry, companion of Aragorn.  She knew he had experienced many an attack from Sauron and his minions.  How she respected the Hobbits determination and courage!  She yearned to tell him of her conversation with Pippin, and how she witnessed the ride of Gandalf as they rode Shadowfax into Dol Amroth just weeks before.  There would be the right time to give him the good news about how his friend had healed.


Her thoughts, then moved to the bold and boisterous roar of the elder warrior of the Rohirrim, as he entered.


“Hail Riders of the Mark!..Hail warriors of the Light!”

Theroden, King of Rohan ascended the dais and stood, sword at his side.  His grey eyes roved about those in attendance as he carefully sat. 


“Once again, I thank Gimli and the Dwarves of Misty Mountains for their gifts of iron and metals, and weaponry.  I send my deepest appreciation to all the lands in Middle Earth and to the netherlands for your support at Helms Deep.  Welcome to all. Now, my brothers,  of all the races….I appeal to your generosity and allegiance to this worthy cause.   As we speak the fires burn savagely in the ancient streets in Gondor!”


Lothiriel felt her breath catch.

  “There is no time to waste!  As most of you know,I have passed off my fealty to my capable nephew, Lord of the Mark, Eomer. The White Lady, our Eowyn, will hold the fort, even as she is warrior in her own rite!  Now…


“Arise now, Riders of Theoden and friends!

Dire deeds awake, dark is it southward!

Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded!

Forth Gondor!


  At that, the crowd stood and shouted.


“Our King and our White Lady!”

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I'm on mobile and I had just woke up and posted. So,please  forgive the mistakes

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Lothiriel of Dol Amroth~ {FOS}


Lothiriel was honored to have received such a warm welcome at Meduseld.  It was most appreciated to be spoiled and pampered as she indulged in a scented bath and

reprieve, after the long dusty travel from Dol Amroth.  Her mind was racing as she 

contemplated her meeting with Lady Eowyn and her uncle.  She would not forget that her mission was to protect the people along the shores of Gondor, and that her

father was already approaching battle.


Doning a long blue cotton sundress and wrap, and glancing  in the tall, looking glass beside the door, Lottie saw reflected determined dark eyes, and a serious wrinkled brow.  Quickly she combed through her long black tresses and adjusted her smile.

Rohan had just been through a wicked attack waged from Mordor.  Most definitely they would have the answers she was seeking.


Waiting outside her door, were two guards,  motioning for her to follow.  Lifting her skirts she took every step with grace, until she found herself below stairs,  joining 

The Lady, and others, one of whom she recognized well.


Without hesitation, she reached for the hand of Aragon, and curtsied.  


“So grand to see you her Milord!  It has been a while, it seems we find ourselves in a common plight?”  after winking at him, her smiling eyes moved from Eowyn,  and stopping short to connect with the blue ones of the warrior rogue and her side.  

His dirty blonde rested at his shoulders and his expression was stern.  Curiously, a pang of attraction waved through her causing her to cease her stare, returning to her friend.


“I am feeling rested now, milady, Eowyn….we can commence our meeting without adieu, if you please?”


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Remaining behind in Rohan with Legolas to make sure the Kingdom and King were protected until Eomer had been returned safely to take his lead. Aragorn did rounds with the men scouting the darkest shadows around the kingdom.  He could feel the evil rising in the darkness that could not be seen by the human eye, the stench of the orcs that lurked the grounds of middle earth turned his stomach. Standing looking out over the lands Aragorn fists clenched with the stench, his eyes narrowed searching the lands before him. His body tensed all scenes fully awaken and alert, but they began to move away the feeling fading he loosened his fists. Leaning back on the building, he rested watching. Legolas came around the corner with word that Eomer had awoken and was in the kitchen seeking food. Aragorn chuckled “I guess the hour is right to eat” He laid his hand on his friend’s shoulder “Come let us go and welcome Eomer back to his home.” They made their way into the golden hall in search of food and Eomer. 

