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06/12/2018 11:57 PM 

Raven; A Summary

This will both include who Raven is and how I play her, as I have only seen her in video games and in the cartoons. 

Raven is the daughter of the demon king Trigon and her Azerathian mother Arella. Most of her childhood was spent in the care of her witch mother Arella and her more favorable guardian Azar who taught her the ways in which to control herself through meditation and how to master her own power. Upon his death at the age of sixteen she confronted her demon father in order to keep him from destroying the island of existence that had now become her home. Having comet o th agreement she did not live in harmony with it for much longer, instead sensing her fathers return she fled to Earth where she met Garfield, Starfire, D*ck, and Victor who were the main Teen Titans at the time. They took her in and with the suicide of her mother looming over her and she became a new Titan over time. 

Over time she grew closer to them though she was rather closed of, truly the human equivalent of an introverted Gothic child only being able to be brought out by the people who will give her a chance for long enough. On the surface she can be rather rude and cold, she prefers to sit alone and read, or even train along side another person. Over time she  becomes much more of a mother bear figure to specific people and will genuinely care for people even if in her on introverted way. 

When I play her personality I often make her Bisexual, extremely closed off, and it's actually going to take some work depending on who you are, to get close to her. Along with the bisexual vein of her life when I play her, I play all her stories separate this makes her Multi-Love Interest and I plan to keep her that way. Unless of course requested otherwise. 

Love Interest 1: Open

Love Interest 2: Open

Love Interest 3: Open


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