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06/13/2018 11:19 PM 

Innsmouth Calling

Mysterious packages and old friends call Lenore Lovecraft to the town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. However, it seems that she can't do this one alone.  Strangeness fills this little port town, hostile to outsiders.

Can you make it out in one piece?


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So everyone was interconnected, like being on a conference call. Except where the phone lines were plugged directly into everyone’s head. Jacob didn’t mind sharing his thoughts with Lovely Lenore.  Not even with the bird. They would only see his good intentions, because that’s all he had for them.  But the others? He knew they didn’t trust him, and because of that, he didn’t fully trust them.

Jacob took a moment to listen to the chatter. But everyone was talking at once.  Just like a bad Woody Allen movie.  Are there any good Woody Allen movies?  But if he tried, he could focus in on individuals.  The brooding vampire, for instance.  Angel. His thoughts were ponderous and black. He was in a perennially dark place.  Not evil, just alone, regretful, fatalistic. Wesley.  His mind was clockwork, all these tiny details swirling, him trying to find patterns within them. Katarina. She was a higher being of some sort. The red witch, Willow – blazingly smart, cunning, resourceful, even funny at times, but with a wicked temper that she tried hard to control but wasn’t always successful at it.  Interesting to see these people from inside their own heads.  He wondered what the others thought about the inside of his own head.  It was a place from which he often tried to escape.  But that’s not in the cards for anyone.  Not until you die, and maybe not even then.

The truck stop was like any truck stop. Except with New England twists. On the shelves were Hoodsie Cups and they had some soft drink called Moxie. Jacob heard a guy say he was gonna make a packie run.  His buddy said, ‘Ayuh.’  The accents here were atrocious. ‘Course they’d probably think his Alabama accent was atrocious. But the fact he was used to hearing English spoken with a southern drawl meant it was just that much harder to understand these New Englanders.

They were a pack of eight, counting Yig.  A woman dressed in a truck stop uniform tried to stop Lenore from entering with Yig on her shoulder.  Jacob said, “Leave it alone, Missy. He’s potty trained.  Won’t cause any trouble.” Maybe it was his scruffy three-day beard or it could have been that haunted look in his eyes.  The look of an escaped convict who’d just barely outrun a bunch of shadow monsters, but she let them pass.  There was a booth big enough for them all.  A waitress who resembled Francis McDormand in the movie Fargo handed out menus to everyone and filled up glasses with ice water.

Jacob looked at the menu and knew exactly what he wanted.  Biscuits and gravy – shit on a shingle where he came from – with a big vanilla milkshake and a side of French fries.  He set the menu aside.  To everyone he said, “I don’t know exactly what we’ve gotten ourselves into here.  But crossing the city limits into Gloucester, or Innsmouth, is like stepping into the severely damaged and twisted mind of H.P. Lovecraft.  I don’t know much about this Jack guy who Lenore says needs rescuing, but Innsmouth is like a sink hole.  Y’all go in and it’s hard to get back out.  And once you’re there, the whisperings start. Telling you what you should do.  Old Ones. The Esoteric Order of Dagon.” Jacob glanced towards Lenore, who back in that dilapidated church had pledged fealty to that order. 

Posted on Sat Sep 15, 2018, 13:21

Katarina (M&L Spike)


“Thank you,” Katarina took the necklace from Lenore. The magical totem was kinda pretty. She fastened the charm around her neck. Her fingertips running over the black bird feather. The ability to communicate with an animal was neat. He was a sassy little thing.

Kat had noticed the forms moving in the mist. The creepy slender figures were awaiting them.  It distracted her. Lenore began to explain the pendants causing her to snap back to reality.

Power flowed off the pendant. It didn’t bother her. She was attuned to mystical energies. Biting her lip bemused. She could already hear everyone’s thoughts. It was a natural talent of hers. She did it without thinking. Now everyone else could do it. It would be like she was normal during this adventure. Wait. This meant that everyone could read her thoughts too? That was a new one. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Mmm that’s not ok. She looked at her husband. Could he? Would he?

The fact she could not hear Lenore’s inner dialogue was a relief. Silence was bliss. One less voice to over load her senses.

Everyone was in need of sustenance. They were settling back into their vehicles. The Ramones resumed playing through the speakers of the GTX as Angel fired it up. The two vampires began fussing about their opinions of music. She settled into the back seat headphones popped in her ears listening to Lana Del Rey Video Games.

The GTX brought up the rear pulling into the truck stop about three songs later. It rolled to a stop next to Wesley’s SUV. She tugged the cords out of her ears. The light from the establishment illuminating the night sky. She tucked her head phones away and slipped out of the car. She highly doubted this was the type of place that served blood to vampires. Other arrangements would have to be made for them. Hopefully human food would do for now.