Posted on Tue Jul 10, 2018, 21:05

ღSpirit of Rivendellღ


Tintalle being the counsel to the Lord Elrond had been asked to make the journey to the Kingdom of Rohan. She was to report back to the Lord of Rivendell after speaking with Lord Eomer the third Marshall of Rohan and King Theoden. She prayed to Eru all morning before making her journey, Tintalle did not ever go against the will of the one she held highest. Receiving peace in her heart over the journey she began, Lord Elrond had two high warriors and his captain of the guard to accompany her.

The journey to Rohan was made with haste, she wanted to return to the peace of her home in Rivendell. They made two stops along the way, Tintalle was very attentive about the well being of her horses and those that were making the journey with her. Making sure they were well tended to and had adequate time to rest before going on.

Coming to the open massive land of pastures and lush tall grassland, Tintalle slowed her horse and took the time to gaze at the beauty of vast seas of grass, that was waving in the breeze. Her heart smiled as she turned to her company and said, “We have arrived in Rohan and just ahead rested the city Edoras” She smiled, turning back facing again the beautiful sea of green she urged her horse on. Riding through the tall grasses and coming to the gates of Edoras they stopped waiting to be approved to enter, it did not take long before they were riding up the hill to the Golden Hall of Meduseld.

When she stopped at the bottom of the stairs she was immediately met by the captain of the guard from Rivendell that had accompanied her. Taking his hand, she carefully dismounted and then brushing the dust from her gown while making her way to the stairs leading her to the golden hall. Tintalle was greeted by the guards of the door and she bowed her head “Greetings, I am the Lady Tintalle from the council of Lord Elrond the lord of Rivendell, I have come to speak with Marshall Eomer and King Theoden on behalf of the lord of Rivendell…If you could please let them know that I am here, with the Captain of the guard to Lord Elrond and two of his finest guards who have accompanied me at his request”  

Tintalle stood outside the door she would never enter a place she was not invited she was a lady and would wait to be asked. While waiting she walked to the edge where the view of the land was breathtaking she had heard that it was remarkable to stand high at the doors of Meduseld and behold the vision of the land of Rohan. She wondered to herself if she would get to meet the lady of Rohan, she had heard much of the Lady Eowyn and hoped a meeting could take place. 

Posted on Mon Jul 02, 2018, 21:03

Lady Of Edoras


The servants were bustling around and making with Eowyn's demands as she stood with their guest. She just hoped all this racket would not wake their uncle up too early. He hated to be woken up early. "Lady Eowyn how many chairs shall I put out? Are you going to be eating my lady you look skinnier than a hare before Easter Sunday." The servant was a little old lady that had been with them for years and she was like a grandma to Eowyn and Eomer. She had always commented on her figure. Eowyn simply giggled and looked to their guest then looked to the old lady. "No dear one I have already eaten. And it was a big bowl of oatmeal I am famished. But two chairs just the same I would like to sit with our guest and talk with her."

The old lady smiled and poked Eowyn once again and then disappeared down the hallway to grab another chair. Eowyn cleared her throat. "Pardon the old lady she feels a need to take it upon herself to make sure Eomer and I eat right. She has been saying for years that I need to eat more." Eowyn simply giggled but then  her giggling stopped when she heard her brothers voice behind her. She jumped a little as he came up beside her even though she knew he was there. "Good morning brother yes everything is well. I am just showing our guest here some good hospitality. How are things on the Ridden Mark. Any news to report or shall we save that discussion for Uncle?" When Eomer did not answer right away she looked at him and then looked at their guest. It seemed his eyes got all glittery like he was smitten with her. "Brother everything alright?" But then he didn't answer that either he simply welcomed their guest to Rohan and Eowyn could tell that there was something in the air at that moment. Could it be Eomer had fallen for their beautiful mysterious guest?

The food was placed on the table and Eowyn escorted the fair maiden over to the table. "Please sit. Eat your fill. I assure you that nothing is poisoned." She simply smiled and sat beside the woman and then looked up at her brother. "Brother you must be hungry. Should I have the servants bring another chair so that you may join us?"

