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"The Lethal Weapon" STEVE BLACKMAN

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June 20th, 2018

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February 03, 2014


06/13/2018 10:58 PM 

Paris in the Summertime

It had to have been at least 3 years since anyone had spoken her name to him, and even longer since he'd spoken it himself. It wasn't because she was irrelevant, or that he'd forgotten she existed. On the contrary, Steve had felt as if mentioning her would bring back too many memories of the past, as well as notions about what their future would've been like had they found some way to make their relationship work. It had certainly gotten easier, though, and the amount of times she'd crossed his mind had dwindled drastically. In recent years, he found himself only giving her any extra thought if he happened to cross paths with someone who had a Floridian drawl, which had become more frequent since his move down to Orlando last September. 

But now, Steve sat on a stool at his kitchen island, looking at his cellphone, wondering if her number had changed. Surely he wasn't going to call her, despite the news he'd received earlier encouraging him to do so...

"You hear about Michelle's boutique grand opening?" Nikki Bella asked him as she re-tied her shoelace.

Nikki was one of the first WWE superstars to begin MMA training at his new facility there in Florida. Her attendance boosted his popularity tremendously, so much, in fact, that he'd had to hire 2 new trainers to help with the influx of students signing up with Blackman MMA. 

"Michelle?" he replied, having an idea that she meant McCool, but also wanting to be sure that it wasn't someone else.

"Come on. I remember you two used to be an item. Don't give me the 'Michelle who?' BS. She's opening a boutique in Paris. PARIS, Steve! One of the fashion capitals of the world! I can't imagine how excited and nervous she probably is. You've got to feel proud of her. Don't you?"

Steve rubbed his beard, "Yeah, of course. She's worked really hard to get her fashion line up and running. I haven't been following her successes, but I guess she's doing pretty well."

"Pretty well? God, Steve, you're so---"

"So what? You've got another 30 minutes of training ahead of you. Tread lightly."

"So... wonderful," Nikki stated with a snicker.

"Now who's BSing?"

Blackman set his phone down. Why was he so hesitant? Was he worried that she'd blow him off? She had no reason to. While their last time seeing each other had culminated in an argument that ended with Michelle storming out of the hotel room they'd been staying in, her large roller luggage in tow, they hadn't parted with hate in their hearts. Although he'd been hurt by how abruptly she'd chosen her career over their relationship, removing himself from the situation, Blackman would've advised her to do exactly what she did. Did he think that Michelle would figure that after not hearing a peep from him after all these years, he was simply reaching out in order to get close enough to benefit from her recent successes? No no, Michelle wouldn't call his character into question like that. She knew him better. Perhaps he was concerned that by calling and congratulating her, Michelle would think that was his way of telling her that she'd done the right thing by breaking his heart. Alas, she wasn't that petty. What if---
"Stop with the 'what ifs' for God's sake," he told himself as he grabbed the phone again. Since when did he care what anyone thought of him anyway? As he pulled her number back up, he stopped for a second time, realizing that Paris was in a different time zone. It was 10:30 PM in Orlando, which made it 6:30 AM in Paris, according to a quick Google search. "She's probably still sleeping..."

He was stalling. Steve knew good and well that Michelle was an early riser, and assumed that she still frequented the gym first thing in the morning, "Things could've changed, though. Maybe she's up really late these days and stays in bed until the afternoon. Besides, even if she's still a gym rat, I shouldn't interrupt her workout," he reasoned with himself.

More stalling. 

Finally, he took a breath and manned up, hitting 'call', raising the phone to his ear, and waiting for that first delayed ring.

If she hung up in his face, he'd know where he stood. If she was happy to hear from him, that would be great. If she ignored him...well, he'd just go on living his life the way he had been for the past few years: not talking to her, and keeping memories at bay. Either way, he'd feel like crap if he didn't at least try to give her well wishes. 