Posted on Thu Sep 13, 2018, 21:15

ʟᴇɴᴏʀᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴄʀᴀꜰᴛ


Once everyone had the pendants on, Lenore could began to explain, which would now be much, much easier, since she could just shunt information into their minds, with the applicable emition attatched to it. But first.

"I guess it's time for formal introdutions. You've seen him, but this is Yig. And now you can hear him, like I do. And that means you can't be a rude little shit anymore."

She scoops the bird into her arms, giving him a slight squeeze, as he squawks, as well as cries out in the masculine voice Jacob could hear before, directly into their minds.

'I'll still be a shit, they'll just hear it. I don't care...'

He nips at her wrist, clearly relived that she was making jokes again.

"Alright, so, I came here because I got a package from a friend from collage-"
'Yeah, friend'
"-that I wouldn't have gotten unless something happened to him. His family had him declared legally dead. The stuff in it was..."

She falls silent for a minute and feels uncomfortable, passing a mental image of the box and papers, obsuring the texts for their safety.

"Similar to... what made me like this, honetly... I mean... I wasn't born with these-"
'-gifts. They're not the worst thats happened to you...'

Lenore and Yig both go quiet, as she lets him go, he repositions himself to her shoulder.

'Ok, they are the worst, but ending up with me wasn't  so bad. Could have been worse...'

She forces a small smile and scratches at Yigs chest, then shakes her head slightly.

"It's gonna be a little overwhelming with the pendants, but I figure you guys should have all my strengths, and none of my weaknesses, because you didn't go though the... event of getting the 'gifts.' Just don't think too hard, or you'll see everyone elses thoughts. You can't see mine, so don't try you'll just hurt yourself. Like, actually cause yourself pain. It's like, the one good thing from the Mother I got. I'm  'unreadable' unless I allow it. There's so much to explain...."

She sighs, pulling out her phone, seeing she had a bar of service and 15% battery. 2 days on the floor in a church would do that, she guessed.
She was starving,
She opened google maps. 
Where was the next nearest town?
Because she was not going back in there right now.
20 minutes up the highway?
Or a road stop 5 minutes.
Thatd do.

"Theres a road stop 5 minutes back up the road, and I haven't eaten for 2 days. I need something... shall we?" 

Posted on Thu Sep 13, 2018, 03:29

Spike (M&L Kat)


Spike leaned into the front fender of the GTX, his legs crossed at the ankles, his long, leather duster contrasting with the pale skin of his neck and hands, and the bleach blonde hair atop his head.  He listened with interest to Lenore and then Angel, but looked disinterested as he lit up a Camel filterless in the dark with his silver lighter, the one with the skull and crossbones on it.

Lenore handed him a silver pendant.  “Thanks, luv” he mumbled.  Although he was always suspicious of pendants and amulets and such. The magic in these things often had unintended consequences. Side effects.  Like whoever imbued them with magic had a dark sense of humor.  He glanced up at the enigmatic Lenore Lovecraft.  Had she magicked up these things, or had she acquired them with the magic already booted up?  He was hoping for the former, ‘cause he trusted her a lot more than some random witch or warlock. Speakin ‘a warlocks, what was Jacob Moran doin here?  Sniffin ‘round the pretty Lenore?  Or did he have worse intentions?  He was one to watch, ‘cause Spike was sure he was a shyster.  Just lookin out for numero uno.

Just inside the town limits, the fog thickened abruptly, and Spike glimpsed things in that fog, things that he suspected would have loved to party with them.  Except they didn’t seem to be able to get beyond the boundary of Gloucester.  One pale face emerged from the fog only to grin and wink at him. 

Lenore had said something about explanations.  ‘Bout time they got on with that. Spike dropped the pendant into an inside pocket of his duster and blew smoke rings into the misty night before speaking up.  “I don’t know about you all, but I just spent two days straight in a car. I need a drink, my butt hurts, and I could eat a horse.”  He pointed towards town with the glowing end of his cigarette, “Is there a decent pub in that whistle-stop?  A place a man could get a drink?  Maybe we could jaw over what’s been troublin Lenore Lovecraft there.  Make a plan, take care of it.  Ya know.  Do what we always do.”

But did they really want to drive into town, into that fog that seemed to be infected with ghosties or phantoms or whatnot? Maybe there was a pub in the next town.  But Spike suspected they were gonna have to confront those fog demons at some point, that this town of Gloucester was a big part of the problem.       