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Eomer had returned early from his rounds around the Ridden mark, life had resumed for him since his uncle King Theoden had sent word to him to return. After seeing the horses taken care of, he took his time this morning going to his chambers to wash and rest from the overnight ride. He could feel the change in the air, see the change in the people of Rohan. The fear, the worry, the doubt of their safety it was deeply troubling to the warrior of the kingdom. Long had he devoted his life to this land and he would let no harm come to any it would take all of his life’s blood being spilled to allow any evil near this land again.

When he had washed and changed he laid across his bed closing his eyes for a minute when he could hear in the distance the sound of hooves hitting the earth with meaning in the steps. He sat up and laid his elbows on his knees and his face fell to his hands, the warrior breathed in deeply letting the air flow slowly back into his hands. Rubbing hard he lowered his hands looking at the door hearing the heavy boots hitting the floor coming to him, followed by the knock. The husky voice of Elfhelm behind it “M’lord a single female rider approaches. Your sister greets the maiden lord. Do you have orders, sir?”

Eomer shook his head and said “Come” the big heavy door opened and Elfhelm appeared he grinned at him and said, “Is this a rider that has come to visit with my sister or does the rider bring tidings or knowledge of things?” He studied Elfhelm’s face and said “I will go and check you will accompany me” Eomer bent down tying his boots and stood tall and stretched walking from the room he heard the guards shutting his door behind them. Making his way to the golden hall he felt the rumble in his stomach he had not eaten and hoped his sister had some good eats somewhere close. The closer he came to the golden hall he felt yet another change in him, this change was one of the heart. He shook the feeling from him and walked to his sister “Eowyn good morning, is everything well?”  He looked to the beautiful lady standing with his sister, his heart skipped and then paused his mouth went dry but showed none of this and bowed his head "Welcome to Rohan M'lady" 

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Lady Of Edoras


The Lady Eowyn made her way to the gate to welcome their guests and also to take them to the King. Walking down the long slope she soon arrived at the gate and the guards stepped aside for her. "Lady Eowyn of Meduseld bow to the Lady." Eowyn held up her hand and she shock her head. "That will not be necessary. Come my guests you must be tired and hungry. Guards make your way to the kitchens and order them to prepare some food for our guests. Also have the servants prepare rooms for them. Please follow me. I will take you to the Golden Hall where you will meet the King. Unless you would like to eat and rest first."

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Lothiriel of Dol Amroth~ {FOS}


Lowering the hood of her hooded cloak, her stallion slowing, Lothiriel bent her head, impatiiently around the protective wall formed by her Swan Knights.  It was her first glimpse of Meduseld, high and majestic beyond the gated barriors. A huddle of  Horse –lords of the Rohirrim, guarded the entrance. 

A smile came to her face at the shadow, a  feminine form, standing firm on the long wooden porch. It would be good to be with another woman as it had been a long journey.

Posted on Wed Jun 27, 2018, 16:01

Lady Of Edoras


Eowyn knew there was trouble and it was coming on swift wing. Every night she would stand outside the great hall and look to the east. Mordor was rising and war would come to men on all sides. Eowyn was still at the Great hall of Edoras and she wondered when her uncle would make his move to join the war. She left her chamber and she went to her uncle who was sitting on his throne thinking. "Uncle we need to join the fight. Yes we did well at Helms Deep but the war is not just at our front door. It's all around us. We need to help our friends and neighbors even if they didn't come to our aid in the past. Please Uncle we must answer the call." Theoden looked to his niece and he sighed. "You would make a fine Queen. Eowyn but you are not yet. So we stay in Edoras."  Eowyn could not believe what her uncle just said. She shakes her head and she walks away to stand in her usual spot overlooking the lands.


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The angry skies that hovered over the seas outside Lothiriel's tall bedchamber window, matched her mood. Sauron's forces would move south from Rohan....Galadriel had sent her warning. She needed to talk to Eowyn....she needed to ride. She knew others would come to Gondor....her thoughts raced to her friends in The Shire, Misty Mountains and all of Middle Earth. They would stand against evil all of them ....just as they always had.


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