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"The Lethal Weapon" STEVE BLACKMAN


"Oh, yes, everything is fine," he responded, realizing that Michelle was probably feeling slightly alarmed by his unexpected call, "I just heard about your boutique grand opening, and I wanted to call to congratulate you." Steve had wanted to find something else to talk about first, but he didn't have time to come up with anything, so he got straight to the point, "I know you've been working hard on your fashion line, and the boutique isn't your first accomplishment with it, so I'm... I'm sorry for not calling sooner to congratulate you on your other achievements. I'm proud of you, Michelle. I mean it. I hope you know that."

Blackman's heart rate was starting to slow back down to normal, now that he'd gotten out the majority of what he wanted to tell her. He was surprised by how his words had flowed once he committed to being up front with her. 

Maybe she wouldn't care about his praise, however, he felt it was a necessary move to make, even if it ended with a polite 'thank you', and the two never spoke again.

"I guess that's it," Blackman said, "I'm sure you'll continue to ascend to great heights. You're just that way."

Posted on Mon Jun 18, 2018, 13:21



Truth be told, Michelle didn't want to answer. Not because she didn't want to talk to Steve, but she was nervous. No the two didn't have any hatred for one another, at least it seemed that way. But there was an awkwardness about the whole topic. Whenever Steve Blackman was brought up into conversation, Michelle would always change the subject somehow. Not just in the public eye, but in her private life as well. It didn't mean that he didn't cross her mind, because he most certainly did. But it meant that she knew it was over. That the thought of them trying to work things out just wasn't an option. Though there was that piece of Michelle that did truly want things to work. If not in a romantic capacity, then at least as a friendship between the two. Though, when years went on without speaking, Michelle's faith grew less. It was why this call seemed all the more odd. 

It was obvious Michelle was taken back as she answered, but she hoped she hadn't come off rude. Brushing some of her now brunette locks behind her ears, Michelle would hear the nervousness in Steve's voice. She wanted to chuckle, because she knew how he was when he was nervous, but refrained. It was honestly such a nice treat to hear from him. 

"No-No, I'm not busy at all."  She'd lie, in no big hurry to get back to her class anyway. She was more interested in the male speaking to her on the other end of this phone. 

"You're fine, hon. I promise...Is everything okay?" She'd ask, now becoming slightly concerned that something was wrong. Blackman was usually never nervous and why would he call her out of the blue like this? 

Posted on Thu Jun 14, 2018, 17:16

"The Lethal Weapon" STEVE BLACKMAN


With the number of times the phone had rung, Steve was sure he'd have to leave a voicemail. He hated recording voicemails, and never did it unless it was for business, which was still rare. Now he'd have to sort out exactly what to say, make sure it wasn't too wordy, keep his tone in check so that Michelle wouldn't think he was nervous about getting a call back, then he'd have to---

"H-Hello? Steve?" the familiar voice cut off the rambling thoughts in his mind just as he was beginning to draw up a mini script in his head on what he should say. With all of the overthinking he'd done before the lines connected, exactly what to say in either circumstance hadn't been considered.

Too late to hang up now.

She knew it was him. That meant that she must've kept his number, which was somewhat of a relief. Not only had she kept his number, she answered his call and didn't sound annoyed or bothered to hear from him. Or perhaps that was just hopeful thinking on his part.

"Yes, it's me," he replied before clearing his throat, "I hope I'm not disturbing you. It's pretty early in the morning there, if I'm not mistaken." Blackman cleared his throat again, a sign that he was fighting back the nervousness that was increasing by the second.

It hit him that once he finally congratulated her on her boutique, he'd have nothing else of importance to say, so instead of starting out with the kudos, he'd need to make small talk and hope that she didn't mind engaging in it with him. 

"Do you need to go?" he asked, before giving her a chance to confirm whether or not she was busy or even cared to chat with him. "Please don't be busy. You have no idea how hard it was for me to call you," was his silent plea he kept to himself.

Posted on Thu Jun 14, 2018, 16:25



"Alright, now I want you all to hold this for the next three minutes.." Michelle's instructor (Chelsea Wright) ordered out. 