Posted on Wed Sep 12, 2018, 11:06



Angel was touched by their emotional reunion with the mysterious Lenore Lovecraft.  The girl acted like she was surprised they’d come to help.  Maybe she didn’t realize she was part of the team now, part of that dysfunctional, weird extended family of monster hunters, even though some of them technically fit the definition of monster. Angel was tempted to hug the girl, but she seemed pretty private, maybe not the hugging type.  But Kat approached her openly and did that hug thing.  Lenore didn’t seem to object.  Still, Angel was cautious about hugs.  He was a private person himself.  A perennial loner for reasons that went beyond his personality or emotional needs.  Connections were hard for him, and more often than not, hard on him.  They usually ended badly. 

The foggy mists pressed up against the town boundary – visibly thicker just over that boundary than on this side.  That was… strange.  And ominous. But not as ominous as the shapes that loomed out of those mists.  Maybe it was just Angel’s vivid imagination, but he thought he glimpsed a pale hand with long, slender fingers, reaching towards them, before it evaporated into particles of moisture.  Then after that, could it have been a distorted face?  Impossibly long with a jutting chin, small, too dark eyes, prominent nose.  The mouth a grotesquely broad grin. Or was it just mist? 

Lenore handed him and the others pendants.  Silver with red stones around the edges. The center was a sigil or archaic lettering of some sort. Angel had seen a lot of magical symbols and writing over the years, but he didn’t recognize this. A small black feather was tied to the pendant with thread. The silver was hot on the skin of his hand, but not enough to burn.  Silver and vampires typically don’t mix well.  

But with that pendant he felt connected to Lenore, his other friends who held similar pendants, and even to the raven, Yig.  In fact, Yig cocked his head and peered at the souled vampire.  Sort of a challenging look, but Angel knew somehow, maybe through the pendant, that it was a look of affection, and maybe admiration.  They’d come to help Yig’s master.  And Yig was grateful.       


Posted on Mon Sep 03, 2018, 12:23

ʟᴇɴᴏʀᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴄʀᴀꜰᴛ


Lenore glanced around at the group that had gathered around her, that had come for her. 

A wave of emotion washed over her, and she cleared her throat, wiping her face on her arm, as Yig hopped over the roof of the car, clicking his beak.

'Is that emotion from Lenore Lovecraft?! Someone call the government. This is a monumental occasion!'

She half snorts, flicking at Yig shaking her head slightly.

"Thank you for coming... I sort of panicked and didn't know what else to do... this place is too much for me..."

She begins to rummage through her bag, pulling out pendants like the one Yig dropped on Jacobs foot before, holding them out to each of the allies, no, friends.

"They will be help with things... then we can get to explaining..."

Posted on Thu Aug 30, 2018, 04:37

Katarina (M&L Spike)


Katarina stretched as she emerged from the GTX. It felt like every muscle in her body was stiff from the long trip. Her husband and brooding friend hadn’t made the journey any more pleasant. They bickered too much. How was this better than teleportation? They would have to revisit this issue.  She walked with her companions towards black Honda.

Lenore was perched on the trunk with Jacob the warlock by her side. It was good to see her. The angel approached the young woman giving her a hug. As she released her she noticed the raven had settled on the vehicle.  “Yig!” she stroked the bird’s sleek feathers. With a soft smile she made a few kernels of popcorn materialize for him on the ground. “Jacob,” she nodded to the magic man. Wesley and Willow had joined them. The gang was all here.

Wes inquired about Lenore’s mysterious message. Katarina had stepped back over towards Spike taking his hand. Katarina’s eyes drifted to the land beyond the road sign. A dark energy encompassed it. An idea of what they were dealing with was beginning to formulate.

Posted on Thu Aug 23, 2018, 22:15

Wesley Wyndam-Price


     Tossing The Haunting of Innsmouth up onto the dash, Wesley quickly got into the Explorer and cranked the engine to life.  Willow was in the shotgun seat with the passenger side door shut when the Raven took off down the street.  The Explorer followed behind, although Yig had to circle back around a few times because he quickly dissolved into the fog if he got too far ahead.  Luckily there was almost no traffic with which to collide or otherwise contend – most of the locals must know better than to drive a car in weather like this. 

     The windshield wipers slapped back and forth, keeping most of the moisture off the outside of the glass, but the inside was fogging up too, requiring use of the defroster, or in this case, defogger.  Nonetheless, visibility was adequate to navigate the streets of Gloucester, but it was also adequate to view other things, not quite seen, but not quite indistinguishable either.  A slight breeze nudged puffs of gray fog into disturbing, phantom shapes that if they were beings, were certainly not human.  But as yet, those shapes had not materialized with enough definition for Wesley to determine their true nature. He glanced across the seat to Willow, who was peering out the windshield, as well.  Yes, she’d seen them too.  But what did they mean, and were they just the product of overactive imaginations and biological clocks thrown off by teleportation across the country?  

     The answer to those questions would have to wait, for Yig led them to just beyond the town limits where a Honda Civic and Angel’s unmistakable Pontiac GTX were parked just off to the side of the road.  Inexplicably, the fog dissipated somewhat just beyond that sign, and the ghostly, inhuman shapes that Wesley had glimpsed, or perhaps conjured in his mind, were left behind.  Wesley parked the Explorer in front of the Civic, corralling it front and back with Angel Investigations vehicles.  Yig landed on the hood of that Civic and squawked. 

     Wesley and Willow exited the Explorer and found that Miss Lovecraft and the warlock Jacob were at the front of the Civic.  Angel, Spike, and Kat were getting out of the GTX.  Wesley spoke to Lenore, “We received your message, although I can’t say I subscribe to the method of your message or its obscureness.  I have a phone, you know.  And the door in which your message was etched was pure maple and dated from 1929, if my calculations are correct.”  He crossed his arms over his chest.  “So what is this all about, if you don’t mind me asking, Miss Lovecraft?  Innsmouth calling?  Calling what, pray tell?”     

Posted on Thu Aug 23, 2018, 14:30



Jack.  The enigmatic and indeterminate Jack.  Who the hell was Jack and what did he mean to Lenore Lovecraft?  According to Jacob’s dark, mysterious, and strangely beguiling friend, Jack could be dead or worse, insane.  In Jacob’s book Jack rated pretty low on the list of reasons to stay in Gloucester/Innsmouth.  As far as Jacob could tell, Jack was the only reason to stay here, and from his admittedly narrow perspective, it wasn’t even close to being reason enough.  Jack could take a flying leap off his brambled bean stalk. 

But Jacob wasn’t going to abandon Lenore.  Not for anything.  He was linked to her, bonded in a way that defied explanation.  So he acquiesced. “Ok, so this Jack fellow.  We need to rescue him, you say.  Rescue him from what?  And how do we find this dude?  Yig seems to be pretty good at sniffing things out. Could Yig find him?  In Innsmouth?  Then tell us where he is, then we go in fast and hard, get him out, then do Tequila shots in a downtown bar in Boston, far, far away from this place and its freaky, infected fog?”  Jacob had never been to Boston, but he imagined it being a fun place.  Not like New Orleans or Nashville or Macon, but fun nonetheless. 

But rather than answer his questions, Lenore spoke of her connection with the Raven.  Yig had found the others in Gloucester.  L.A.ites, apparently.  Lenore had made friends during that last case.  Colleagues.  Good for her.  Jacob was more than certain that none of them would come all the way across the country to help him.  He’d been rotting in the Alabama State Penitentiary.  No one was going to rescue him from that place or anywhere else.  But then, he wasn’t the sort of guy who engeandered others to rescutory action.  Most people thought he was kind of sleazy, uncouth, and untrustworthy.  And yeah, they’d be right, most of the time.   

Headlights filled the back of the Honda Civic and a car with a big, ominously rumbling engine pulled up right in back of them.  Jacob craned his neck and squinted through the glare.  Old Pontiac muscle car.  He thought he recognized it.  Didn’t it belong to one of those L.A. vampires?

Lenore got out, walked around to the back, and leaned into the trunk of the Civic, apparently ready to synergize with the Pontiacers.  Not knowing what else to do, Jacob did the same.  But were they really friends or foes?  Lenore appeared ready to harmonize with them.  Trusting her judgement, Jacob waited and hoped she was right.  If she wasn’t, he always had his pyrotechnical skills – incineration fire balls and such.     

Posted on Mon Aug 20, 2018, 21:51

ʟᴇɴᴏʀᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴄʀᴀꜰᴛ


'They're out...'

Yig alerts Lenore, taking flight, flying in slow circles. Lenore sits up and mutters.

"Hang on a sec...."

Her eyes glaze over, her sight jumping to Yigs perspective, taking control of his movement, directing him down to land back on the car, looking at the two.
Then the raven spoke, with Lenore’s voice.

"Hey, Yig will lead you to us... he should move slowly."

She broke the link, then Yig clicked his beak, looking at them both, waiting for them to get in the car and take off.

Lenore blinks twice, eyes brightening again, hearing the car pull in behind them. She slid out of the seat, leaning on the vehicle for support as she moved around, sitting herself on the trunk of the car, the small amount of color her skin had slowly returning, as she half waves.

Posted on Sun Aug 19, 2018, 02:03


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