Michelle had always hated doing planks, even in high-school. Being as much of a gym-rat then as she is now, it was a tad surprising that Michelle would hate something that was so good a strengthening her core. Eh, whatever the reason was, doing this position was rough--especially with a twenty pound weight resting on her back. "Three minutes!?" Michelle thought to herself, not wanting to drop out. After all, the competitor inside of her wouldn't allow her to fall-out against all these other people with her. 

Oh yeah, that's right, Michelle McCool was attending your basic gym-training class with a bunch of other people who ranged from body-builders, to middle-aged women who were on Weight Watchers. The reason for this was because of where Michelle was staying. Paris had a completely different set-up, with a lot of their gyms not including trainers. The trainers seemed to only work on the wealthy and famous in 'private sessions'. The thought of these 'private sessions' made Michelle's skin crawl. So, rather than do that, she went to this one gym nearby that seemed to have the only American-speaking trainer. Of course this meant that everyone who was in Paris (and there was a lot) who wanted a personal trainer needed to share. Chelsea was alright, but she had a bit of an attitude. However, how could Michelle pass this up? Not only did she not have to spend outrageous amounts of money for some creepy French dude with abs to touch her---ew. 

Of course Michelle McCool could have pulled the whole "I was a former WWE Superstar/I own my own Boutique here in Paris" card, but that was not her style. One of the greatest parts about being in Paris was the fact that no one knew Michelle. Sure, the occasional fan would notice, but the people in Paris simply looked at Michelle as just another American who had a horrible southern-drawl. It was refreshing for Michelle though. The quiet life was nice. At least now if anyone recognized her it would be for her new boutique she'd opened recently.

The whole boutique was Michelle's creation. From the layout, to the clothing, to the decor. It was Michelle's McCool's creation that she hoped would prosper into something much bigger. But for now, she enjoyed what she had created. Naming the boutique "McCool's" which yes was the most unoriginal name as her friend Alicia Fox always points out. However, it was the first thing that she could think of that didn't sound like some sort of toilet cleaner. Nonetheless, the shop had been up for about two weeks and already she had customers filing in and out. A lot of Michelle's style was different because it had a more 'American' feel to it, which surprisingly people gravitated to. Hoping by the large success, Michelle would be able to fly back to the states and open a second boutique. After all, Michelle missed her family and friends back in the United States and would love to move back when the time was right. However  for the moment, she was in Paris for  the foreseeable future. 

"Alright guys and girls, you're doing great. One more minute." Chelsea would call out to the class as she monitored everyone's form in order to make sure they were doing things properly.

"One more minute!?" Michelle almost called out. It seemed like it had been at least five minutes by now. Clenching her fists together on the floor, Michelle would try to focus her breathing. Closing her eyes, Michelle would try to close her mind off of the burning in her stomach and abs.
...That's when it happened....


Michelle's eyes instantly burst open. Losing her positioning, she'd tumble down to her mat, where her weight slid off of her back. Yes, that meant she was the first one to drop. The only one to drop, actually. But it was for a completely justifiable reason. Back when Steve and Michelle were hot and heavy, Michelle had changed his ring-tone to Madonna's "Crazy for You" song, because of their first 'date' at the Denny's restaurant way back when. Even after they had broken up, she never changed it. In fact, she never changed anything of Steve's as far as it went to her phone. 

 "Class, no phones. I've told you all several times.." Chelsea would whine out. 

Michelle didn't give a damn though. Hopping up to her feet, McCool would scurry over to her bag, yanking her phone out. Glancing down at the screen, she'd see the picture of her and Steve that she had set as her background image. Her heart raced and even felt like it had skipped a beat. Not wanting to further distract the class, Michelle would hurry out of the training-room and into the locker-room that was nearby. Standing there, she wondered what she should do. She hadn't heard from Steve in years--and though she had begun to forget about him to some regard, all it took was this song playing to capture her attention all over again. 

"H-Hello? Steve?" Michelle would finally answer before he hung-up or the phone went to voicemail. She tried to play it cool, but she knows she probably sounded like a total tool. After all, of course she knew it was him, so why was she asking? 

Posted on Thu Jun 14, 2018, 13:42

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